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This is the Day

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This is the day, the day when five of us go to University. Cronus is gone, back in Tartarus from out final year, Neil and Odie's feud for a girl, Meg, was finally over, Neil learning that it's not ...

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Chapter One: Graduation Day

This is the day, the day when five of us go to University. Cronus is gone, back in Tartarus from out final year, Neil and Odie's feud for a girl, Meg, was finally over, Neil learning that it's not what's on the outside, but the inside that counts. Herry passed negative for cancer and Archie didn't have to be his bone-marrow, Archie and Atlanta had finally gotten together with the frequent fight over the T.V remote, and we are all going to University. I was wearing a gorgeous red salsa-type dress that cut off just above the knees and matching high-heel red shoes. Archie said that I looked like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and Herry said that I looked like a long, skinny cherry or pepper, causing him to lick his lips. My red hair was up with silver hoop earrings. All this was under my onyx Graduation robe and Grad hat. Jay wore a tux with a tie to match my dress, his hair shorter now. Archie wore Atlanta's head on his shoulder, a nice black button-down shirt resting on his upper body and a pair of black pants Neil and I picked out for him. Atlanta, of course refusing to wear a skirt or especially a dress, had on a 'nice' pair of blue kapris and a white halter top. Herry had on the same thing as Archie, except for a white shirt and a Grad robe, and Neil had a designer outfit, a silver tie, an onyx button-down shirt, and matching onyx pants, designer one and all. Oh God, all this shopping with Neil is turning me into him!

The principle says a few more meaningless words just to annoy the parents that showed up and make everyone even hotter, although sitting next Jay with his hand overtop mine is hot enough! I forced my dad to turn off his cell phone, in result killing him, mentally of course. I wish that my mom could have been here, but I guess you can't bring a wigi board to a grade 12 Graduation. Jay's parents sit next to my dad, his mom's tears running fast down her face. It was certainly risky bringing them here today, but we told them the truth, half of it at least. We all said that we needed to finish high school and probably University before we go do our 'chosen' professions, chosen be Hermes's lying. I told me dad that I didn't want to be an astronaut, but an actor or a magazine editor, journalist, or something creative. I just wish that she could have been here, you know? Dad always said to me that she wanted to be at my Graduation, especially from grade 12, my final high school year going into life. But despite everyone else's high school stories, ours will definitely be the best. Death, reincarnation, the list goes on.

The principle says things like 'We are so proud of them,' and 'I wish them all the best in life,' and of course 'Life is a scary thing, but they can handle it'.
'And so dawns the new day for out graduating class of 2008, we welcome them into the world. I give you, the Graduating class of 2008!' The crowd cheers, but it barely drowns out the sobs of many mothers.
Everyone stands up, Herry's arms around Odie and Neil, all of them laughing, and I almost stand up, if it weren't for Jay's warms hand resting on my shoulder.
'Theresa,' he says intimately, ironic considering the circumstances. He stands up with my hands in his and says, 'Theresa, I need to talk to you.'
'But,' I say loudly, but can hardly hear myself, let alone Jay. 'But can't it wait?'
'No,' He brings me closer, his breath warm on my face and one of his hands slides around my waist. 'Theresa, I've wanted to tell you this since we first met. Theresa, I love you.'
Those three little words ring in my head as everything else goes silent. The crowds over-excited cheering and sobbing goes quiet, my eyes are fixed upon Jay's, and he smiles.
'I love you.' He says again, and it stays in my head. Its funny isn't it? The power of three little words.
I stare at him in shock and surprise for a second, but it feeling like an eternity. I embrace him in a long, beautiful kiss, my hands wrapping around his neck. His mom takes a lot of pictures and my dad smiles, a fairly rare event that wouldn't involve any business. This has got to be the best day of my life.

