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Chapter Six

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What would you do, when you found out that the father you thought was your father, isn't your real father? And what would you do if you were related to someone that you loath so much? NOT Snape Har...

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Harry Potter the Son of the Half Vampire


Summary: What would you do, when you found out that the father you thought was your father, isn't your real father? And what would you do if you were related to someone that you loath so much? NOT Snape Harry's father fic!


Chapter 6

Harry was so confused. What the hell is going on? First Aunt Petunia and now Dudley are being nice? What is going on? Harry shook his head. He must be acting. He must. Dudley, as he knew, him wouldn't help him, nor talk to him in nice way! But deep inside of him, he longed for his cousin to like him, to love him as family should. How can he explain it when Dudley told him about Headmaster Dumbledore? Or about Deatheaters and all that? He could've snuck into his room when he was at school and read his school books that he couldn't fit into his school trunk. But that couldn't be, Dudley hates magic? Doesn't he?

"DUDLEY! HARRY! DINNER'S READY!" Aunt Petunia yelled.

"COMING MUM!" Came Dudley's voice from one end of the house.

"COMING AUNT PETUNIA!" Harry yelled back down from his bedroom door way. Harry shook his head. Aunt Petunia once again called him of his real name; Not boy or brat, it was just Harry... He reminded himself to ask Dudley after dinner what's going on. He couldn't see his Aunt Petunia telling him anything.

He quickly ran down the stairs and turned down the hall into the kitchen. He was last one to get to the kitchen. As always, Uncle Vernon sat on the head of the table, his sister on his right, and Dudley was sitting right next to his aunt. The only place to sit was either next to Uncle Vernon, the chair next to the empty spot or next to Dudley; the opposite from the head table. Harry sat down next to Dudley, who gave him a smile greeting, the opposite of Uncle Vernon and Aunt Marge. Harry stared at Dudley in wonder.

Aunt Petunia walked in the dinning room, carrying a large pot. It looked heavy but Aunt Petunia walked in with a grace that Harry never seen in her before. She set the pot on the table and sat down next to her husband with tight smile. Harry could tell she was hiding something, but didn't know what.

"It looks delicious, Petunia." Uncle Vernon said to his wife, greedily grabbing a large piece of meat that was in front of him. Aunt Petunia smiled at him. "So, Marge, how are your dogs?"

"Their quite well, Vernon. Maggie just gave her first litter of five pups. Sadly I had drowned one of them." Aunt Marge shook her fat head, but not in sadness but in disgraceful of her bull dog that would give birth to such a disgraceful runt.

"What was wrong with it, Aunt Marge?" Dudley asked his aunt. He couldn't understand why she would drown a pup just because it looked little off. He watched what people do with pups that are breed on the telly. Some people drown a pup just because it didn't look a fully pureblood dog. As others, he could understand it if it had a disease of some kind, but then they should go to the vet, not drowned it.

"Oh, it had bad blood. That little runt would ruin my prefect breeding if I let it live." Aunt Marge replied. Her older brother nodded in agreement. Dudley on the other hand looked at his Aunt in weird look.

"So it had a disease?" Dudley asked again, not understanding his aunt's reasons.

"Oh no." Aunt Marge said smiling, drinking more brandy, shaking off her nephew's ridicules questions. Dudley gave Harry a look that might 'she's nuts'. Harry had to agree with him. It reminded him so much at school, when Malfoy told everyone that would listen that all squibs and muggles weren't fit to live.

The whole table went quiet again, accepted the clanging noise of dishes clanging together. "Still going that St. Brutes boy?" Aunt Marge asked Harry, not looking at the him. Harry looked up to his Uncle, who nodded, behind her back.

"Oh yes, Aunt Marge." Harry said, biting his tongue.

"The still using that stick, humm?"

"Yes, Aunt Marge. I get hit all the time." Harry told her, grinding his teeth in a smile. Aunt Marge looked at him for a full minute before suddenly looking away.

"What's up with these teenager's looks now a days, Vernon?"

"Don't know, Marge." answered Uncle Vernon, not looking up from his plate. "I try not to imagine their ridicules reasons"

"Just like his mother and father, I take it? Not surprising, what became of the boy."

Harry looked at the fat muggle with hatred, eyes glairing with a killers intent...


One of the light bulbs exploded above them. "BOY!" Uncle Vernon yelled standing up, thinking that he, yet again, had used magic.

'Not again...' Harry thought, remembering what he did in his third year. The image of Aunt Marge popping on the ceiling was funny sight indeed but to do it again in front of Uncle Vernon...

