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Ch. 1-Running Scared

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Andrea goes to a concert in Nashville, and never expected the events that happened to occur. Set during the Black Parade tour.

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We were walking out of the concert hall. Fran, Ashley, Collin, and I. The walk-way was flooded with people leaving, selling, and passing free shit out. We were all hyped, with fresh bouts of adrenaline rushing through our veins. Fran turned to Ashley and me with a devilish grin.

"We should find their tour bus."

Ashley, Collin and me looked at her like she were nuts.

"In this crowd? Dude, we'd get separated..." I trailed off.

"Do you all have your cell phones?" She retorted.

"Well yes, but-"

"Alright, if we get separated then just call." She said as if it were the simplest thing on earth.

Collin and Ashley seemed to like the idea and readily agreed. I, however, was scared. Who knew what kind of weirdoes were out here? But, the yes-man that I am, I agreed.

We all stayed together at first, which was a feat with the few hundred people that were crowded together. I grabbed a hold of Collin's hand, trying not to lose my way. But in my search for Ashley and Fran who seemed to have gone astray, I did, too. Now I was scared. I was wondering aimlessly while the force of the crowd pushed me into some alleyway.

"Okay." I breathed in a whisper. "It'll be okay."

I reached in my pocket and searched for my cell phone. No luck. Everything that was in my pockets was now gone. I'm screwed. 'Retrace your steps, Andi.' I told myself, so I headed in the direction from which I came.

As I was walking, someone stepped in the alley. I was a little freaked out, but I kept walking and I breathed a sigh of relief as I was about to pass the unknown person, but he wasn't having it. He made a grab for my arm and I jerked away, his fingernails skimming my arm. I darted away from him, making my way back down the alleyway. There was a turn, and I made it quickly. I saw a fence coming up and hoped to God I could climb it quickly.
As I was climbing, the stranger made a grab for my shoe. It slipped off my now bare foot, making it more painful to climb, but I made it. Painfully I dropped to the bottom, and quickly shed my other shoe. I saw busses. I should have had a fan-girl flutter in my stomach, but I was only scared, and I was looking for a shelter.

I started pounding on the first bus I came to. I looked behind me to see if I had a follower, I didn't see him, but it was dark, and I was scared. I kept pounding, now with both hands and it was starting to get painful. I felt the bus door begin to budge, and my heart raced faster, wishing the door would open sooner. I came face to face with a middle aged man (who I assumed was the driver). He gave me an odd look.

"What the hell is your problem!?" He questioned.

"Please, you've got to let me in. Someone was following me and-" He cut me off.

"Yea, shh...come on." He looked hesitant, but I was allowed entry.
I stepped in and kinda just looked around, not knowing what I was supposed to do. The bus driver guided me to table where I sat. My heart was still racing, but I was able to focus better. I was still gasping for air, my head hurt, and my foot was killing me. The bus driver came over to me with a bottle of water and sat across from me.

"Are you calm now?"

I could only nod, and drank a third of the water in one greedy swig.

" tell me what happened. I'm Mark by the way." He said, concern replacing his wary stare.

I gave him my name and recounted the events in stutters and short breaths. As I was ending my tale, his phone rang. He gave short answers to person on the other end and got up.
"Can I ask you to keep calm? Because the band is outside wanting me to let them in. I'm going to tell them what happened so they won't be confused when they see you sitting here."
I nodded, and fear now shared a space in my stomach with anxiety.
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