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Come Back To Me

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Frank is at his parents and Gerard.. Well.. I dunno where he is.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Horror - Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-06-05 - Updated: 2007-06-06 - 646 words

ha ha... Ha ha... Frank is with his parents... bad idea, but.. whatever.

Frank's POV

I sighed as I came up to my house. I can't believe I was doing this but, Gerard didn't want me and this was the closest place I could think of. I knocked on the door and waiting for the screaming that would come, " FRANKIE!" Someone yelled, it was mom. She was smiling, tears almost coming to her eyes, " What are you doing back here?" She asked hugging me, " yeah, I thought for sure it'd take longer for you to figure out you can't live out there on your own." Dad said coming out from the kitchen, " Yeah, I know... I'm sorry I was wrong.. But.. I need somewhere to stay, I have a job, I'll pay." I said, looking down. Dad sighed and pulled me in by the sleeve and slammed the door shut. Mom just stepped to the side and I looked at her sadly, " At least someone tried to take care of you, what was it, your boyfriend?" he asked snidely. " Actually... yeah.. But he broke up with me." I said quietly. Dad then grabbed my collar and held me to my face, " My son, pathetic as you may be, will not be a queer, now get out of my face or go to work or something." He said pushing me away. I nodded and looked over at mom who, might I add, didn't do anything during this problem, I then glared at her and walked back to my old room.

" OW!" I yelled, getting yanked out of bed and onto the floor, " Get up you sorry fuck, find a day job or something, its ten in the morning!" Dad.... Yeah, " Okay.. Okay OW rib cage!" I yelled as he kicked me and walked out, " Gerard.. come back to me please." I said getting up slowly.

Gerard's POV

" Ray, please talk to me!" I whined again, while I was at his apartment, hoping to find Frank, but only to find a non responsive Ray, " If you want to know where Frankie is, he left, for his parents, and you already know what they've done to him." He hissed. " Ray, I had to h-" " NO YOU DIDN'T! That kid loved you, still does, and you just left him out there like that!" He yelled getting up to stand and up in my face, " You need to go out there and take him back, and apologize, he's dying with his family and you know it!" He yelled pushing me out of his apartment and locking the door.

I walked down the path that Frank told me was too his house and finally found it, sensing Frank within its walls. I saw him in the kitchen, being yelled at by an over powering person, must be his father. He nodded and tried to turn around but his father stopped him and turned him around slapping him in the face, now I know where Frank got that slap from. He nodded and said something and ran out. I followed his path, down to his room. It was basically bare besides a guitar and a bed, he start punching and kicking the bed and the walls. I sighed and slid down the side of his house and groaned, " Should I really have done that, Should I put him through this?" I asked myself outloud. Frank looked up and out the window He couldn't have heard me. I thought and quickly ran from the side of the house back to the front. I looked at it from the street, " I'll come back."

See, its not that bad.. Now Gee just has to find a nice way to apologize.. which is where my friend comes in... I promise. And the word count is like... 650 something.. So don't whine, its long enough to give you information.
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