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i kicked off my shoes and layed back. i looked at Frank's poster covered ceiling.

"Andrea?!?" Frank asked. i felt him lie down next to me.

"what we did earlier know...uhh kiss...i didnt really mean to go know.......with tongue and all.....i was just trying to help get rid of that guy..."

i turned my head to the side and looked at him, he was looking at the ceiling.

"you gotta be shitting me, Frank. dont act like you never wanted to kiss me...i know you constantly think about it." i said with a serious tone. he turned his head also and looked at me.

"how the hell would you know that?!?" he asked.

"because i know you like me. i heard you telling Gerard when Fuck Tart went missing. and plus you couldnt make it anymore obvious. no wonder you wanted to share a room....Bob told me about that."

Frank quickly sat up. he got up from the bed. i sat up too and stood up. he was walking towards the door but i grabbed his arm and pulled him back towards me.

"where you going?!?" i asked as i let go of him.

"to go kill Bob" he said through his teeth.

"why?!?" he sighed.

"why does it matter to you anyways. you already know i like you. i know you hate me and i dont see you changing your mind about me anytime soon. i try and try to be nice to you. i just want you to like me...not in that way or anything but as a friend. if you really did like me in that 'way' then that would be like whoa! but i doubt that....being just your friend, though, would make me happy..." he said looking at me in the eyes the whole time.

now i guess was the time for the moment of truth...

"but Frank...i do like you in that way, that like to become more than just friends" i confessed.

"really?!?" he asked...

i nodded my head...

"so you dont hate me?!?" he asked.

"i never hated you. it was a cover-up. i did it because i didnt want myself to fall in love with you and then get hurt..." i said.

the look he gave me then was so full of love and compassion that i just want to kiss him.....................but i didnt.

he kissed me...
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