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Chapter 7

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What would you do, when you found out that the father you thought was your father, isn't your real father? And what would you do if you were related to someone that you loath so much? NOT Snape Har...

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Harry Potter the Son of the Half Vampire


Summary: What would you do, when you found out that the father you thought was your father, isn't your real father? And what would you do if you were related to someone that you loath so much? NOT Snape Harry's father fic!


Chapter 7

Dodge. Dodge. Stupefy (1). Dodge

Harry Potter flicked his wand at the death eater who fell facedown unconscious, hitting his head hard on the sidewalk . Harry took a quick look at Dudley, who in Harry's surprised, was waving what appeared to be a long black walking stick. Bright light glowed with unnatural colorful balls covering on the top of the long stick.

Harry watched as Dudley strike two death eaters off their feet with the long thick stick, hitting them across on their chest. They screamed in agony and then exploded. Harry's eyes widen.

"Watch out, Harry!" Dudley yelled at him. Harry whipped his head around. Red light was hurtling towards him. Harry barley dodge it, as he ducked on the road, rolling on his left. Dudley quickly ran towards him, helping him up.

"Thanks." Harry muttered to him.

"No problem." Dudley said. "Watch your back next time." Harry nodded in agreement.

Both turned, watching each other backs, Dudley waving his black stick above their heads muttering words that even Hermione wouldn't know. Harry stabbed his wand in the air, stunning death eaters as they got closer.

Harry quickly caught Vernon's unmoving body on the doorway in #4 Privet Drive. 'Was he dead?' Harry asked himself. But he couldn't think anymore on that thought, as another death eater come out adapting to kill him.

Aunt Petunia swirled her glowing hands, hitting death eaters, dodging them off their feet with dark curses, few hesitated of attacking her, which was their last mistake. They all fell face down on the pavement, not moving, blood trickling down from their nose and mouth.

"Run Dudley! Take Harry and go! I'll hold them off!" Petunia yelled at the two boys. Dudley shook his head. He can't leave his mother here by herself. She could die! "I SAID RUN--" Petunia gasped as Bellatrix Lestrange grabbed her throat, pointing her wand's point roughly in her throat. "Surrender now Potter or you aunt dies!" Bellatrix snarled at him.

"No!" Petunia yelled, gasped for air, trying to ease the death eater's iron grip that was cutting air from her lungs.

"Shut up, you filthy mud blood!" Bellatrix snapped at her, deep her wand into her throat.

"Let her go!" Harry yelled, pointing his wand the female death eater.

Bellatrix laughed in delight, her eyes flashed. 'So the little boy want to play. What fun.' she thought.

"Let her go!" she mocked, smirking at him, her yellow teeth was shown.

"Get your filthy hands off my mother, witch!" Dudley yelled in rage, that Harry never saw him in. "Or I will kill you like I did to those others your almost stepping on!"

Both Harry and Bellatrix stair at him. 'Is he bluffing?' Bellatrix quickly looked down and sure enough, Dudley wasn't bluffing. A young looking death eater, Harry guessed, was about in his early 20s, was faced down in a large pool of blood, his mask fallen off his paled face, his opened eyes was cold and lifeless.

'Did Dudley really kill that guy?' Harry asked himself, not once letting his guard down still pointed his wand at Bellatrix . He had never in his life at imaged Dudley as a killer.

"Brave, foolish little boy..." Bellatrix spate, her eyes narrowed at the slightly overweighed boy. He was just like his mother and his aunt, those filthy naive, foolish mud bloods. 'He will be next.' she thought. Her master will be very pleased when she bring the Potter boy and his cousin to him. If all goes well, Potter and his filthy aunt will be dead and Potter's cousin turned into the dark side, she sense dark powers through the boy's veins, much like Potter, who in her dismay will never be turned, such raw magic wasted..., but the mud blood boy will do. He will great and very powerful, if the boy's willing to the turn that is.

"Surrender now and....I promise not harm her little head." Bellatrix said to them. Both Harry and Dudley highly doubled that she would keep her promise.

"We have to do something!" Harry quietly said to Dudley, making sure that Bellatrix didn't hear. Looking at the Dudley, Harry knew that not even he knew what to do.

But then, something did happened. A clear fumbler voice, that made Harry's inside turn to ice.

"Well, well, well Bellatrix. I never thought you of all would sunk so low; hiding behind a muggle at that. What would your Master say to that?"

Bellatrix (and everyone else) sharply turned around, her cold eyes narrowed even more at the sight of Severus Snape. Oh how she despise him. "Ah Severus, I'm so unpleased to see you again." She said in her fake nice voice, her lips curled in a sneer.

Harry on the other hand, looked more surprised. Harry looked at him in unsure look at his professor, knowing if Snape didn't spoke then he would never even realized if it was him. Snape didn't look like Snape at all; besides the dark greasy hair, black eyes and paled skin.

