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I love you Always

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Gerard leaves Frank... You know it was coming

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Yes yes, tear tear, cry cry, you'll be fine.

Frank's POV

I groaned as the sun came up through the window of our room. " Come on sun, please go back down." I whined. I heard a quiet laugh from the doorway, Gerard. He came in and laid beside me his hands going to my back as he kissed me, " We're going out today, well, tonight." He said breaking the kiss, " Really? We never go out. Special occasion?" I asked trying to kiss him again and laughing as I missed and got his neck, " You could say that." He smiled.

" Hey, its the club!" I yelled pulling Gerard in with me. He laughed sadly, it almost sounded. I ignored it and we started dancing. My arms went to his shoulders and his went to my waist. I was surprised that Gerard could dance, but I wasn't going to ask how he learned, he was wonderful. I was nice to be in the club and not have to work. Gerard then moved closer and started to kiss up my neck and I moaned and he laughed into my skin, " Gee you tease." I whined. " I know... Um.. Frankie.. I have something to tell you... Lets go to the bar."

Ray's POV

" Just keep him in your apartment for a few days, he'll find someone new to take care of him." I mimicked to myself walking into the club to see Gerard and Frank sitting at the bar talking. I stayed in the shadows watching for Frank to react to what Gerard was telling him. Frank looked at Gerard sadly and said something, and Gerard responded. Frank's feelings then immediately turned to absolute anger as he hit Gerard and ran out of the club. Gerard looked at me and nodded. I turned to the doorway but not before flipping Gerard off, " Hope you know what you're doing, Gee"

I walked down the street looking for any signs of Frank, I found him sitting at a bar, somehow getting a drink from the bartender. He looked as he had been crying, although I wouldn't have been surprised. " Hey Frank." I said simply, ordering a drink for myself, " Did you know?" He asked setting his head on the table. I sighed, " yeah.. he told me... You wanna come stay at my place?" I asked. Frank continued with his head on the table, " Sure.. I don't ever wanna see him again though." He hissed punching the table. We finished our drinks and we walked out back to my apartment.

" Do you know why?" Frank asked, laying on the ground of my apartment taking sips from the beer I had given him, " He said he didn't want you to keep getting hurt.. at least thats what he told me. He's scared" I said looking down at the kid. He shouldn't be put though this much pain, I'm gonna have to teach Gerard something later, " Now I have nowhere to go... I guess.. I could go back to my parents." He sighed, " You really wanna go back there, they kicked you out" I said. Frank got up, " They need someone to work.. They want my money, and they at least try to care. I'll see you later." He said finishing off the drink and walking out.

Yes, Frank is going back to his parents... Oh no.. We're all gonna die.. ha ha.
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