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Chapter 4: Where Winning Looks Like Losing and I'm Winning Everytime

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in which I apologize and post a new chapter after 11 months. I hope people still care.

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March-June 2008

"Hey you. How'd the meeting go?" Molly asked Patrick when he walked into the kitchen in their new house.
"Not so good," he replied before sitting down at the kitchen table and resting his head in his hands.
"Yea. Oh."
"Ok fine," Patrick took a deep breath before carefully responding, "I hope you weren't planning on having this house to yourself too much, 'cause it looks like the band's on hold in definitely."
"Yea. Oh."

A week after Patrick dropped the bombshell on Molly she was sitting in their backyard eating dinner and trying to avoid her cabin fever striken boyfriend when her cell phone rang.
"Hello Peter."
"Hey. What are you doing?"
"Avoiding your best friend."
"Oh sure, when he's annoying he's my best friend. When he's cute and cuddly and sexy like he's your boyfriend."
"What's your point?"
"Nevermind. Anyway, are you bored?"
"Not particularly. I've got an ice cold beer, a hamburger and the latest Cosmo. By the way your ex is on the cover."
"A) She's not my ex. B)I don't mean right now. I mean in general."
"Then yes. I'm bored out of my mind and I'm going to strangle Patrick if he asks me where his socks are again." Molly pulled the phone away from her ear to avoid going deaf at the sound of Pete's laughter.
"Ok. I want you." Raising an eyebrow, Molly carefully formulated her response; however, before she could speak Pete continued, "No smart-ass remarks either. I want you to come and work with me on really launching the label and everything else."
"Babe, the label's been launched since like two years ago - remember those twits Emergency at the Dance Club, minus the exclaimation point?"
"Har. Bloody. Har Har. I want to launch it big time. Mainstream. All over Top 40 Radio airplay!"
"Lord help us you've turned into John Jannick...although I suppose Vinnie Fiorello would be more appropriate being that you're in a band, but then that makes me John Jann"
"Molly. Focus."
"Right, anyway. Sideprojects?"
"You know how I opened the Clandestine store in Chicago?"
"Yes unfortunately I had to go to the opening."
"Choosing to ignore that. I'm adding a hair salon to the store."
Molly quietly placed the phone down on the picnic table and took a large slug of her beer while quietly wishing it was a lot harder liqour before picking the phone back up to hear, "Hey you there?"
"Yes Peter. A hair salon?"
"What's so weird about that? Everyone wants scene hair now. We'd make a mint."
"Sad thing is you're right. I bet some of your psycho's would even fly in to get their hair done there."
"I didn't even think about that!"
"I was kidding Pete! Jesus! No I'm not going to help you launch a hair salon and whatever other crazy ass ideas you've got. I have a job. I've been getting really good work freelance writing AND I've been working to promote some of the local shows again," Molly heard the back door slide open and quickly said to Pete, "hey hold on one second."
"Molly?" Patrick asked from the doorway.
"Yea babe?"
"...Have you seen those new socks I bought. The basement's really cold."
Molly closed her eyes and said into the phone, "hey Pete? You planning on getting actual office space for this little venture? 'cause I'm in."

A month later things had settled into a routine in the Stump/O'Connell household. Molly got up, got dressed and drove to the office space just outside the city that Pete had set up for their headquarters. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Patrick would stay comfortable and fiddle around with knobs in the state of the art studio he had built into their basement.
"Good Morning Ms. O'Connell."
"Good Morning Sarah. I told you to call me Molly. Any messages?" Molly asked the receptionist as she walked past into the big open floor plan office with Sarah following rattling off the morning messages on this particular Friday. Molly opened the door to her own office and flipped the light on before sitting down at her desk and looking at Sarah again.
"You can just leave them on my desk Sarah. Thanks for that. Oh, and please close the door behind you."
Molly sighed and picked up the desk phone in front of her and dialed. Hearing a voicemail message she rolled her eyes and rattled off a quick message to the intended subject of her morning pre-coffee wrath.
"You know Peter. You asked me to HELP you run the label. You didn't ask me to RUN the label. Fall Out Boy breaking up might have been the best thing to happen to YOUR career, even if you will not admit it and Patrick's doing reallllllly well too. Yet, somehow I am the one doing all the work." Slamming the phone receiver down Molly glared at the wall that seperated the two executive offices, one of which hadn't had a physical human being in it for a week.