Right behind Snape, was Remus Lupin. Harry slightly smiled at the sight of him. Remus didn't change once bit of the last time he saw him. Remus still had the light brown, light brown, silver specked hair, blued eyed, but instead of a normal smile, it was replaced by a hatred, growling face, wand pointed straight to Bellatrix's heart.

"You all right, Harry." Remus asked him but not looking at him, his eyes still glaring at Bellatrix watching her on her every move.

"Yeah." Harry said.

Slowly Bellatrix walked back, dragging Petunia with her. She was out numbered. Her follow death eaters was long gone now. Fleeing in fright, those filthy cowards.

"Let her go, Bella. It is not worth it." Snape told Bellatrix. Snape and Remus slowly followed her, keeping their a good distance between them. "You are alone. You are trapped. Let her go, and we will let you go free."

Bellatrix had other plans. She, unlike many under Voldemort's supporters, wasn't easily fooled nor easily surrender to some half breeds. She snarled at the lot of them.

"Potter, Dursley, get behind me." Snape hastily said, making Harry jump in surprised and Dudley nodding as if he was in boot camp.

Seeing Harry not moving, still gapping like a fish, Dudley grabbed his arm, dragging him behind both Remus and Snape.

"This is your last warning, Lestrange: let her go!" Remus growled, his voice as cold as Snape's heart, which shocked Harry again as he never heard Remus this angry before. Remus, like Hagrid, was the most gentle person he ever knew in his life.

Bellatrix ignored the werewolf. "You Master will be very unpleased with you, Bella." Severus said coldly. Bellatrix's eyes blinked, fear crept through her dark heart, unwilling admitting that Snape was right.

No! She can't fail this mission! If she can't have the Potter brat or his cousin, then... Yes, her Master will be very unpleased but not to her, not if she brought some else....

Bellatrix walked faster backwards. Harry and the others closing in on her. Bellatrix tightened her hold on Petunia, as she hissed in pain.

Petunia knew what was going to happen. It wouldn't take a blind person long to know what Bellatrix was planning. She looked at Severus and Remus, slightly smiling at the sight of them. It had been years, perhaps long before either Dudley or Harry was ever born, seen them. They were her's and Lily's old friends. To her, both looked good as ever as they always did, little older then their younger selves that she remembered, both more bitter and more angry looking, but all and all they were the same Severus Snape and Remus Lupin she new and loved like older brothers.

It was shame that they all had to meet again like this. Maybe, after the war is over and all of them survive that is, perhaps they would get together sometime. Petunia smiled. Yes, the good times that are now forever long gone were good.

Severus and Remus watched Petunia, her eyes longing to get away, sparkling in fear, knowing and understanding, a mist in her eyes as if she was in a dream world. She now wasn't trying to get away from Bellatrix, but following her willing. 'Why isn't she fighting back?' But then it hit them. Petunia is letting Bellatrix take her.

"Protect my babies." Petunia mouthed at them. No! They can save her!

Bellatrix grabbed something under her cloak, pulling out what looked like a small tranklit as the size of her palm. Before any of them could done anything or stopped them, both Bellatrix and Petunia had vanished.

Dudley sunken down to his knees in despair. He couldn't do anything! He couldn't think of anything to save her... Why does she had to let that... woman take her? He couldn't stop himself as tears flown from his watery eyes. His mother is gone, already taken prisoner to Voldemort's headquarters. There to be torture to death in agony to never been seen again.

Dudley's heart was braking at the thought. He was close to his mother, far more then his father would ever be. She had taught him things, many that he would never be taught at school, even in Harry's school.

Harry was confused of what to do. He was standing in the middle of a muggle road, which now was getting crowed by the muggle neighbors that heard and witnessed the fight, his wand out, next to his most hated professor from school, his secondary godfather and crying muggle cousin that all his life believed was a muggle, and finding out that he wasn't. Should he go comfort Dudley telling him lies that everything's going to be okay? Or should he walk up Remus asking him 'what now?' or glare at Snape who's still looked at the place where Aunt Petunia and Bellatrix had vanished?

Harry carefully picked up Dudley's long stick thing that lied forgotten where Dudley dropped when he sunk on the hard ground. Looking around, Harry guessed, soon ether the Ministry or the muggle police would get here demanding what just happened.

Severus and Remus seemed had the same idea. Without saying a word at to each other, Snape left Remus and the two boys, approaching the now ruined house that used to be #4. Remus gently grabbed both Harry's and Dudley arms, Harry still making sure he still had his wand and Dudley's stick in firm grip, both he, Dudley and Remus had vanished.


(End of the Chapter)


(1) Stupefy: a spell that knocks out opponents.

Words: 1,949

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