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can one didget diffrence change your life?

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Aiden is a average girl with a dickhead boss who's one day hoping to go into the music industry. But a late night phone call could change her life, for better or worse. I promise this story isn't r...

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i took a break from my main story because i was getting boared and that made me get writers block. i came up with this idea and im in love with it. its one of the best stories i have ever written.

I was sitting in my room typing up a report for work that I had been working on sine 8 o'clock that night. I hate my work. I'm a paralegal for a stupid jack ass lawyer who talks out of his ass and then throws tons of extra work on me that he supposedly "forgot" to tell me about and I have to take it home to finish because I don't have enough time at work. At least he pays me overtime even if it's not equivalent to the amount of overtime I did. But I need the job to pay off my student loans so I can't quit until I find a better job, hopefully in the music industry.

At around midnight my cell phone rung. I didn't recognize the number but I answered it anyway because if they are calling this late it must be important.

"Hello?" I answered

I heard the person on the other line sniffle and clear their throat and then the answered

"Um hi is mikey there?" they asked their voice cracking and muffled like they were crying.

"Mikey who?" I asked. I lived in apartment by myself and didn't know any mikeys

"Mikey Way, my brother, this is Gerard." The voice said still crying

Holy shit! I thought. Gerard Way must have called me on accident looking for mikey. I hope everything is okay he sounds really upset. I thought

I love my chemical romance. They saved my life. This was all too weird.

"Um no sorry Gerard I think you have the wrong number" I apologized

"What! NO! I cant have the wrong number, I don't have any more quarters left how am I supposed to get home now!" he cried. Now was in hysterics cussing and screaming to himself I think he forgot I was on the phone.

"GERARD!" I yelled trying to get his attention "I know you don't know me but I love my chemical romance you guys saved my life is there anything I can do to help you? Maybe give you a ride?" I questioned

"Um... yes please... just come ... pick me up. I need to get out of here!" Gerard said broken and defeated. He was still crying and he sounded so helpless.

"Okay where are you?" I asked

"Wally's pour house" he sniffled

"You're at a bar?" I questioned surprised. Every my chem. Fan in the world knew that Gerard had been sober since they got bob, and here he is at a bar. What ever happened must have been bad; really, really bad.

"Yes, please just come get me" he sobbed

"Okay I know where that is I'll be right there"

We said our goodbyes and hung up.

I ran through the apartment gathering my coat, shoes, and car keys and quickly drove off to Wally's.

I parked my car in the parking lot and began to walk around to the back of the building where I knew the pay phone was located. When I walked around the corner I spotted Gerard sitting on the pavement back up against the wall with his head in his hands. I slowly walked up to him and he didn't look up so I touched his shoulder. He jumped and his head snapped up looking at me wide eyed.

His eyes were red and puffy and you could just make out the shimmering tears running down his cheeks under the light of the dull street lamp at the end of the alley.

I reached my hand down to him and helped him up. As soon as he stood up I hugged him. I had never met him in person and he had never met me he barley even knew my name and yet I hugged him. It was the right thing to do though because right away he hugged back as tight as his weak, tired body could and cried on my shoulder. (This was easy seeing as I'm 5' 9''.)We stood like that for a good ten minutes before he brought his head off my shoulder.

"Thank you" he muttered and wiped his eyes

I gave him a sad smile signaling he was welcome and started toward the car. After we took a few steps I reached over and grabbed his hand. If anything, he needed to know that he wasn't alone right now. This man had indirectly saved my life. the least I could do was help him out in his time of need.

I opened the door for him and helped him in the car because I could tell he was exhausted both mentally and physically. He didn't seem drunk but that doesn't mean he didn't drink anything.

I got in and started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. As we reached the first light I turned to him.

"Where do you want me to take you?" I asked quietly "do you want me to take you to see mikey?'

"No, I don't want him to see me like this" he replied ashamed

"But isn't he who you were going to call?" I questioned confused

"Only because he's the only other person I know who lives in New York and I needed a ride" he explained "just take me to a hotel were too far away from my apartment."

"I can't let you stay alone tonight not while you're like this. You might do something stupid. You sure you don't want to go to Mikey's?" I questioned truly concerned for his well being. He was a wreck and last time I heard of him being like this he wanted to commit suicide.

"NO! OKAY! I DON'T WANT TO SEE MIKEY!" He yelled distressed

"I'm sorry" I apologized quietly feeling bad because I made him yell at me.

"God I'm such an idiot! You went out of your way to help someone you never met and I'm just being an ass hole. I wish I would just die. Everyone should hate me I don't understand why they don't I'm a horrible person. How can someone who screws up as much as me be liked by so many fans. I bet everyone would be happier if I was dead." He sobbed he smacked his head against the dash board and laid like that crying.

"Gerard Arthur way." I said sternly "you are one of the most amazing people I know of. You have overcome so much, saved the lives of millions of kids all over the world with your music, including mine, and have so many people that love you. Don't ever want to die. So many people would die with you. I am not upset that you yelled. Its fine, I can tell you are really in a bad place, but I don't want you to stay by yourself tonight. If you won't go with mikey will you stay with me? I know you don't know me well, but I'm not trying to use you, I'm not some obsessed fan girl, I'm just someone who appreciates you and all that you have done and will do. And I am trying to help, so please come stay at my apartment tonight so that you won't be alone." I wasn't asking him I was insisting

"Okay" he said quietly. I could barley make it out through his tears and the fact that his face was still against the dash board, but I heard it and it was one of the best things I heard all night. Tonight Gerard wasn't going to be alone and I was going to make sure he didn't hurt himself or anyone else.
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