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Chapter 6- Set It Off

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Chapter 6- Set It Off

"Patrick I changed my mind I don't want to go." We were currently in the process of trying to get me into a dress. I don't like dresses but we had to dress formal for this promotion party. Guest was invited so naturally I had to go. I'm starting to think Pete plotted dating me so I felt like I owed him to go.

"Yes you do want to go plus you're Pete's date so you have to."

"Tell him I'm breaking up with him."

"I'm not doing that. Did you know he has a crush on you? Suck in your stomach." I did as I was told but it still didn't work. The dress was too small.

"For how long?"

"5 years."

"What! You mean to tell me he's liked me since 2002?!" I stopped breathing at that point which was good for Patrick because he got my zipper up.

"Yeah, everyone's known except Joe. We didn't tell him for fear it might break up the band."

"I was 17 then that's like being a pedophile."

"Breauna, come on, we gotta go get in the limousine." I think my mind changed then. I don't know whether to be flattered or mad that Pete would like his best friend's girlfriend.

Everyone was at the limo already. Joe with Casie, Andy with this girl named Rebecca, Patrick walked over to Sam his date, and Pete wasn't there. Well that's great I'm dateless and going to a party I don't want to. Two hands wrapped around my waist and lips met my neck. Pete was lucky I realized it was him or he would've been in a fetal position cradling his knees. We've been going out for two weeks now. He wasn't a bad boyfriend as some people would guess; he's good for my hair too. He has more products than I'll ever own.

We crawled into the limo, it was one of those where you can sit and face everyone. I sat next to Pete of course, Joe and Casie sat in front of us, Patrick and Sam sat beside us, Andy and Rebecca sat beside Joe.

"Who wants something to drink?" I asked. I found a mini bar hidden in an arm rest, its obvious someone's getting plastered tonight. Hey, don't think it's me, I'm just the bartender.

"I do." said Sam. I think me and her could be friends

"Don't forget me." said Rebecca. I think we all could be friends.

I was fine so I just laid my head on Pete's shoulder and like natural instinct he put his arm around me. I was kinda bored so I just looked at everything surrounding me like the floor, all those lights, the switches next to me, Joe staring in jealously, Casie hitting him for not paying attention to her. Wait, (rereads) Joe staring in jealously?

The place we were heading towards wasn't really that far maybe 20 minutes away so it was time to get out. It was packed with stars. I didn't even think of that before I came; now I have to worry about being star struck.

"Breauna, don't worry these people are just like you, some even worse."

"Thanks Pete, I feel better now. Were you reading my mind?" I playfully asked

"Yes how did you think I knew what to do two weeks ago? That Wednesday when you came to my house you told me then. You said exactly this 'meet me Saturday and bring me flowers before I kick your butt.' Then you proceeded to give me directions." I laughed at his extremely long answer.

"That's exactly what I thought. You Pete are simply amazing." I kissed him on his nose and was interrupted by Joe running into us.

"My bad."

Cobra Starship was playing "Send my love to the dance floor, I'll see you in hell (Hey Mister Dj)" inside the huge building. Every band I ever loved was in the same room as me I might just go insane but I have to listen to Pete's words 'they're just like you' and keep my cool. Psh like I ever had any.

"Pete! Look there's Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross!" I know I sounded stupid pointing them out to him, I mean he signed them and all. I could always tell when he got an idea because his face would create this evil smile. Yeah that was happening right now. "Pete don't even think about making me go over there." Too late, I was already halfway there.

"Brendon, Ryan have you met this beautiful young lady yet?"

"Why no I have not. It's my pleasure to meet you." Brendon said while kissing my hand.

"Same here, that's a nice dress you have on by the way,"

"Thanks Ryan, it took me a long time to get into..." I had to stop my mouth from calling me fat in front of them. "my account when I was trying to get my dress." We walked away from them before I could embarrass myself any more.

"You had a long time getting into your account?" Pete questioned knowing the answer already.

"Just shut up. Oh look William Becket! Don't make me go this time."

"What who said anything about taking you? I surely didn't. I just have to go to the bathroom." He grabbed my hand and walked over towards the bathrooms where William was.

"Pete, you liar!"

"I didn't lie, I actually have to go. Goodbye now." He left me standing in front of William

"Hi, I haven't seen you around here before."

"That's because I've never been here before around all these famous people."

"It was like that when I first got signed too. All weird and stuff. You have a date?"

"He just went into the bathroom."

"Oh I see Pete's your date. If he gives you any trouble here's my number so I can beat him up for you." I laughed at picturing him trying to beat up Pete.

"Hey are you laughing at my smallness?" he joked. I was about to answer that when Pete got out.

"Pete your hair looks freshly combed."

"Yeah I had a little dance, dance moment. A billion people were crowding around the mirror." Speaking of that song it began playing. I said goodbye to William and paved my way to the dance floor. It was fun and they started pushing people out to the middle of the dance floor. The last person to get pushed was Pete. He looked phased at first and started doing this awkward pelvis dance then went into full blown Dance, Dance mode. The song ended and so did the dance. I guess I got caught up in the moment and kissed him there; yeah it was a make out session.

The party ended and we're back in the limo in our original spots.

"That was fun! I'm glad Patrick talked me into going."

"Yeah, I'm mad though. You didn't come out dancing when I got pushed." Pete pouted

"You expected me to actually go out there, in front of all those celebrities?"

"They wouldn't have minded when I went to the bathroom you were the talk of the party." Andy said. Embarrassed I buried my head in Pete's chest.

"What I tell you. You were great." I heard Pete whisper in my ear. I felt eyes on me the whole car ride and not just one either there was two. Yeah things are not gonna be good soon.
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