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2. Jumping Off A Bridge It's Just The Farthest That I've Ever Been

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in which we go back to 2007 for a brief glimpse at why things are they way they are...or will be.

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The boys had been back from Europe for about three days when Molly arrived at Patrick's apartment. Using the key he had given her the month before to open the door she walked in and glanced around.
"Patrick?" She called into the seemingly empty living space.
"In the back." She heard in answer. Taking off her coat and throwing it on the couch Molly walked down the hallway towards the small bedroom at the very back of the apartment Patrick had converted into a study and studio of sorts. Leaning against the door frame she observed her boyfriend for a few seconds. He was lying on a futon couch with his eyes closed and his laptop open on the table next to him.
"You look tired." She finally said.
"That's probably because I am." He answered without opening his eyes. He just reached out and patted a spot on the unfolded futon next to him.
"Nah, you take a nap. I'm gonna go make us some dinner." At her statement Patrick opened one eye and smiled.
"...that is if you have any?"
"Ok. You take a nap. I'll go grocery shopping and then I'll make us some dinner."
"I love you."
"You better." was Molly's answer as she walked out of the study and back to the main part of the small but comfortable apartment.

A week later Molly was still staying with Patrick and was beginning to grow very concerned about her boyfriend. Finally, after seeing him once again send Pete's call straight to voicemail for probably the eighth or ninth time in three days she brought it up.
"What is wrong?"
"Wha?" Patrick looked up from where he was sitting at the kitchen table eating a sandwich.
"Don't play dumb. What's with you and Pete? Did you have a tiff?"
" don't tiff."
"When it's you two there are tiffs."
"We didn't have a fight. I'm just tired. This is my break and I'd like to not spend it with the people I see twenty-four seven. If that's ok with you?"
"Sure, that'd be fine if I believed you."
"We never hang out when we're on short breaks like this."
"You also never avoid his phone calls." As Molly said this her own cell phone began ringing. Grabbing her sidekick she glanced at the display and saw "PeterPan". Raising an eyebrow at Patrick she showed him and was really shocked when his response to that was,
"Can you please not answer it?" and looking into her boyfriend's pleading eyes Molly rolled the phone to "ignore".

That night Molly rolled over in bed and moved to snuggle up to Patrick when she realized the bed was empty. Sitting up she listened for running water in the bathroom and didn't hear anything. Sliding out of bed she straighted the night shirt she was wearing and rubbing her eyes stumbled out of the bedroom. Looking up and down the hallway she finally saw a light shining from under the study doorframe.
What the? Molly thought confused. Looking back into the bedroom she glanced at the bedside clock and saw that it was illuminated as "4:26am". Turning she walked towards the study and gently pushed the door open slightly and was only mildly surprised to see Patrick sitting on the futon with headphones on and fiddling with his MacBook. Sighing Molly turned and pulled the door closed quietly. Walking back to the bedroom she crawled back into bed and pulled Patrick's pillow to her chest before trying to fall back asleep.
Something is seriously wrong... was her last thought before unconsciousness claimed her.

It took a few more weeks but the straw finally broke the camels back. Molly was folding laundry in the living room and Patrick was in the kitchen making dinner two weeks before the boys were supposed to leave on the Honda Civic Tour when she heard a crash. Jumping up Molly ran around the corner and almost screamed at the sight of her boyfriend laying on the kitchen floor nearly as pale as the white tiles. The carsh she had heard was an empty pan he had dropped on his way down. Dropping to the floor next to him Molly immediately checked his pulse and was surprised to find it perfectly fine. Looking puzzled she shook him a bit and breathed a sigh of relief when he groaned and blinked his eyes open. Once he was sitting up and had propped himself against the fridge Molly reared back and punched him hard in the arm.
"Don't EVER do that to me again."
"Jesus H. Christ Molly Anne. I just passed out and you punched me."
"You wouldn't have passed out if you slept anymore. Ever."
"I sleep."
"...the back office."
"Barely. If by sleep you mean 'pass out from total exhaustion' then yes you sleep. Now get up, because you are going to bed, and then tomorrow you are going to the doctor."
Molly just looked at Patrick in response to which he sighed, resigned in the fact that this time he was not going to win.

"So this is the plan then?" Pete asked looking around the conference room table.
"Yea." Bob said nodding. "I'll figure out the logistics as to how to make this happen, but we can not risk something happening to one of you because some of you aren't on top of your game for whatever reason."
Molly glanced around the full conference room. With her, Bob, Patrick, Pete, Andy and Joe were Dan, Dirty, Charlie, Dre, Nick, a few label reps from Island and some reps from Honda that Molly hadn't cared to get the names of. They had just spent literally the past five hours debating what they were going to do and then consequently what they were going to say.
"so?" Molly asked looking up from her magazine in the waiting room.
"Going out on the road this soon will put me in the hospital."
"Ok. Then we have some phone calls to make."

For the first time ever Molly had been shocked at Pete and Andy. The two of them had been vocally against postponing the tour. They had argued that everyone could watch Patrick. Keep an eye on him, make sure he slept, ate right, etc. Joe and pretty much everyone else had said "Screw the fans. This is a health issue." Patrick had merely sat there quietly ignoring everyone.
"Well, I have to say. For once its nice to not be the one to screw something up." Pete said sarcastically from where he sat next to Molly. "OW" was the next thing he said as she smacked him on the head.

Later that night Molly was lying in bed and looked over to where Patrick was snoring softly from the sleep aids he had been given by his doctor. Getting out of bed she walked down the hallway and into his studio. Smiling softly she looked at the pictures he had hung around the room. Some of him with her, the guys, his family, The Hush Sound, Panic! and anyone else he was close to. Walking over she sat down on his futon and propped her feet up on the coffee table. Running a hand over her face she supressed the urge to scream in frustration.
'out of the frying pan and into the fire. Never were truer words ever spoken.' she thought to herself. A few minutes later curiousity got the better of Molly and she grabbed Patrick's lap top to log onto the internet.
"Let's see what the fallout from this is already..." she said softly to the empty room as she surfed around.

Title: Follow You Down- Gin Blossoms

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