"So dear. How's work?" Patrick asked Molly while holding out a spoon of sauce for her to try.
"It's ok. Why does this seem backwards?" Molly replied.
"You work all day and I slave over a hot stove? This is not normal?" Patrick asked with a smirk.
"Very funny." She shook her head and walked out of the kitchen and down the hall to their bedroom. Once she had changed and come back she asked, "Did anything come in the mail today?"
"Joe and Max's wedding invitation."
"Yup. It's the first week of June."
"It's the middle of April now."
"Yes. What's your point?" Patrick looked confused as he asked this question.
"God you're such a boy. That only gives me a little over a month to find a present for us to give to them."
"Patrick stop being a boy for once ok?" Molly said laughing as she went to go set the table.
"What'd I say?"

"Oh. My. God. You were beautiful!"
"Thanks Molly." Joe replied.
"Shut up. I wasn't talk to you you ass" Molly swatted the groom on his arm as she hugged Max after the ceremony and the recieving line were over and the group waited to be set up for pictures in front of the church, "and Max, thank you so much for making sure the bridesmaid's dresses weren't completely god awful." Molly added gesturing at her lemon yellow chiffon a-line dress.
"Ladies enough with the chit-chat. Faster we get these taken faster you can all go drink and dance to bad 80s songs." the photographer shouted from a few feet away.
"Geezzz...cranky much?" Pete mumbled loud enough for the wedding party and no one else to hear.
"Yea," Molly chimed in, "couldn't you have gotten Annie Leibowitz to shoot the wedding? Think of how interesting you're cover of Vanity Fair could have been."
Needless to say there were a few pictures of the wedding party that showed how close this group of friends were. Or at least how willing they were to support each other from falling down in laughter in formal wear.

Later that night Molly was lying in bed staring at Patrick and thinking when he opened his eyes and asked,
"Sorry, did I wake you?"
"Not really, but the creepy staring thing isn't cute and or sexy after we've been together for this long." Molly laughed at the boy's response before verbalizing her question.
"You think we'll ever get married?"
"Don't worry. I'm not asking. Although you HAVE if I need to remind you."
"I was young and stupid."
"Marrying me would be stupid?"
"I don't think there is a way to answer that without having to sleep on the couch. But I'll say it anyway - yes I do."
"Ouch. Why?"
"Because we're too young."
"Joe and Max are younger."
"Joe and Max haven't been through our roller coaster of life. Hell it should be a ride at Six Flags."
"Oh come on. That's your logic?"
"Well that and 50 percent of marriages end in divorce."
"Yea well, 50 percent of the songs you write turn out to be crappy. Doesn't mean you stop writing songs."
"Hey now."
"It's the truth. You told me that last weekend when you were bitching about that 6/8 time signature thing you were trying to do."
"..Oh yea."
"Yea. So marriage? No dice huh?"
"Not as of now. Besides, I'm perfectly fine with living in sin." Patrick rumbled as he pulled Molly closer and kissed her lightly.
"Sin huh Mr. Stump? I guess I can deal with that." Molly smiled back and kissed her boyfriend.
A/N: Title from "Growing Up" by Fall Out Boy (go figure)

Sooo...hi guys waves white flag. I didn't die, but I did go through a LOT of shit. I was just sitting here re-reading my story and somehow this chapter happened. I was pretty sure I was done with this but hey...maybe I'm not. We'll see if anyone cares anymore.
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