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Chapter 5

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What would you do, when you found out that the father you thought was your father, isn't your real father? And what would you do if you were related to someone that you loath so much? NOT Snape Har...

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Harry Potter the Son of the Half Vampire


Summary: What would you do, when you found out that the father you thought was your father, isn't your real father? And what would you do if you were related to someone that you loath so much? NOT Snape Harry's father fic!


Chapter 5

There was a slam of the front door opening. Harry looked up from his homework. The clock read 10:02AM. 'Shit!' Harry thought. 'They're here!'

"BOY! GET YOUR RUDDY ASS HERE NOW!" roared his uncle from down stairs. Harry suddenly found himself running down the stairs in fast speed, coming face to face with the Ripper, his Aunt Marge's bulldog. The old bulldog, who was now coming into the end of his days, growled at the sight of him. Aunt Marge, who was still at the entrance hall, was greeted from Dudley who, behind her back and his father, had a scowl across his face when his Aunt hugged him.

"It is so good to see you," Petunia said, giving the fat woman a sight smile, kissing her cheek when they embraced each other. Just as they apart, Aunt Marge sighted Harry still standing at the end of the stairs. Her looked was dark, looking at his clothing in disapproval.

"You still here ain't you?" she said rather rudely.

'Unfortunately,' "Yes." Harry said

"Here boy," she said, refry giving her bags into his arms. Harry was shocked that the bags were rather light then he was used too each time she visited.

"Where don't we go into the kitchen?" Vernon said, lending both his sister and wife into the kitchen, leaving his nephew and son in the entrance hall. When all three adults were out of earshot, Harry started climbing the stair when he heard Dudley call him.

"Let me help Harry." He said, grabbing two of the three bags that his Aunt had brought.

"No, Dudley, its okay, I can get it." Harry said, not use to getting help from his cousin.

"I insist." Dudley appealed, ignoring the strange look that Harry had given him.

"Okay." Harry said slowly, not knowing what else to say. In the past 24 hours, his world went upside down. Nothing else could surprise him. The two boys walked up the stairs in silence. When they were safely in the extra room, Dudley asked something that he will never thought possible.

"So. How is school?" Dudley asked him grinning, as if they were best buds for years. Harry stopped and looked at him with wide-eyed thinking that he had finally lost his marbles.

"What?" Harry asked him, not knowing if he heard him right.

"How was school this year?" Dudley said very slowly as if talking to a person with metal problems.

"It was okay." Harry said, not wanting to go into detail of what happened in his 4th year with Cedric dying and Voldemort.

"Harry, I know what happened." Dudley said.

"W-what?" Dudley suddenly grabbed his arm and went into his room, closing the door behind him. When the door was shut closed, Dudley turned and faced him.

"Mum and I know what happened at your school. I know it's painful. We wanted to go and see you in that Wizard Torment, but you know dad and the Wizard Ministry." Dudley explained. Harry was too shocked to answer him.

"W-wh-what?" Harry asked him again. Dudley rolled his eyes. He never knew that his own cousin was this thick minded.

"Harry, I know lots things that you believe that we, as in mum and me, don't know. Don't worry, dad doesn't know or care." Harry nodded trying to get this information into his head. The world had definitely gone insane.

"So," Dudley said, looking at him closely. "What actually happened to you last night? Mum won't tell me anything. You were moaning last night. Are you hurt?"

Harry doesn't know what to do. Should he tell him? Harry walked up to his desk and gave his letter to him. Dudley read the letter in awe. He had never seen his Aunt Lily's handwriting before....

"So who's this Severus guy?"

"My Potions Professor, Professor Snape." Answered Harry. "He's a real git." Dudley laughed at that.

"Sounds like someone I know." Dudley said. "Who's Remus?"

"My da- one of James Potter's friends at school." Dudley nodded.

"Who's these guys?" Dudley asked pointing at the other names.

"These are the Malfoys. They're married. Never did like them. Their Death Eaters. Do you know what at is right?"

"Yeah, I know what Death Eaters are, Harry. I'm not stupid you know." Dudley said.

"Okay then. Sirius is my Godfather-"

"The same one I saw in the news last year or something that escaped from a prison?"

"The same."

"Cool." Dudley said in awe. "I would like to meet him." Harry nodded slowly. He wondered if he was dreaming or something.

"He's innocent, you know. Peter Pettigrew was the one who killed the 13 muggles- non-magical people, and betrayed my parents."

"Yeah, I heard about that, when your Headmaster came over couple years ago."


"Yeah, you know. Your Headmaster, Professor Dumbledore, I think his name was?" Harry nodded. Dumbledore never told him about that. "Anyway, you should've been there. Dad was frantic!" Harry smiled.

"How do you know of this-" Harry started to ask when suddenly.

"DUDLEY!" called a voice down stairs.

"COMING!" Dudley yelled back. He turned to his cousin. "I'll talk to you later okay?" Harry nodded. Dudley had left.
"Why can't we just go get Harry now?" Remus asked in frustration at Severus who was talking to some stranger that he never met before. Severus nodded at the hooded stranger who left just as they finished their conversion. This had been the third time they stopped for no reason. The first time was because Severus needed run an errand for god knows what, the second was because some lady down town came up to them and asked Severus about some potion that Remus himself never even heard of!

"For the last time, Lupin, it will be too dangerous to just waltzed right in there and get the boy."

"I know, I know! It's just that, Harry was so angry and confused at the letter. Just think about what he's doing right now."

"I try not to." Severus answered. Remus tried to ignore his committed. Harry is his nephew for Merlin sakes!

Remus sighed. He knew what Severus thought about Harry. All these years believing that Harry was James's son and then suddenly finding out that the boy he hated all this time because of James, was actually his own flesh and blood. He knew that it pained him because it was his younger brother's son. He would be angry if it had happened to him, too.

"Who was that anyway?" Remus asked trying to get the conversion away from Harry.

"None of your business." Severus said.

"Come on, who was it?"

"For the last time, Lupin. None of your concern. He would like to be an anonymous person to those who doesn't know him personally."

"Fine, Severus. I'm sorry. It just that I'm... you know." Remus said. For the first time, Severus looked at him in knowing eyes. He knew what Remus felt. He was confused wondering why Lily did this, knowing her, and knowing, or thinking, she wouldn't have done it. Even Petunia didn't know; come to think of it, Petunia will know about now, just as they know.

"Don't worry, Remus." Severus said, trying to get the werewolf calmer then before. "Petunia is watching over him. Don't worry, knowing that woman she won't let anyone near him."

Remus nodded, feeling somewhat better. "Thank you Severus. Just like old times isn't it?"

"No." Severus said walking faster down the dirt road. They were close to the Apparating zone.

"I just wis-" Remus said.

"Remus, I've told you, those times are long gone. Maybe after this war, if all of us are still alive, we all can start over again. I promise. There, I said it. Does that make you feel any better?" He was annoyed at his whining and his Gryffindor-ish talk. He wondered how he ever became friends with him in their school days.

Remus nodded, looking up and saw that they were now in the Apparating zone. They nodded at each other and both vanished into then thin air.

End of Chapter.

Words: 1,358

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