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It was never real

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Confusion and hyperness. Sounds fun!

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A/N: Ok. Just to prove that I do take what you people say in your reviews into account - I'm going to be writing this chapter based on Autumns last review. Mainly because I have writers block so its the only idea of got, hope you all like it! Thanks for reviewing!

I had to sit next to a hyper active Frank on the plane. Behind us was Gerard and Mikey, infront of us was Ray. Gerard was sketching (As per usual) Mikey looked as if he was about to fall alseep whilst listening to his i pod. Ray was reading a book and Frank was hyper hyper hyper. I thought he would have sat by Gee but Gerard refused to sit by him when he was so hyper.
"Aaaaw why not?" Asked Frank as Mikey sat next to Gerard.
"Because I want to work on some drawings for 'the umbrella academy' and I can't do that if your going bonkers next to me" Said Gerard hunting for his sketch pad.
"Fine then! I'll just sit by Bob!" Frank said. So thats how I ended up sitting next to him.
"Hey Bob? -" Said Frank, I could tell he was going to ask me a question.
"What?" I asked turning a page of the Darren Shan book I was reading.
"Why do penguins waddle?" Asked Frank. I frowned and lay the book in my lap, I turned to Frank still frowning he was watching me curiously, eager for the answer.
"Why do you want to know that?" I asked, Frank thought for a second before shrugging. He grinned at my confused expression.
"I just wondered" He said.
"Well...I guess its because they dont have any legs." I said thoughtfully.
"Yeah...that would be right - I mean, we'd all waddle if our feet were attached to our torso with no legs" Frank smiled happily. I nodded and began to read my book again, I hadnt read much when Frank asked another question.
"Why are flamingos pink?" He asked. I rolled my eyes and glared at him.
"I don't know Frank." I said moodily.
"Whats up with you?" He asked.
"I just want to read my book in peace!" I said. Frank leaned over my shoulder and began to read.
"What is it?" He asked.
"Its hunters of the dusk, the seventh book in the Darren Shan series - there about vampires" I replied. Frank leaned back in his chair.
"You like vampires don't you Gee?" He asked, looking behind him at Gerard who simply nodded and carried on drawing. There was silence for about five minutes before Frank spoke again.
"I'm bored. Are you bored? Is anyone else bored? Im bored. Can we do something? IM BOOOOOOORED!" He complained. I glared at him.
"Go to sleep then!" I suggested but he shook his head.
"I'm too hyper!" He moaned.
"You got that right" Said Ray turning in his seat to face us.
"Hey can I sit by you Ray?" I asked. Frank looked hurt.
"Why doesnt anyone want to sit by me?" He asked.
"Because your hyper!" I cried getting up and sitting by Ray. Frank spent the rest of the float sulking, and bursting into fits of hysteric laughter for no reason...
We all sat in the tour bus waiting to leave the airport but Frank was nowhere to be seen. He had met up with Jamia, a friend of his, she had been going past the airport and stopped by to greet us, gone off with Frank somewhere and now they had just...dissapeared! I sighed and messed about with my emo fringe which had got a lot longer since I neglected cutting it. I guess I should but I think it looks quite cool.
We were getting really pissed off when the door to the bus opened and Frank came bounding in looking happier than ever.
"Where have you been!?" Asked Mikey when Frank sat down on the sofa, looking more hyper than ever.
"GUESS WHAT!" He cried.
"What?" Asked Ray flatly.
"I'M ENGAGED!" Cried Frank, we all stared at his grinning face. We were all confused, except Gerard, he didn't really have any expression...
"Engaged? Gerard?" Asked Ray, Franks jaw dropped in shock.
"No!" He said. Me Ray and Mikey exchanged glances, I have to admit I did think it was Gerard. Who else would it be?
"Its Jamia you dumb asses!" Said Frank his smile returning. I glanced at Gerard, he didn't seem to care, he was drawing again.
"But...I thought you and Gerard were 'item'" I said. Frank grinned and shook his head.
"That was just a joke!" He said, me Mikey and Ray looked at Gerard, he nodded his head. Mikeys jaw dropped.
"WHAT! But...we saw you asleep together...YOU WERE NAKED!" He cried, Frank grinned and Gerard smiled.
"Actually we weren't. We were wearing boxers, we were bored a few weeks ago so we thought we'd play a prank on you lot and pretend to be gay together" Frank began laughing at our confused faces, and Gerard bit his lip, trying not to laugh.
"A joke? A prank!? You are joking right!?" Asked Ray. Frank shook his head.
"Nope, its true. It was all just a joke. Nothing more." Said Gerard. I stared at them both, grinning like mad.
" it was all a joke, and Franks engaged to Jamia?" I asked. Frank nodded.
"Yeah I proposed just now!" He laughed.
"Im happy for you Frankie" Said Gerard kindly. Frank smiled and we all congratulated him - but now I felt really confused. They had been joking!? How did they make it seem so real? Frank bloody broke down because he thought he loved Gerard! Mikey and Ray looked equally confused - Gerard and Frank looked extremely proud of themselves for managing to pull the prank off. Mega WTF!? Moment.
A/N: Hope you liked it. For the people who dont like Frank+Gerard stuff then now you've got what you want and for the people who do like Frank+Gerard stuff then you had what you wanted for a couple of chapters. Sorry if you didnt like it. Please review!!
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