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Biker Mice from Mars meets Wonder Woman. But ONE of the Mice has met her before. How, and why? (Bet you can guess WHO, though...)

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Disclaimer: I do not own the Biker Mice, Wonder Woman, or any of the other DC characters.

Wonder Woman is from the comic, not the animated show. This is an Alternate Universe, so the Martian Manhunter either does not exist, or he is from a hidden part of Mars. Whichever it is, the events of what happened on Mars are that of the Mice. The events of the story are just after "The Ares Affair" and "The Challenge of the Gods", but before "The War of the Gods". Due to the events that happen in the fic, "War of the Gods" may or may not happen.

Throttle of Themyscaria

Chapter 1: Meetings

"...and the standoff continues between the police and the private army of Louis Limburger here in Metropolis," reporter Lois Lane spoke into the microphone. "For the last seven hours, Metropolis' newest businessman --accused of bribing elected officials -- has been hidden inside his tower-fortress, allowing his henchmen to take the hits in this clash with the police. Adding to Limburger's confidence of victory is the fact that Superman is off on a mission in space..."

".../Without the Man of Steel, Limburger is sure to escape justice.../"

"Man, that bites!" Vinnie growled, punching his open palm with his fist. "And who is this 'Louis Limburger', anyway?"

"He's Lawrence Limburger's cousin," Carbine replied. "And he's very inexperienced in planetary conquering. He should be easy to defeat."

"How is going to be the problem, though," Throttle commented. "The police don't know how to handle a Plutarkian or his goons."

Carbine, Stoker, and Rimfire were visiting with Charley, Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo, and were now watching the news in the Last chance Garage in Chicago. Each wondered if this battle would be the beginning of the end for the Plutarkian presence on Earth, or the beginning of a full-scale invasion.

They once again gave the TV their full attention as something began to happen at the Metropolis location.

"...Wait!" she cried, looking up into the sky, her left hand to her left ear. "There seems to be something...NO! Some/one/...approaching the building from the air..."

Charley and the Mice watched with the rest of the world as a woman in red, gold and blue armor landed in front of the men guarding the Limburger building. At her hip was a glittering, golden rope, and her wrists were wrapped in wide, silver bracelets. At her brow was a double-pointed, golden tiara, a red star shining in the center.

"Who is that?" Stoker asked, wide-eyed at the beautiful woman walking toward the army of henchmen, fully intending to strode through them as if they were nothing.

"She's called 'Wonder Woman'," Charley explained. "An Amazon from a mysterious, hidden island."

As they watched, Wonder Woman strode through the thugs, who fired on her with every weapon they had.

Diana! Throttle's mind screamed at him. He immediately wondered why he thought that name. For some reason, he felt that was right, but he did not know why. And by the sound of the voice inside his head, she was someone he was familiar with.

But how could that be?

Bullets, lasers, and everything shot at her bounced off the silver bracelets. She then removed the tiara and threw it at the army. The gleaming circlet sailed through the air, cutting the weapons into pieces and rendering them harmless. She continued walking toward the doors. When the men tried to stop her, she lifted each of them into the air and threw them so that they landed at the feet of the police, who proceeded to arrest them. Unfazed, she continued into the tall tower.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Lois continued her report, "Wonder Woman just entered Limburger Tower, after single-handedly defeating Limburger's henchmen. We are now waiting for her to return with Limburger, himself, as we are all sure she will..."

Everyone watching waited with baited breath as time seemed to slow down as they waited for the outcome of the strange drama. Charley kept looking from the TV to the Mice, checking their reactions to this super-powered Earth woman. Maybe they would not treat her like she was breakable if they saw that not all Earth women needed the protection of men.

A crash from the top of the tower drew the cameraman's attention. From the penthouse appartment the figure of Wonder Woman flew down to the street below, a smallish young man in her clutches. She held him by his jacket collar as she landed in front of the police and Lois Lane. He was tied with the golden lasso, the loose end of which was in Wonder Woman's other hand.

And he was babbling about the Plutarkians' plan to stripmine Earth.

In his own Limburger Tower, in Chicago, Lawrence Limburger was also watching the telecast. He knew his cousin was not experienced in the Plutarkian chosen profession, and it was only a matter of time before the youth failed. Then, the older Limburger, himself, could take over the Metropolis sect.

But now, Louis was "spilling the beans" to everything. In moments, the Plutarkian plans for the small, green planet would be exposed to the world. It was only a matter of time before the rest of the world knew of the existence of the fish-like aliens.

