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The Side-Effects Of Alcohol

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The next morning Patrick was the first one to wake up. He had fallen asleep in the kitchen chair where he was sitting last night. He looked around the room. Joe was still sleeping on the couch from when he had passed out. Andy, was actually lying on the floor in a sprawled out position. And Pete, has fallen asleep on the table.
Patrick stretched and got up quietly in attempt to not wake anyone. He accidently awoke Andy when he triped over him.

"Cookies...." Andy mumbled. He opened his eyes slightly and looked up at Patrick.

"Hey Andy. Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you."

Andy rubbed his eyes and sat up. "No, it's ok. Where's everyone else?"

Patrick laughed slightly. "Joe is still passed out on the couch, and Pete fell asleep on the table."

"Oh, ok."

The phone suddenly rang, waking up Joe.

"But Delilah, I love you!" he yelled. He suddenly realized that Delilah was in a dream and looked over at Patrick and Andy, who were staring at him.

"Hey guys." He mumbled.

"Hold on a sec." Patrick went over to the phone and picked it up.


"Hey, Patrick?"


"Hey it's Bob. I was calling to tell you that the guys at Fueled By Ramen what to have you guys start touring for Take This To Your Grave."

"Seriously?!" Patrick asked

"Yeah, seriously. I'll call you later and let you know how everything's gonna happen."

"Ok bye!" Patrick dropped the phone.

"Guys! We're going on tour!" he cheered.

"That's awesome!!" Andy said jumping up and down.

"Yeah babe!" Joe said coming out into the livingroom.

"What's going on?" Pete yawned.

"Fueled By Ramen want's us to go on tour!" Patrick repeated.

"Sweet!" Pete said as he got off of the table.

The four of them continued jumping around for the next 5 minutes. Eventually, they got tired and sat down.

"Hey Joe, who's Delilah?" Andy asked, referring to Joe's earlier outburst.

"Some stripper in my dream. She was great." Joe smiled.

Patrick and Pete giggled.

"Wait a sec, Pete. What are you gonna do about Kate?" Patrick asked.

Pete's smile turned into a frown. "Oh man, your right. What am I gonna do?"

"Maybe you could...Bring her?" Andy suggested.

"Yeah!" Pete jumped up.

"That's an awesome idea! I'm gonna go tell her right now!" Pete ran upstairs to his bedroom where Kate was still sleeping peacefully.

He went over to the bed and sat down next to her. He lightly shook her.

"Mmmmhmm?" She mumbled, keeping her eye's shut.

"Babe, Fueled By Ramen wants us to start touring!" He said hoping she'd be as excited as he was.

"Oh my god. That's great!" She cheered as she sat up and gave Pete a hug.

"I know. Wanna know the best part?" Pete asked.

Kate nodded.

"You can come with us!" Pete jumped up and down for a moment until he realized the expression on her face.

"Pete, hun. I can't, I have a job. I have responsibilities I have to deal with."

Pete stopped bouncing.

"What? Why can't you just tell your boss your taking a few months off?"

"Because, all of that time that i'm taking off, I could be helping animals. And, I have to work on getting new furnature and everything into my house."

"Oh." Pete sighed.

"I'm really happy for you, though. You guys are gonna have a great time." She reassured.

"Yeah, I guess. I'm really gonna miss you." Pete pouted.

"I know. I'm going to miss you too. But, we'll see eachother after a few months. It's not that long to not see eachother."

Pete couldn't disagree more at this point and he was beginning to feel like crying.

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