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basically, its the next day. quite short and crappy but i feel bad for not updating for so long, but i have a writers block! HELP!!

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Frank walked into the living area, his hair was scruffy and he gave a loud yawn. He was wearing nothing but his boxers.
"Morning Frank" Said Mikey. Frank, who was still yawning, waved.
"Have, last night?" Asked Ray. Frank didn't seem to catch the hint and just nodded his head sleepily as he began to make himself a cup of coffee.
"Do I dare ask what you got up to?" Asked Mikey. Frank stopped then, looking thoughtful, obviously slightly confused. Then he frowned and looked at the three of us.
"What time did you lot get in last night?" He asked.
"Around half one" I answered, Frank looked up at the ceiling, obviously working out what he would have been doing at that time.
"Half one...ok, someone want to tell me what young Mikester over there is getting at because I was asleep at half one" He said.
"Yeah, naked and curled up with Gerard!" Cried Mikey and he and Ray burst out laughing as I struggled to keep a straight face. Frank scowled.
"Its none of your business what we got up to!" He said angrily.
"So you DID get up to something!?" Asked Mikey. Gerard walked into the room, he too was only wearing boxers, he walked up behing Frank and put his arms round his waist.
"Yeah we did, whats it to you?" He asked. Gerards tone was full of menace.Ooooh, I am so glad I wasn't the one taking to piss.
"Well...we...err...just wanted to know" Said mikey, clearly not wanting to annoy Gerard. Frank smiled happily at the fact Gerard was there and snuggled his head into Gee's chest.
"EUGH! DO YOU MIND! LITTLE BROTHER IN THE ROOM!" Cried Mikey. Gerard grinned evily.
"So?" He asked, nuzzling his head into Franks kneck.
"Eugh! Get a room!" Cried Mikey. Gerard laughed.
"This is a room. You just happen to be in it" He said. Mikey scowled.
"Seriously Gee, I'm happy for you two, but that doesn't mean I want to watch you get all lovey dovey!" He said wrinkling up his nose. Gerard chuckled and began kissing Franks neck.
"LEAVING!" Cried Ray getting up and racing out of the room.
"RIGHT BEHIND YOU!" I cried following him and Mikey.
We sat playing cards further down the bus. We could hear the clinking of spoons in coffee cups and the toaster. But we didn't bother chancing going back there.
After about half an hour Frank walked over, fully dressed and grinning.
"Its safe to go back now" He said. Mikey raised an eyebrow.
"Are you sure? Because I'm already scarred, most likely for life after watching your previouse display!" He said. Frank chuckled.
"Its SAFE!" He insisted, Mikey looked at me and Ray pretending to get our opinion, before turning back to Frank.
"Ok, we'll come back but honestly, no touchy feely between you and Gerard - its enough to kill me!" He said, Frank smiled.
"We shall try to restrain ourselves" He said, saluting Mikey before walking off, laughing to himself. I got up and went back into the living area, I sat down on the sofa and picked up Mikeys DS, Ray and Mikey walked into the living area and sat down as I started playing on Wario ware. Gerard was sketching something in a pad on the floor. Frank went over to Gerard and watched him draw. Frank must be something special if Gerard was going to let him watch him draw.
My pocket began to vibrate, for a second I was confused, then I remembered my mobile and took it out of my pocket. It was Joyce.
"Hiiii Bob! How are you?"
"I'm great thanks. You?"
"Fine thankyou, look, I'm really sorry about the girls last night. They won't mention a thing to anyone..."
"Do you regret it?" I asked this quietly and quickly left the living area, I went to the back of the bus, the guys watched me walk off, they looked at eachother and grinned.
"Of course I didnt regret it!...why, did you?"
"No! What I mean is, I don't care if the girls say anything, because if I dont regret it, and you dont regret it, then what do we have to hide?"
"Nothing. I don't mind them saying anything. But I dont think they will"
"Ok,So, what are you doing today?"
"Nothing, I think we're just travelling straight to the next venue."
"That would be the one in America..."
"Oh, to the air port then"
"Alright, I might see you there then"
"Yeah, sia" I put the phone down and went back into the living area. The guys all smiled as I walked in.
"Who was that? Joyce?" Asked Ray. I nodded my head.
"Yeah, she just wanted to see how I was." I said. Once again they all grinned.
"Young love!" Laughed Mikey.
"You can talk! Mr. phone sex" I replied. Mikey glared at me.
"Cant you guys drop that now! We all know its not true!" He moaned.
"Course it isnt Mikey" Said Gerard sarcastically.
"Not you aswell! Besides, a lot of people find gays more offensive than phone sex!" Mikey snapped back. Gerard looked slightly hurt, but then decided Mikey was right.
"Homophobia is gay!" Said Frank, grinning proudly. So, all the way to the airport we sat and made fun of eachother, not getting angry because we were only messing. Ray did try to make fun of me for getting seen with Joyce by loads of girls, but a threat of getting his hair straightened quickly shut him up. But it didnt stop the other three. GITS! But I'm not really angry. Like I said, we're only messing.

AN: Im soooo sorry that I havent been updating! But I have a writers block, its taken me three days just to write this chapter! I've also been busy, like - getting my ears peirced again and getting my belly button pierced, and managing to break my guitar! slaps forhead which reminds me...I have to fix that. - So, I do mean to update, I just dont get round to it! Please dont hate me!! puppy dog eyes
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