"Karbunkle!" he screamed into a vidcom. A skinny man in a long labcoat and black gloves appeared.

"Yessss, your swiss cheesiness!" the scientist wheezed. "You bellowed?"

"Our existence has been uncovered," Limburger said. "We need something to destroy those Mice once and for all. And we are going to take it to Mars. Do you have such a device?"

"As a matter of fact, I do, your creamy smoothness!" Karbunkle brought out a strange-looking gun. It was a large, silver box with a long, clear bar. Around the bar was a succession of clear rings that started large at the side of the box and got smaller as they got near the end of the bar. On the back was a trigger.

"This is the Time Sorter," the red-haired mad scientist explained. "Anyone hit with it is sent back --or forward-- into time. Unfortunately, it's totally random. I can't set it for any particular time period. But it will do the job, anyway."

"Then let us away," Limburger leered. Rounding up Greasepit and the goons, Limburger, Karbunkle, and the rest prepared to board the spaceship that would take them to the red planet.


On the TV, Charley and the Mice watched as Louis Limburger finished his lasso-induced confession and were led away by government agents. A short interview with Lois, and Wonder Woman flew into the air. As soon as she disappeared into the sky, Lois turned back toward the camera.

"As you've just seen, Louis Limburger --a man accused of bribing officials-- has revealed himself to be a member of a race of fish people out to steal the Earth's resources. A story that would be unbelievable, except that the confession was made while bound by Wonder Woman's golden lasso. As most of our viewers are aware, the golden lasso has the power to make anyone bound within its coils to speak nothing but the absolute truth. So powerful, in fact, is the lasso, that one does not have to be tied up with it to be forced into telling the truth. Simply holding the rope in their hands is significant for the lasso's mystical powers to work on the holder. And now, a simple --but magical-- rope has revealed a startling secret. Where will this end, only time will tell. But are we ready for the answer? More on this story, as it develops."

Charley reached over and turned off the TV. She turned to look at her Martian friends. She had to smile at their expressions of surprise and awe at the beautiful Earth woman that had faced an army of goons alone --and /WON/!

"I wonder if we can get her to join the Freedom Fighters," Stoker whispered, the first to find his voice. No surprise what was on his mind at the moment. Or Vinnie's.

"Wow!" the white Mouse exclaimed. "She's /HOT/!"

Charley rolled her eyes. No; no surprise there.

"With their plan exposed, the Plutarkians will be headed for space," Rimfire said. "Maybe even back to Mars."

"Then we'd better get there before they do," Modo said. The group was on their bikes in an instant, riding out to Quiggly Field. Once in the ballpark, they prepared to board the old Stalker ship that was to take them to Mars.

Before they could board the ship, however, a familiar form appeared from out of the sky, landing in front of them.

"Wonder Woman?" Throttle asked the newcomer. Once again, his thoughts cried, Diana!

"Great Hera!" the Amazon exclaimed when she saw that six of the seven were giant mice.

"Uh..." Stoker began. "We can explain..."

"But, on the way to Mars," Carbine added quickly. "Please join us. We'll diffenatly need your help."

Wonder Woman locked eyes with Throttle. For a moment, there seemed a connection, as if they had known each other long ago. But that could not be! She had never seen anyone like these Mice!

Or had she?

Following some instinct, Wonder Woman boarded the spacecraft with the Martians and their human friend. She settled into a seat that turned out to be right across from Throttle. She could not help but glance at him from time to time.

What is it about him that seems so /familiar/? she wondered. //And why do I get the feeling that it's somehow important, as if the fate of the universe was at stake?

Wonder Woman continued to ponder the question, all the way to Mars.


Far up on Mount Olympus, Zeus, Hera, Apollo, and all the rest of the gods and goddesses of the ancient Greeks were gathered around a giant chessboard. One-by-one, the king of the gods set several pieces on the board. Each piece looked like a person. There were beautiful women in long, Greek robes, Plutarkians, and Martian Mice. One even looked like Charley. He then took a special, gold-tan piece and places it near a black-haired woman in a long, purple robe. He wore green-lensed glasses, a black, sleeveless leather vest, blue biker pants, and a pair of black biker boots. It was of a Martian Mouse.

"Now," Zeus said, his voice heard throughout the palace of the gods. "The stage is set, and the players are ready to play their parts. And this one," he tapped the gold-tan Mouse on the head, "has the biggest part of all. On him rests the entire game..."

Next Chapter: To The Past and Back Again. Wonder Woman travels to Mars to aid in its defense. Someone is lost, and then returned. But is he the same Mouse as when he left, or has he changed?
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