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Chapter Four

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What would you do, when you found out that the father you thought was your father, isn't your real father? And what would you do if you were related to someone that you loath so much? NOT Snape Har...

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Harry Potter the Son of the Half Vampire


Summary: What would you do, when you found out that the father you thought was your father, isn't your real father? And what would you do if you were related to someone that you loath so much? NOT Snape Harry's father fic!


Chapter 4

Harry closed his bedroom door with a bang. 'That was close,' he thought. 'I hope Vernon didn't notice.' He calmed his breathing slightly as he walked towards his wooden desk, opening the window to let the warm summer air fill his room. 'What in the hell is going on!' he asked himself. Why was Aunt Petunia being nice to him and Dudley being suddenly civil to him? What were they hiding from him? It was clear that what ever it was, Vernon didn't know. But what was it?

He thought about it; Dudley had been acting very weird lately, since the summer of his 3rd year. Every time something magical happened around him, he didn't flinch or yell 'FREAK!' like his father in his first and second year of schooling. Was he hiding something from him and his father? And what about his Aunt Petunia? Did his mother, Lily, send a letter to her around the same time as she had sent him his, explaining what happened last night? It would explain the reason Dudley and Aunt Petunia didn't freak out about his suddenly different appearance when they saw him at breakfast.

And when would he get a response from Remus? It had only been a few hours since he sent a letter to him. Okay, maybe it had been more than that, but he should have gotten it by now... right?

Harry threw himself onto his bed angrily. It had only a few hours since he found out who his real parents were. James 'father.' Harry remained himself. James Potter would forever be his father. If his real father ever loved him, he would never have lived with the Dursleys, instead he would have lived with him. James loved him as his own son. It was only fitting and fair that he should love him as a father. Even if they had known each other for only the first year of his life.

What was his real father's name anyway? And how did the Malfoys, Snape, his mother, Sirius and Remus fit all into everything? Were they family or such close friends that they loved each other like family?

Harry almost burst into laughter at the thought. The idea of having the Malfoys and Snape ever loving someone was like imagining Voldemort wearing a pink tutu and inviting Dumbledore for tea. They were evil; his feelings would never change.

And what about his mother? She was a muggle-born. Remus? He was a werewolf and was friends with James Potter and Sirius Black. Harry suddenly felt so confused. Where had he been when the world went mental?

He got up from his bed, slowly walked to his school truck, and opened it. He grabbed his 4th year handbook (he hadn't gone shopping to get his next yearbooks) that was lying on the floor and put it into his truck. If Remus got his letter, it was only a matter of time before the werewolf came and got Harry out. He hoped Remus would hurry. He didn't know how long it would be before Vernon found out, or worse, Aunt Marge. He would be ready for when they came to get him, hopefully.


Severus Snape was sitting on his chair in the sitting room of his home. He still wore his dark clothing, but during the summer months, they were more muggle-like, though not British. He wore dark traveling jeans that were clearly worn from age and continuous work outdoors. His dark shirt was torn at the sleeves and worn leather jacket rested on his lanky frame. He had a clawed belt with unknown symbol markings on it. Harry's mother's signature was carved underneath the symboth with great detail, and many throwing knives and potions hung from the belt.

During this particular July 31st, he was enjoying some fire whiskey when an unknown visitor emerged though his fireplace. With reflexes gotten from 20 years of spying, he stood from his chair quickly, grabbed his wand from his leather belt with lightning speed and prepared to hex the unknown intruder. He froze suddenly and let out an irritated curse when he smelt Remus Lupin. The bloody werewolf should have known better than to come over unannounced. He'd almost killed him! Severus blamed his stupidity on being in Gryffindor for seven years.

Severus paused when he saw Remus's face. The werewolf tried to hide it, but school years in Slytherin taught a person things the other three houses couldn't. The werewolf was worried about something. Severus cursed again. It was either about the Order, Potter, or Voldemort. With his luck, it'd be all three. He cursed again under his breath at the mere thought of it.

"Severus, you know, you should break that habit of swearing," Remus said uneasily, making the black-haired man immediately suspicious. The werewolf walked out from the fireplace, brushing ash from his shabby robes.

Severus glared at him with hateful eyes. Remus just grinned. "What do you want?" Severus grumbled, putting his wand back in his belt.

"We have a problem," Remus said, not knowing how to tell Severus of what he had discovered a few moments earlier. He knew that Severus loathed Harry, and he didn't know how the man would react when Remus told him the news.

"What kind of problem?" Severus asked, hoping it wasn't about the Order, Potter, or Voldemort. He knew he would never get his wish, but a guy could dream.

"This," Remus said, giving Harry's letter to him. Severus eyed it suspiciously before taking it carefully, as if expecting some hex to hit him the moment he touched it (it wouldn't be the first time). Carefully to grabbed the letter and looked at it. Instantly, he recognized the handwriting from teaching Potter for years. He scowled.

"Do I have to read is?" Severus hissed, handing it back to him, but Remus didn't take it. It was Potter's letter; surly Remus wouldn't torture him by making him read it... right?

Remus stared at him, arms folded, and waited impatiently with his foot tapping on the stone floor. Severus sighed. Remus liked to torture him. He started to read the letter, cursing the werewolf to hell. It was written in fast handwriting and by the look of it, Potter was angry and confused at something.


Something weird had happened last night.

