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Chapter 5

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15 year old Julia confidently accepts Jareth's challenge to complete his Labyrinth in search of her brothers. She suprisingly finishes his Labyrinth and is soon brought face to face with the king h...

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Jareth was the goblin king known and feared for his cold, merciless ways, pity wasn't even in his vocabulary.
Then why'd he spare me?
He could have killed me, snap my windpipe and watch me suffer a slow excruciating death but he didn't.
Jareth studied his hands, a look of utter confusion plastered on his broad face, they were trembleing.
A low roar rumbled deep within his chest as he quickly fisted his quivering limbs.
He called, the pent up anger surfacing once again.
The aged oak doors squeeked as they slid open revealing a rather old looking goblin with hair covering the lower half of his head and half moon specticals lightly perched on his wide wrinkled nose.
"Its Spittledrum sir."
The geezer seemed pretty calm around the enraged king.
"Damn it, I don't care who you are!"
He raged grabbing hold of the goblins collar and lifting him to eye level.
"S-Saddlebum it is s-sir what can I do f-for you?"
The goblin cringed as Jareth held up a trembleing hand thinking the worst.
Spittledrum studied the shaking member with interest.
"I know exactly who you need to see your majesty."
"Well don't just stand there."
He stated as he dropped the monsterosity to the concrete floor, his seemingly uncontrollable rage somewhat tame.
"Take me."
"W-well you see sir s-she's rather...uh...perticular about who she see's."
"Does it look like I care?!"
The goblin sighed, too frightend to argue, knowing it would only end in pain, perhaps something even worse.
I carefully watched the entire scene, slowly inching my way toward the old ajar door.
Just a couple more feet!
"And just where do you think your going?"
His anger seemed to be completly under control now yet his hands continued to tremble.
As he walked my way, a smirk nailed to his face, he pulled out yet another crystal.
His hand pressed up against the wall, inches from my head.
"I think I told you to build me a new Labyrinth."
He whispered, shoving the crystal into my stomach, knocking the wind out of my very lungs.
"Am I right?"
I nodded, desperatly fighting the urge I had to fight back, to make him feel as terrifyed as I am, the only thing keeping me back was the memory of the very incident that happened only moments ago, he held back then what makes me think he'd do it again?
"Then you know what to do?"
I nodded once again, biting back every ounce of anger and hostility I had toward the man.
"I'll be back."
He smirked, fading away into thin air, as his edgy follower ran through the castle after him.

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