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3. I Never Meant to Do Those Things to You

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in which we go back to the future again and dig a little deeper into our favorite couples lives

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December 2011

"Deck the halls with bells of holly fa la la la la la la la la la" Molly sang softly to herself as she hung Christmas ornaments on the tree in the living room by herself. "Crackling fire. Check. Big tree. Check. Ornaments. Check. Mulled wine. Check. Child with sugar plums. Check." Molly grinned as she ran a hand over Ryan's head where he was snoring softly on the couch. "Boyfriend? Not so much." Molly finished.
It was a week before Christmas and Patrick was out on a "boy's night" with Pete, Joe, Andy and some of their friends before any non-native Chicagoians took off to other places for family-time. Glancing at the clock and seeing that it was nearing midnight Molly leaned over and scooped up the two-year old into her arms. Carefully navigating the living room that was littered with decorations she headed up the stairs to the second floor. Once Ryan was tucked tightly into his bed she sat down on the side of it and kissed his forehead. "Guess waiting up for Daddy didn't work out tonight did it little man? I love you."
Getting up Molly flipped the light that turned on the night light in the corner and closed the door over so it was still open a crack. Walking back down the stairs Molly trailed her hand along the solid oak railings that were currently wrapped in gorgeous garland and holly berries and tartan bows. Flipping the lights at the bottom of the stairs Molly plunged the front of the house into darkness only illuminated by the glow of the candle lights in the front windows. Walking past the dining room on her left and down the short hall into the kitchen and den area in the back of the modest home Molly flipped a few more switches and turned the rest of the lights off. Double checking the locks on the back doors to the yard and garage Molly grabbed another glass of wine and headed back towards the "company living room" in the front of the house. Stopping at the staircase she stared into the room. The tree was finally finished being decorated and the colored lights twinkled from the corner. The house smelled like cookies and pine from a combination of the tree and the baking she had been doing earlier. And standing in the far corner of the room was one of Patrick's prized posessions, a gorgeous black baby grand piano.
Molly walked across the room to the piano and after taking a look around at all the decorations she had done by herself placed the wine glass down on the top of the piano without a coaster. "Ha. Take that wood finish." Molly mumbled as she sat down. Slowly lifting the lid to the piano Molly was blank as eighty-eight keys were revealed to her eyes. Letting go of the lid Molly then flexed her fingers and softly rested them on the keys. Adjusting her feet on the peddles she began to play her favorite Christmas song. As the notes of "O Holy Night" began to clumsily fill the house Molly concentrated on the keys that she had forced herself to learn over the years whenever Patrick had time to teach her. As the final notes to the song faded out the front door opened.
"Nice of you to come home." Molly said from the darkness and directed at the figure standing in the doorway currently shrugging out of his coat.
"I told you I'd be out late."
"It's a week before Christmas and I had to finish decorating the entire house and wrapping Ryan's presents myself." Molly blinked as the lights flooded the living room.
"WHAT THE HELL?!" Patrick suddenly yelled.
"Your son is asleep. Keep your voice down."
"Get that off the wood!" He hissed grabbing the wine glass and checking the surface of the piano for rings. Molly rolled her eyes and walked past him. "You've been drinking." Patrick stated as he followed Molly into the kitchen.
"Considering you're holding a glass of wine I'd say that's a fairly obvious statement. What of it?"
"You know I don't like it when you drink."
"Hipocrite much? You smell like a brewery." Molly leaned in closer and smelled before adding, "and really cheap perfume." Raising an eyebrow at him she grabbed her wine glass and drained it before putting it into the dishwasher and setting the cycle.
"Don't get like that. We were at a bar. There were women there with cheap perfume."
"Close enough to get it all over you that I can tell it's some knock off brand?"
"Yes. Ok. Yes. What do you want? It hasn't been all that long. People from our generation still know who I am."
"Sorry you miss your hey-day and all but you have a family now. You all do."
"And we can't go out every once in a while?"
"Not when they way you go out is by leaving a note saying I Think I'll Be Back Later. Don't wait up."
"And yet you did."
"I'm not even going to justify that with an answer." Molly shot back. "I'm going to sleep."
"Don't walk out on me in the middle of a discussion!"
"Why not? It's the first discussion we've had since October. I have to reaclimate myself to what your voice sounds like. Oh and by the way I did your laundry" Molly stomped up the stairs on that final sentence.

An hour later and Molly felt Patrick get into bed next to her. In response she rolled over and faced away from him so he couldn't see her tears.
"You haven't told anyone we've been having problems have you?" Patrick suddenly asked.
"No." Molly mumbled into her pillow.
"You realize Pete thinks we're getting married right?"
"Why does he think that?"
"That's a very good question."
"Well he's your best friend."
"And he isn't your's?"
"His reproductive organs are on the outside. I'll stick with Elyse for best friend status. And she thinks I should have broken up with you months ago."
"What happened to us?" Patrick asked after a few minutes of silence.
"What happened to us or what happened to you? Because I didn't change, it's you who has spent the past six months on another planet from me and Ryan. And that's what gets me. Ok, fine. You don't love me anymore. I can almost accept that...but he's your son."
"You just don't get it."
"Try me!" Molly finally said sitting up in bed. "Tell me what has been eating away at the man I fell in love with all those years ago."
"I can't."
"Why not? What keeps you away so damn much. You say it isn't anything that I wouldn't approve of and yet you won't tell me."
"It's nothing. Just drop it." Patrick signed rubbing his eyes. "Let's just get some sleep ok?"
"Are you having an affair?" At Molly's finally outright question the room fell so silent you could have heard a pin drop. It was as though someone had hit pause on a major movie. Patrick's response came non-verbally as he rolled over and put his back to Molly.
Laying back down Molly buried her face in her pillow to muffle the sounds of her sobs as she cried herself to sleep for another night in a row.

The next morning Molly woke up and rolled over and blinked in surprise at the empty side of the bed. Looking at the clock and seeing that it was about six in the morning was another clue Molly had something was up. Getting out of bed and grabbing a hoodie to ward off the chill she crept across the room and peeked into the bathroom. No one was in there and the left side of the sinks were spotless. The feeling of dread started building up in Molly's stomach at this because normally the counter was cluttered with Molly and Patrick's bathroom things. The right side still had Molly's makeup, hair products and the like...while the left was completly devoid of any male hygeine products. Turning on her heel Molly slowly walked towards the large walk in closet and opened the doors. Staring back at her was a decimated mess. While not everything was gone a vast majority of items were missing. Stumbling backwards Molly tripped and fell hard on the carpet. Curling into a ball the tears started.
'no matter how bad it wasn't supposed to get like this' she thought to herself trying to not lit the panic overcome her. Crawling over to the cordless phone on Patrick's side of the bed Molly grabbed it and dialed frantically.
When a sleepy "hello?" answered Molly spat out the first thing she could verbalize,
"Patrick left me."

A/N: Title is from "The Reason" By Hoobastank

ps: the festival is over. repeat the festival is over. ie: i can write again
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