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meeting them!

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kassandra finally gets to meet gerard!

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"well let's go" I said breaking the silence
everybody was getting up and fixing themselves.
Then everyone was outside excet me cuz i was looking for my skatebord.Once i found it i went out side drop my skatebored and skated pass all my friends then when my friends relized i was racing them on my skatebored they started to run after me.

I made a turn and started to pick up my speed then i saw the guys from my chemical romance they were standing right next to there bus when they saw me they looked a bit frighten probably cuz i was going so fast on my skatebored they thoght i was going to hit them.When i stopped the dirt was flying in the air.It's not easy too stop a skatbored when your going really fast.

When the dirt in the air cleared they were able to see me.I turned around to see if my friends caught up with me yet but they didn't.
"um...Hi my name is Gerard"A guy said from behind me
I turned around and the guy how spoke to me had short black hair.I already knew who he was and his friands but I decided to keep my mouth quiet.
"and this is bob,frank,ray,and my little brother mikey"he said while pointing at each one.They all shook my hand .I stood queit for about 3 seconds then I finally spoke.
"I'm Kassandra"
"nice to meet you Kassandra"he said
"are you alone"
"huh? oh no my friends are coming there just behind"
then I looked back a then I finally saw them running towards me.
"why you left us behind"kyle said
"you guys were to slow"
"well not all of us have skateboreds or knmow how to ride them"
"your mean" kiara said punching me in the arm.

Once everybody introduced eachother with one anotherGerard asked us a question.
"hey um you guys want to grab something to eat"he said while looking at me then looking at the others.
"ya,sure kyle said

When we got to ihop we took our seats.Gerad and i were sitting across from eachother, bob and bob were sitting across from eachother, frank and kyle were sitting across from eachother, victria and ray were sitting across from eachother, and kiara and mikey were sitting across from eachother.Once we finised ordering our food and drinks every one got into there own conversation.Then gerard looked at me.
"if you don't mind answering this question,how old are you?"
"whens your birthday?"
"febuary 14 1993" 'why is asking me all these questions'
We both became slient so I got bored and looked around until I saw a ring on his hand.
"are you engaded or married"
"I'm engaded'
"oh wow congratulation"
"thank you"
finally the food came and we all started to eat when the bill came frank and kyle started fighting on who's going to pay for the bill.
"i'm going to pay it cuz you guys are the guest"frank said
"what?you guys are guest too. so let me pay it"
they were bothholding on to the bill.So to stop the fight i pointed out the window and said"OMG"they all looked out the window 'here is my chance'i tought'.
I snacthed the bill away from frank and kyle they all looked back towards me.
"haha"i said
"hey no fair you were lieing"frank complanied
"oh well i guess i'm paying for it then" kyle and frank crossed thier arms.
we all got up and went to our own tour buses MCR went to thier tour bus we went to ours we had to get ready for the show tonight.

Night time
"hurry up we have to go on satge MCR are almost done" i said
"ok every body ready""
"ya" they all said
"ok then there finish we're next" we walked on stage and on the way Gerard gave me a hug.
"good luck" he whispered in my ear then left the stage.

after the show
After the show we went backstage and into our seperarte dressing rooms.
knock,knock is all i heard 'who can that be'
"can I caome in?" it sounded like gerard
"ya, it's me"
"ya of course" he walked in and saw me sitting on the chair looking at my self in the mirror.
"I came by just to tell you that you did great"
"you were awesome your self"
"why do you have to be nice back?"
"because i'm always nice" he stuck out his tounge at me then left.

sorry it took me so long but i typed this story up like 3 days ago but i acciently deleted it sorry again
review this one please i don't like it too much!
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