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If Only You Could Hold Your Liquier better

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15 minutes later

"Do you think it's gone?" Joe whispered.

"Yeah, I think so. I havn't heard anything for awhile." Andy whispered back.

"Ok, who's gonna go check?" Pete asked, hoping they wern't gonna send him to do it.

"Uh, let's send Patrick." Joe said, chosing at random.

"What? Me? I can't go out there!" Patrick whined.

"C'mon Pat. Just peak out the door." Joe said nudging him.

"But I-" Before Patrick could protest against his right to stay under the bed, his four friends pushed him out.

Patrick sighed and walked slowly into the kitchen. He looked out the door for a quick second.

"Nope nothing." He said coming back to the room.

"Open the door and make sure." Andy replied

Patrick hated this plan, but did as he was told. He stepped towards the door and opened it. He was relieved when he saw what had been making the strange noise.

He sighed with relief and picked up a small black cat. "Guys, it was a cat." He said coming back into the bedroom.

"Oh thank god, we're saved!" Pete cheered as he climbed out from under the bed.

"Well thats a relief." Joe said petting the cat.

"Aw it's so cute. What should we name it?" Kate asked.

"Um, how about Joe jr?" Joe suggested.

"Joe jr? As much as the cat looks like you, i don't think nameing it after yourself if a very good idea.How about killer?" Andy said.

"Killer? What kind of a name is that? This thing wouldn't hurt a flea. How about Rosie." Kate added.

"You guy's suck at picking names. How about Frank?" Patrick asked

The four of them looked strangly at Patrick and then back at the cat.

"I know. Let's call him peaches." Pete said in a little voice.

"Peaches? Really? For a cat?" Andy looked at pete.

"Yeah. C'mon guy's; don't he look like a lil peaches?" Pete asked.

The four of them sighed and finally decided that peaches would be a good name for their new pet. After deciding what name it would be called, Patrick put down the cat and went into the livingroom, being followed by the rest of the gang. They all sat down on the small couch once more, all feeling happy that there wasn't actually a chainsaw massacre at their front door.

"Well, what now?" Andy asked.

"Uh, i'm not sure." Patrick shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm deffinately not tired enough to sleep." Joe added.

"I guess we could play a board game or somethin'." Pete suggested.

"Naw. We've played all of our board games too many times for them to be fun anymore." Andy sighed.

"Oh, I know." Kate began. "We could play I've Never."

Pete nodded. "Yeah, I like that game."

"Ok. Let's do it then." Joe agreed.

"Wait." Patrick said. "How do you play?"

"Oh, right. It's quite simple actually. We all get a glass of wine or some other beverage if your not a big fan of alcohol, and we all go around in a circle saying something we havn't done. Like for example, if i said i've never went skiing, and you have, you would have to take a drink from your glass. The first person to finish their beverage losses the game." Kate explained.

"Alright. Cool." Patrick agreed.

Pete went into the other room and brought back a bottle of wine and a pitcher of Kool-Aid. "Ok, here we go." He put the two drinks on the floor and then went back into the kitchen to get glasses.

Once they determined weather they'd be drinking Kool-Aid or Wine, they started the game. Joe and Kate were the only people who chose to have wine in their glasses instead of Kool-Aid. Pete, Patrick and Andy filled up their glasses with Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid, seeing how none of them drank alcohol.

"Ok, who wants to go first?" Joe asked.

"I'll start. I've never had an afro." Pete giggled.

Joe sighed and took a drink from his glass. "Ok, I've never covered my arms in tattoo's."

Pete and Andy took sips from their glasses.

"Alright, I've never had someone break into my house." Andy smiled evily

Kate paused for a moment, and then took a sip from her glass.

"Ok then, i've never been a tree hugging dirt worshiper." Kate replied.

Andy's smile turned into a frown and he took another sip from the glass.

"I've never owned a hat that says I Love Poker." Andy was referring to Patrick.

"That's lame, but ok." Patrick took his first drink from his glass.

40 minutes later

Patrick, Andy, and Pete watched as Joe and Kate made complete fools of themselves, stumbling and tripping over everything.They were the losers of the game, and in result, were completely drunk. They might not have been so drunk if they didn't decide to finish off the rest of the bottle of wine, after playing the game.

"Hey Kate! Look! I can see youuuu!" Joe yelled loudly as he held his hands in a circle shape around his eyes.

"Ha ha! You look like a birdie!" Kate laughed as she tripped and fell onto the couch.

"Whhhooopppsieeee! You fell!" Joe laughed as he jumped onto the couch with her.

"Oh boy. Do you guys think we should do something?" Patrick asked nervously as he sat at the kitchen table with Andy and Pete.

"Do you really want to stop the entertainment so soon?" Andy asked.

"As entertaining as it is, we should probabley stop it. It would probabley be a good idea if we could get them to go to bed before they trip and break something." Patrick replied.

"Yeah, Patrick's right. I'm gonna try to get Kate to go to sleep." Pete said, getting up and walking into the livingroom.

"Kate, babe. Why don't you and me go upstairs and get some sleep?" Pete asked nicely.

"I don't know Petey. I was just starting to have fun with Joe. We're best buddie now." She said slurring her words.

"I know sweetie, but you can play with Joe tomorrow, ok?" Pete said gently grabbing Kate's hand and helping her off of the couch.

"I have to go, Joeykins; but don't you worry your little square shaped head, cuz i'm gonna be back tomorrow to play hide and seek!" She squeeled.

"Ok, byebye!" Joe waved and then passed out.

Pete helped Kate upstairs and into his bed. He tucked her under the blankets and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Goodnight babe." He whispered.

"Nighty night hotstuff." In a matter of minutes, she had fallen asleep.

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