A few weeks after that day, I'm sent the picture in out yearbook. There's Herry, a broad, goofy smile planted across hid face, in the back because of his height with his arm wrapped around Neil's neck and shoulders in front of him. Odie, his hand locked with Meg's, had his green-tinted glass perched on the tip of his nose with a wide smile, but nothing compared to Herry's. Neil seemed not the slightest bit disturbed of Herry 'ruining' his picture, but still looked perfectly glamorous with his un-photo shopped smile and face. He looked practically perfect, in a way that only a straight girl or gay guy could see, or himself. Then there was Jay, his hands curled around my hips, with his eyes slightly open in surprise, yet glee. My hair was falling apart, one of my feet up in the air, and my eyes were shut closed. A mischievous smile was spread across my face, like I had seen this happening before. I have. The same smile entered my face now as I remember the feeling of sparks inside my stomach and I run my fingers along the black and white picture. My lips and his were attached forever in that one picture. It's amazing how with only a four by six inch piece of paper with small, slightly smudged faces on it can hold memories that will last even until the picture carrying it will die and fade away.
'Hey,' Jay says to me, his arms sliding around my naked stomach. 'I see the photos came in nicely: you especially.' He kisses my neck gently and I run my fingers behind me through his hair.
I'm still wearing a casual white bra with matching underwear from just waking up with him. Jay is still only in his sky-blue boxer shorts from sleep. We share a room for Harvard College. Odie is in Yale University with his girlfriend Meg, who is going to become a Doctor and him a Rocket Scientist or the next Einstein. Herry is in Harvard too on a scholarship with all sports in the athletic department. Neil is in the London College for Fashion, especially since he's been taking art as a major all throughout high school and still focuses a lot in it.
'Archie an Atlanta have sent us some letters,' I tell Jay, handing him some opened letters. 'Archie wrote that he is still debating whether he should be a teacher or a lawyer, though he should know by now. Atlanta, unlike most people, is sticking with what her career choice said she should do, open her very own sport shop or be an Olympic athlete. Who knew, right?'
'Yah,' Jay mumbled sarcastically, his head lightly resting in between my head and shoulder and leaning on my neck. 'That's a shocker.'
'Neil apparently is the best in his design class, go figure,' I say as I turn and press my body against Jay's. 'Odie and Meg are really hitting it off and they're up to their ears in essay due dates, but that's not very high, considering their height.'
'That's nice,'
'No, really,' I respond, raising my eyebrows. 'And Herry is still working with that tutor in most 'smart' classes, but is really taking an interest in mechanics, crazy, huh?'
'Yah,' Jay says as he smiles. 'I though that he'd need a tutor in every 'smart' class.'
'And you said I was mean.'
'No, I said you were nice.'
'But you meant that I was mean.'
'Why should I tell you?'
'Because I know what you're thinking.' I retort quickly, then forgive him and give Jay a light peck on the cheek. 'He, uh, he also mentioned that he wanted to join the Marines or the Navy Seals.'
Jay stiffens and his smile vanishes as he says, 'What? We've already risked our lives too many times! I don't want Herry to do this.'
'Jay,' I say, rather annoyed but still reassuringly. 'You're not his leader anymore; he is an adult now and can make his own decisions in life, and whether or not to end it by defending his country. Herry might not even die; he might not even decide to do it!'
'I know,' he responds quietly. 'I'm just worried.'
'Jay,' I say as I rub his cheek gently with my thumb. 'I'm still here, I'm not going anywhere.'
'I love you.' Jay whispers in my ear.
'I love you, Jay.' I answer him as I go in for another kiss. We embrace for a few minutes, until we remember that we have a test the next day, it being a Sunday today, get dressed and bring out our text books to study with. I bring out the phone for a life line to Herry, his tutor Karen, Atlanta for some girl-advice and Odie for help in general with studies. Archie and Neil wouldn't be much help anyway, but I'd still call them about something or other. We kiss whenever we're too bored or just want to in general but eventually end up studying and then sleeping together, safely of course. I didn't waste Sex Ed in middle school for nothing.
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