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another day!

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kassandra and gerard discover something about themselves!

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Before I start this story I just wanted to say to clusty 93 that I love your story "am i crazy?" and "I hate my life"
Everybody read her stories it's REALLY good!

next day
I woke up with my sister on top of me.
"Kiara get up,get up"
I had to share the hotel room with her cuz she dosen't like sleeping alone in a big room.Her arm was on top of my face and her legs were on top of my legs so it was hard to get up.I'm not a person who gets mad I might look mad but eventually people start to get that i'm playing around.
I yelled at my sister.She got frighten and fell off the bed.
I started to laugh.
"what,what happened?"
"nothin' you should of listen to me that first time"
she just glared at me.
"you know you could be so mean to me at times"
"I'm not mean you just don't get me"
"come'on let go we have a show in like 3 hours,hurry up and take a shower"
she got up went to her luggage and ran to the shower.the started at 2:00 but we have to get to the show an hour early so we can cheack sound cheack and some other shit.
While my sister was taking a shower I was in the hallway knocking on everyones door to tell them to get ready only the people in my band.Everyone opened thier door looking at me.
"well we don't have all day go get ready we only have an hour for breakfast"
they all just stood there half asleep.
They all got a bit shocked like they just awokened.
"Oh and Kyle your girlfriend called she been bugging me that you don't answer your cell phone,oh and who gave her MY cell phone number?"
I asked glaring at Kyle.He just looked away then turned his head back and realized I was still looking at him.
"um...I-I..did,but only for one good reason"
He said the last part really quick.
"and what may that reason be?"I said putting my hands on my hips.
"just in case my cell phone"He said while scratching the back of his head.
"oh really,if you LOST you cell phone....your an idoit"then I walked off back to my room.'How could he give her MY number I hate her so badly and HE KNOWS that I hate her, I hate every thing about her the way she talks the way she dress which makes her look like a slut the way when she sticks her hand in front of you and says whatever or talk to the hand cuz you ain't got a man she tries to act a little bit getto sometimes but she mostly act like a girly girl.I tell Kyle evrytime I see her that she's not right for him but he keeps on telling me that I didn't get to know her,I mean COME'ON I try to get to know her but she's always to busy on her cell phone and whenever a girl passes by and looks at Kyle or try talking to him to get and autograph or if a papperizze comes she pops out of nowhere and starts touching Kyle's chest and kissing him in the lips for a long period of time she always try making people jealous that's what I hate the most about her'
When I saw my sister coming out of ther shower I quicly went in.

after everyone was done
after every one was done doing what they have to do we all meet at the lobby with our manger bob we call him bobby sincewe called brian bob.
"hey guys there's a great resturant over there you limo is outside waiting for you and MCR are in it waiting for you aswell"
"ok thanks bobby"
"no promblem"we went outside and there was the limo right in front of the hotel like bobby said.(just to give you a describtion on what bobby looks like:he looks like a body guard shaved his whole head so he's balled)

we went outside side and bobby was right thier was a limo in front of the hotel waiting for us.
we walked toward the limo. I was the first to go in once i went in MCR were thier Gerard was sitting next to Mikey in the left side of the limo and Bob ray and frank were sitting in the right side of the limo.
Gerard signaled mikey to move over so he did then he patted the seat next to him so i sat next to him. Then Kyle and kiara and bob and victoria sat in the back of the limo.
It was quiet for like 5 mintues until Kiara broke the silence

"where are we going?"

"you'll see" MIkey said

When we got thier we all got out of the car.

We were walking into the resterant i stoped in front of it to see the name it's called but i couldn't read it i guess it's italian.We went inside and thier was a table already reserved for us we took our seats and order our food and drinks.Once we got our food we started to eat.

"so how was your first concert?" asked Gerard

"it was awesome you were really good last night"

"see you need to stop that,you need to stop being nice cuz then i have to think of something niceier to say"

I just shook my head in amusment he just laughed a little.It took us an hour to eat when we were done we went to that stage to get ready.After the show was done we went our seperate ways and went to our hotel.
EVeryone was asleep except me.


i came from the d

"It's me"

it sounded like Gerard.

"Gerard?" i asked


I walked toward the door and opened it.Now I was faceing a smileing Gerard.

"Hey"he said


"I know it's pretty late bu "

I cutted him off.

"Pretty late?"i said smileing

He smiled back.

"but i was wondering if your not dong anything we could take a walk or something"

I looked back at my sister sleeping on the bed then I looked back to him.

"i'm not really tired so let's go take a walk"

I took a few steps closer toward him then i turned my back to lock the door.When I turned around he was so close to me I could feel and hear his breathing.

"Ready" he asked looking at me straight in the eye

I just nodded my head. Then I looked away breaking the eye contact. Then he took a few steps back.
We left th hotel and were now on the side walk thier was barely people on the side walk and cars on the road probably because it's like 11:36pm
It was quiet for about 10 mintues. Then Gerard broke the silence.

"so tell me about yourself"

"well my name is Kassandra"

"wow are you serious I never would of guessed" He said sarcastically
I just laughed a bit.

"ok,well i have a dog name furby but my very first dog was named snowy but he died in a car accident, and I never met my grandmother and grandfather from my dad's side because they were dead wwwwaaayyy before I was born, and my granmother from my mom's side died when my mom was 9 or 11, she died of cancer, my favorite color is Black,hotpink, and a little bit of red, I love heavy metal and punk rock my favorite one is Drowning pool that's a heavy metal band"

" I mean about the heavy metal band and about your family but you never mentioned about your grandfather from your mom's side"

"well he doesn't really care about us after my grandmother died he got married to this horriable women me and my mom called her a witch she wouldn't let us go near my grandfather but then he divorced her and married a new women but I never met her"

"well my granmother died"

"sorry to hear about that"

"it's ok that was long ago too"

While we were talking and walking we made a turned and now we were alone no one was on the side walk no cars were on the road thier were no houses either thier was only tree's.We were quiet again.
'maybe i like him, wait Kassandra snap out of it he's ENGAGED why would he like me,but then why was he so close to me back at the hotel after I locked the door, SHIT Kassandra your loseing your mind'
Then all of a sudden Gerard stoped I stoped too and looked at Gerard then he looked at me. We were makeing eye contact.
It was so queit all we could hear is the wind but thier wasn't much wind cuz it's summer time.

"doesn't the night look beauitful?"he asked while looking at the sky
I looked up.

"ya I love the stars"I said

"the stars and the sky is almost as pretty as you" he said. I started to blush alot so I turned my head so he couldn't see me but it's too late he already noticed. He just smiled. I took a step closer toward him then I warped my arm's around him so now my ear was on his chest.Then he warped his arm around me

"see, you finally found something to say that is way much more nicier than I ever said to you"

He smiled.I took my ear away from his chest and now I was faceing him but we were still hugging.

"It's getting kind of late, it's 12:08" I said taking out my phone and looking at it.

"ya I guess it is,let's go back"

I nodded myhead. Then we walked back.
Once we got to the hotel he walked me back to my room.

"thanks for takeing a walk with me" he said

"no promblem"

I went inside and he waved bye to me and I did the same then I closed the door.

sorry it took me so long to update this but I had no time it took me a week to do this.And I know I spelled some words wrong sorry about that too. And one more thing if you guys don't like my story don't read people have been sending me hate mails saying that they don't like it
I mean it's common sense.Thank you every one who reviewed my story and loved it.
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