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The gang start passing notes during class. Can't really do a summary yet.

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Ok, this is another story which will lead up to A/A and J/T. It's based on notes that those 4 pass to each other during class and there will be some IMing so that Herry, Odie and Neil can join in as well.

Normal- Atlanta

Italics- Theresa

Bold- Jay

Underlined- Archie

Bold and underlined- Telling you the next class or Odie, Herry, Neil (depending on the class, Odie Science, Herry in PE and Neil in Maths)

Monday, English Class

Hey Arch, do you know what the teacher is talking about?

No idea. Maybe Jay will know.

Good idea. Jay, what is the teacher talking about?

I'm not going to help you two, you should be paying attention instead of sending letters to each other.

Like we would listen to him.


Why are you two passing notes?

Go away Drama Queen.

Archie, would you stop calling me that?????

Ooh, she can even be a drama queen while writing aswell!

Shut Up!

I'm not even talking!

Ok, that's enough now.

Stop passing notes!

But now you're doing it!

Don't drag me into this! And leave Theresa out of it.

Ok, ok!

What are you two talking about now?

Nothing, but we better leave Jay alone, he's being grouchy today.

Oooh, I'm so scared!

Don't worry, I'll protect you.

Yeah right! I'll be the one protecting you!

What do you mean?

Teachers coming!

No she isn't!

Monday, Maths Class

I can't believe you got me detention!

I know, I can't believe you are blind!

Yeah, I can see a person standing behind me.

I was sitting next to you and I saw her!

That's different, you can see behind me. Like you can't see the teacher standing behind you now.


Monday, Science

Both Archie and Atlanta have detention now.

How did Atlanta wind up in detention?

They were passing notes again in maths and Atlanta got caught out.

Oh, so shouldn't we stop then?

Yeah, we should.

What are you two talking about?

How Archie and Atlanta got into detention. They were passing notes in English and Maths.

Whoa, they're going to be in serious trouble if this continues. Which by the way, if those two got into trouble because of passing notes, then why are we doing this?

Because you were taking down the notes for us?

Oh, haha, very funny Jay. Why are you not paying attention???

Ok, fine.

Oh great, he's upset now. Thanks Odie.

You're welcome Theresa!

Monday, Detention

Ok, so here we are. Detention. My first time at this school. How about you?

Same, though this isn't my first time in detention.

Ooh, were you a trouble maker?

Nope. I was good, just sometimes I would slip up and get in trouble.

What do you mean by slip up?

Like passing notes to you and getting caught by the teacher who read it out loud in class.

There was nothing secret on that note.

Uh, didn't you read what I wrote just before the teacher took away the piece of paper?

Oh, right. But that isn't that bad, everyone swears.

Hello, what class were we in?

Maths. Oh, that explains it. Hey, at least she didn't give you detention for a whole month.

You don't know if she did or didn't!

Oh, freedom!


I know, really random. But hey, apparently I'm good at this! Just have to say something, all my other stories are going to be deleted(except my Theresa and Atlanta diary story) because I just can't think of what else to write for them or people just weren't reviewing them. So, I'm handing them over to T.J who actually started writing some of them and then handed them over to me. If there is one story that you particularly liked, then email T.J (who is jade_kwl_name_eva) and tell her to start that story.
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