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Chapter 5- Calm Before The Storm

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A day out with Pete

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AN: I didn't like the way how I wrote it last time so I changed it. It goes almost the same way though.

Chapter 5- Calm Before The Storm

I woke up to the sounds of knocking on my door early Saturday morning. Normally I wouldn't even hear it but today just felt weird. I dragged my feet out of bed and headed towards the front door of my small apartment.

"Hi Pete, is it 12 yet? Cause the earliest time I've seen you is 12 pm." He smiled and handed some flowers to me. My favorite kind, that's surprising.

"I've been up before then. It was a long time ago though..."

"Try Christmas of 2003."

"Was it my fault I was excited? Well anyway I came for a reason," I realized then we we're still standing so I let him sit down. "I thought you could use a day out."

"Seriously? I go out everyday what makes this one special?"

"You have me to accompany you." I waited for more explanation but he didn't go any further. Was this really his only reason?

"That's not good enough."

"Really? I thought I was the answer to everything, that's weird. Well enough of me and my sudden realization we have to go."

"But I'm not dressed."

"Where we're going you don't need clothes."


"Remind me why we only have towels on." I asked as he dragged me into this room.

"Breauna, they won't let us get a massage if we got clothes on."

"I'm so glad I have you as a friend." Something deep inside of me told me not to say that but I didn't care at the moment, I was getting a massage.

"Could you two lay on the table for me?" The guy left the room and came back with a woman. She was for Pete I guess.

Once we were settled and comfortable, the masseuses got started.



"Have you seen Joe at all?"

"No why?"

"He just hasn't been around since Wednesday. I figured he was with Casie-"


"His girlfriend. Speaking of girlfriends...I don't have any."

"What are you getting at Wentz?"

"Well since I don't have a girlfriend and you don't have a boyfriend-"

"Who ever said I didn't have a boyfriend?"

"That girl you were working with Wednesday."

"You asked?!"

"Um, yeah," I could tell he was starting to feel embarrassed. Well who wouldn't when you're half naked and asking a person to go with you. "You want to go with me?"


"That's ok you don't have to say yes."

"Hold on, you didn't let me finish. Yes."

"Yes what?"

"Pete, yes I'll be your... girlfriend."
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