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Frank is recovering... and very bored.

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So, sex scene girl is out in the middle of nowhere, babysitting, so thats why the sex business hasn't come up yet. Sorry guys, she said that she's trying, and she's reading all of this, so.. Yeah... She knows xDD aaah aaaah I just squirted Lemonade in my eye, aaah ahhh

Frank's POV

" Frank, I'm gonna kill you if you don't shut up." Bob hissed at me, while I sang to Rocko's Modern Life that was on the TV, " Gee would kill you back, and besides I'm bored, I've been stuck here for two weeks!" I said, sing song. Bob yelled in anger. " Who would I kill, Frank?" Gerard said coming back into the room with food, " Bob said he'd hurt me!" I whined as Gerard came over hugging me lightly. I smirked at Bob from over Gerard's shoulder. " Your boyfriend is evil, Gerard!" Bob yelled pointing at me. " Don't lie, Bob." Gerard said.

" You cheat!" Ray yelled at Bob, " No! I bought baltic, now pay up!" Bob yelled back. We were playing teamed up Monopoly, Me and Ray against Gerard and Bob. " I'm tired of this game, how anyone thinks this is fun is beyond me, just give up Bob, we don't have any money anyway," Gerard said absentmindedly, " No you bitch, I wanna win!" Bob yelled back. The door then opened, to have my nurse appear, " Guess what, Frank? You're going home today!" She smiled, " YAY!" I yelled happily, " Gerard, I'll need you to sign some things, okay, come out here."

" Damn, am I thankful for elevators." I sighed, just barely making it out of the car to the apartment building, " They doctor said you'd get tired easily, don't you remember?" Gerard asked, helping me stay up, " Yeah, but then I forgot." I whined, as he kissed me smiling. " Would you like me to carry you?" He asked sweetly, " No.. Its okay, I can handle it, you can carry me when we get to the room though, I wanna sleep." I said, yawning.

Gerard's POV

I looked at Frank's sleeping form and sighed again. I was amazed he was still alive. I sometimes wish I'd never met him, or even that he was never kicked out, he never would've gotten hurt this much, or fallen in love with me anyway. Ray is always telling me that I deserve someone to love me, and someone deserves for me to love them back, but how can I trust myself around him, there are plenty of times when I've wanted to take his blood, this is insane. I sighed again for about the millionth time and walked out of the apartment to the park.

I sat on the swings as Ray came into the park, " What are you doing, did you leave Frank alone?" He asked coming up to me and sitting next to me, " He's sleeping anyway, he won't notice" I said, emotionless, " I think I'm gonna break up with, Frank" I said quietly, " WHAT?!!?" Ray yelled back, standing up. " I don't want to be responsible for hurting him again, if I hadn't let him take that job he wouldn't have gotten hurt, Ray I can't do that to him" I said. " What? And you think leaving him would be any better, the kid loves you and you love him!" " Sometimes you have to let love go"

Aww... Gee's Upset! Yeah yeah... don't freak.
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