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1. Don't Go Promising The Skies Tonight

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in which Molly hosts a party...and then grasps at straws.

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August 2011

"Heyyyyyyy" Molly jumped and turned startled out of her daze at the sound of one of her best friends entering the kitchen.
"Oh. My. God. You're HUGE!" Molly screamed at Elyse.
"Ouch. Thanks a lot."
"Well, you know what I mean. You look like you're about ready to pop."
"Two more months." Molly grinned and hugged her very pregnant best friend and her husband James.
"Everyone's out back if you wanna head out there. I was just finishing up some last minute things for dinner." Molly said gesturing around the kitchen that was littered with trays.
"James carry some of this stuff." Elyse instructed her husband while grabbing the napkin and silverware holder and heading for the back door.
"Aye Aye Mon Capiton!" James snapped out with a smile as he picked up two trays of side salads and followed his wife out the door.
"Just be careful with those!" Molly called after him as she grabbed her own tray of food and left the kitchen as well.

Walking outside and around the back of the house Molly smiled as she got a good look at her yard. First she spotted Pete running around in circles with his leggy blonde girlfriend shaking her head and sighing in exasperation from the sidelines. Joe was sitting with Max at the picnic table talking to Jack O'Connel about something while she rocked their three month old daughter and kept an eye on their three year old son who Pete was currently chasing. Across from Joe, Max and her father Molly saw Matt listening to their conversation, interjecting when appropriate but mostly keeping to himself.
'hmm...' Molly thought in confusion when she didn't see her brothers.
"Dad? Have you seen Jamie and Sean?" She called to her father on the other side of the patio.
"Sean is inside with Patrick and Jamie..I honestly don't know where he" Molly's father's statement was interrupted by a child's delighted scream. With all the instinct of a mother Molly's head whipped around to see her youngest brother airplane flying her two year old son through the side gate from the front yard of the Chicago house.
"JAMIE!" Molly screamed at her brother.
"What?" He asked as he slowed to a stop.
"At least please don't do it over the concrete." She said with a hand over her chest as she stared at where her younger brother was precariously flinging her baby around.
"Oh...sorry." Molly rolled her eyes as Jamie set Ryan down chased him over to where Pete and Chris were running around the swing set.
"They don't ever grow up do they?" A soft voice asked Molly.
"Nope. Not at all. But you should be used to our particular brand of insanity by now Katy."
"...Molly. I do like you, but if I ever get used to this I may shoot myself." Molly laughed at the woman's response and began setting up the food table for dinner all the while keeping one eye on either her watch or the back door and the other eye on her son.

An hour later Molly stalked furiously into the house. Throwing open the basement door and completely ignoring the illuminated red light above it. Stomping down the stairs she walked into the state of the art studio Patrick had had built into their home in January of two thousand and eight when they moved in. Standing at the bottom of the stairs Molly just stared. Her boyfriend was in the booth singing into a mircophone and his gorgeous voice was drifting throughout the room. Her eldest brother was sitting at the boards adjusting levels as Patrick sang. Two minutes later when the final bar of the song drifted out Molly took a deep breath and finally let herself be heard,
"Patrick Martin Stump! What the FUCK are you still doing down here?"
"I'm working." He mumbled as he walked out of the recording booth and over to the boards.
"Maybe I should go.." Sean said as he immedaitely dashed up the stairs.
"I said I'm working Molly." Patrick once again repeated and stared at the sound board.
"It is your son's second birthday party and you're working?"
"I have to get these things recorded. It's important."
"More important then a two year old who doesn't understand why Daddy isn't upstairs playing with him and Uncle Pete? And you better NOT have to think of the answer to that question."
"Of course work isn't more important then Ryan. How could you even think that?"
"Because you have a funny way of showing how important we are to you lately. The past few months have been hell Patrick."
"I've just been busy."
"Busy? Busy is when you putter around for a few hours. You've been non-existant. You've been in New York this month alone seven times, and it's only the third week of the month."
"Molly." Patrick sighed and sat down, "I don't have time for this. I'll be up in ten for cake ok?"
"Whatever." Molly mumbled and turned around before heading back up the stairs. Taking a second to compose herself Molly opened the back door and proudly announced with a big smile,
"Patrick will be up in a few minutes and we'll have cake and open presents."
And if Pete looked at her funny while Molly said it, she ignored him.

Later that night after cake had been eaten, presents unwrapped, everyone had gone home and their two year old son was sound asleep did Molly finally let go.
"WHAT is with you lately?"
"What do you mean?" Patrick asked distractedly as he sorted through business cards.
"I mean, the past three months you've basically been ingoring me. You haven't touched me once, and you're out of town all the time. Always to New York too."
"I don't like what you're implying."
"I don't like that I have to imply it."
"I'm not having an affair if that's what you think it is."
"I never said that."
"You didn't need to. I'm tired. I'm going to bed." Patrick said grabbing his pillow and blankets from the closet and walking out to the couch where he had been sleeping since their first fight over the same thing three months ago.
Molly leaned back in bed and covered her eyes with her hand. '...what's worse is I never asked him to not sleep in here... Molly thought tearfully to herslf as she rollowed over and tried to go to sleep.


A/N: Well I'm back.
Title is from "Crazy/Beautiful" by Hanson---both story title & chapter title.

This was a short start. consider this a bit of a teaser for what's to come.
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