"Not to worry, Vernon! So, Petunia, as I was saying. The boy turned out just as his parents did. There is no excuse, nor anything you could have done."

Petunia glanced sharply at Marge. Dudley looked down to his plate, not looking nor saying anything.

"Y-yes." Petunia slowly said. She was still pained by what had happened her sister. She silently got up and started cleaning the glass from the table. Harry gave her an apologetic look and Aunt Petunia smiled at him!

"How are your studies, Dudley?" Aunt Marge asked her nephew as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Dudley looked up from his plate. He looked at his mum for spilt second before answering. "I'm doing great, Aunt Marge. I got a really good grade the other day in British History, Mathematics and Science." Dudley said smiling at her.

"That's my nephew!" Aunt Marge said happily. Harry on the other hand, looked at Dudley, wondering weather or not he was lying. Of what he could remember from pre-school, before he ever went to or ever heard of Hogwarts, that Dudley wasn't good at anything school related, especially History, Science and Mathematics.

"And what about your Boxing?" Aunt Marge asked.

"I'm one of the best, Aunt Marge." Dudley told her again, not once did his voice indicate weather or not he was lying. Harry was still confused... of course he would be one of the best. He, himself was his first pushing bag.

'This is crazy!' Harry thought. Where in the hell did Dudley get so smart and nice?

But he couldn't think about it any longer, because his scar started prickling.

'Oh no!' Harry thought. He stood up; his chair scratching the woodened floor, making everyone, including his Uncle, look at him for the first time since his changed appearance. 'How can they come this close? Dumbledore said that he was safe!'

"We have to leave now!" Harry told them. "Deatheaters are coming!"

Petunia looked at him in alarm and shock, Dudley looked slightly scared, but there was a glittering in his eyes of something that Harry couldn't place.

"What are you blathering about, Boy?" Uncle Vernon said, clearly not believing him one bit.

"Deathwobblies? What is he talking about, Vernon?" Aunt Marge asked.

Uncle Vernon's eyes widened. "Nothing to worry about, Marge, dear. He's just talking about his--school play."

"School play? What would criminals be doing in a school play, boy?"

"Think they--ahh-- they do it so they would--ahh-- improve their character or something..." Vernon said quickly, hoping that his younger sister would believe him. Marge looked at her brother, wondering what he was hiding.

"We have to go, Vernon. To the store! I'm taking Dudley and Harry, with me, so you two can-- catch up and do something when we're shopping!" Petunia said, getting up from her chair. If Harry said Deatheaters are coming, then they better get out of the house now!

"Without cleaning off the table first, Petunia? That is like you to leave dirty dishes on the table..." Aunt Marge said, looking at her as if to asked herself 'who are you and where is Petunia?'.

"I'll do it later! Dudley, Harry, lets go!" Petunia said, grabbing her coat. Both Harry and Dudley bolted out of their chairs and ran down the hallway. Harry was the first to get to the front door. With one hand rubbing his painful scar and the other on the knob, he pushed open the door...

...And came face to face with Bellatrix Lestrange.


Severus and Remus appeared about two streets away from Dursley house. Quickly both looked around to see if there were any Muggles around; seeing if they had to obliviate anyone of their memories. Everything was quiet, too quiet in Severus' opinion. There were, strangely enough, no birds, nor any Muggle children playing about in the hot summer's day. Almost every day (unless its really hot) at least a few children would be playing with the watering hose, wouldn't they?

Slowly both pulled out their wands, as if expecting a Deatheater attack. "Lets go." Remus said, siding a sideways glace at Severus, who was looking up to the skies. "What are you doing?"

Severus didn't answer. He knows something is amiss, but what? Something bad was going to happen and very soon, he could feel it... His heart beat a little faster as he thoughts turned into 'what ifs.'

"We have to hurry!" Severus told Lupin. Remus nodded. Both started to run down the street, as fast as they could go.

As they got closer to the Potter's house, Remus started to feel something on the back of his mind. 'What was that feeling?' he asked himself.

They turned a corner and saw three small figures and a large maze in front of the door on the floor. The three figures were attacking a group of the black figures with pointed sticks. Red, green, yellow and strangely enough black and white lights were being fired around. Severus' and Remus' eyes turned round.

They were Deatheaters.

At last Voldemort got passed the blood protection, and now both Petunia, Dudley and Harry were fighting for their lives...

Author's Note: I'M SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY ON THIS CHAPTER! With my life busy and all with collage and author's block, days becomes weeks, you know?


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