Why didn't you tell me that you were friends with Snape and the Malfoys?
I gota letter from my mother, saying that James Potter isn't my real father, but
another friend of your that's a Slytherin. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!

Who in the hell is my real father? Just last night I woke up different. Black-
hair, pale skin. Remus, I look like Snape. And Snape isn't my father, mum told
me from her letter. Is my real father related to him in some way

You need to get me out! Vernon despises me and Aunt Petunia and
Dudley are acting weird and being... nice to me.



Yep, that was Potter; just like James Potter, that low down, friend stealing traitor...

"Do you know what this means!" Remus demanded when Severus finished the letter.

"Its seems that, unfortunately, Potter is my nephew," Severus drawled, studying Potter's letter again. It was weird. He'd never thought he would be an uncle because of his younger brother, especially to Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, saviour of the Wizarding World. But then again, Ajit (1) was the kind of guy that would marry his school lover and have a kid or two secretly. But what surprised him was that Ajit hadn't taken Harry Potter himself and raised him as his own. Ajit loved children, always telling him since they were kids that he would have a son that looked just like him with the eyes of his mother and teach him the family business. He'd had part of his wish granted. He had a son that, according to the letter, looked just like him and had Lily's green eyes. Another Snape in the family, well, a half-Snape. He and Ajit had shared the same father but had different mothers.

"Unfortunately? Unfortunately!" Remus yelled. He was outraged by Severus's actions. Severus stepped back from the werewolf. It was stupid to get any werewolf angry.

"Potter has been a pain in my arse for years, Remus. Always getting into fights in the Great Hall, sticking his nose in other people's business, stealing my potion ingredients from the school lab, and countless other things that I know he and his friends did, but I can't blame them for because I can't prove it!"

Remus sighed. He knew what Severus meant. "Severus, they're just children," Remus said, trying to reason with him.

Severus muttered something under his breath that would have made a sailor blush. "What are we going to do?" Remus asked him, ignoring the curse words that he heard the man mutter in many different languages.

"Those children deserve their heads chopped off!" Severus yelled to the world, clearly not listening to anything that Remus had just said.


"Do you think Argus would let me borrow his thumb screws?" Severus asked him hopefully. If it weren't for the fire whiskey, Remus would have believed that he was serious.

"I think you've had enough fire whiskey for one day," Remus said taking the bottle of alcohol from him. Severus cursed under his breath again and glared him. 'How dare he take my whiskey!' Severus thought angrily. "What are we going to do?" Remus asked him again, to make sure that Severus had heard him.

Severus shrugged. "Nothing. All you need to do is to give back my fire whiskey." Severus reached for his half-finished bottle. Remus snatched it away. He knew Severus was drunk, and the bottle he held probably wasn't the only one Severus had drunken. It was, knowing Severus, probably the fourth or fifth bottle. "Come on, Remus, we'll get the boy tomorrow night when the moon is high! Or, better yet, when the summer is over! It would make my life easier."

"Severus, Harry is your nephew! Show some love or respect at least! Right now with this war going on and what he is destined to do, he needs some family in his life."

"I will show love and respect to that brat the day Draco Malfoy and he are best buds fighting side by side in the war against Voldemort!" Severus said, suddenly grabbing the bottle out of Remus's hands and drinking it. A moment passed in silence.

"Want some?" Severus asked him when he saw the look of anger on Remus's face.

"No, thank you. What is wrong with you today?"

Severus scowled at the thought. There had been a Death Eater meeting last night tha ended badly and then an Order meeting, but Remus doesn't need to know that. "You know what the Order does every time I go in each meeting, glaring at me as if waiting for me to attack them! It just I don't get it! At least Molly somewhat cares for my health," Severus added. Molly Weasley always cared for him. After everyone left after a meal, she would always give him leftovers. One time she'd patched his arm which had been broken in several places.

Remus nodded. He wasn't surprised that Molly somewhat cared for him, for she tended to care for everyone's health. A few time she had come to his own flat and cooked him a decent meal or two.

"They just don't understand your history."

"And they never will if I have anything to say about it," Severus bit out. He wouldn't let the Order know anything about his people, his family, or himself. It was bad enough that James Potter and Remus knew... Dumbledore and the others would freak if they did.

There was silence. Why should he care about Potter's son anyway? So it wasn't really his son, big deal. He was still Dumbledore's Gryffindor Golden Boy. But on the other hand, Potter was and forever would be his family (he scowled in dislike on the thought), his own blood, his brother's son, his nephew. But then again, Harry Potter would forever hate him, even if he found out about Ajit and him being brothers, making Severus his uncle. Potter hated Vernon Dursley, probably as much as he hated Severus at school.

Why did almost everything involve Potter? It was bad enough he had to deal with Voldemort, Death Eaters, the Order, and countless other things, not to mention family problems. Severus growled. Ajit, wherever he was now, would kill him if he left his son in that godforsaken place with that whale of a Muggle. Severus growled again.

"Fine, Remus, you win this time," Severus grumbled and grabbed his cloak, putting the fire whiskey down on the nearest table. Remus stared at him in surprise. Severus had actually agreed with him after all these years? He watched as Severus left the room. A moment later, Severus came back with a death glare. "Are you coming or do you need a invitation?" Remus grinned suddenly, making Severus's mood darken.

It was just like old times.

(1) Ajit: Means "he who has not been conquered" or "invincible", from Sanskrit. Ijita "conquered". This is a name of the gods Shiva and Vishnu, and of a
future Buddha.

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