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Chapter 7- And The Sun Burnt Out Tonight

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A day at the movies

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AN:Weird format today. I had typed this up in notepad so I couldn't really do anything with this.

Chapter 7- And The Sun Burnt Out Tonight

Andy and Pete were hanging out at my place today. We had done nothing really, just sat in front of the tv all day.

"Andy change the channel." He was in control of changing channels while I found something interesting to watch. Pete was about tired of going through every channel 20 million times.

"Andy change the channel again"

"What was wrong with the Cosby Show?"

"I saw that episode already. Change."

"What was wrong with Celebrity Fit Club?"

"I'm tired of seeing Dustin Diamonds face and hearing his voice makes me sick. Next!"

"Ohh! Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends! Keep it here please!"

"Andy, you can..." I paused just so I can make Pete mad. He held his breath in waiting for my next sentence. "set the remote down."

"Yes! I finally won. I love you." He kissed me on the lips, then again, and then it got passionate.

"Hey. Hey! None of that while I'm right here." Andy complained.

"Sorry." Pete lay in my arms on the couch and wouldn't move, even when the phone rang. "Pete get up"

"Let Andy get it."

"Not my house." Andy said without looking up from his comic book. I moved Pete's big head and answered the phone just before they hung up.


"Breauna? This is the right number right?"

"Casie? Yeah it's the right number. You need anything?"

"No just wondering if anything is going on between you and Joe."

"Not since 3 years ago. Why?"

"He's just been feeling distant, I'm sorry I didn't mean to bother you. See you later?"

"Uh...yeah." I didn't know we were doing anything today.

"Great bye!"

"Who was that?" Pete asked as he lay back down on my lap.

"It was Casie."

"I didn't know she had this number." Andy stated

"Well guess what we have something to do now."

"Really! What is it?"

"Don't know, Casie said we did though."

"Uh...I got plans" Pete started

"No you don't." I felt sad for Pete. He actually thought he was gonna get out of this.


"We're here!" Casie squealed. She had picked us up 20 minutes after she called. Joe was in the front seat looking like he didn't have any say in him being here.

We drove for what had seemed like hours but it was 30 minutes. Andy was still reading his comic book while Pete and I fell asleep.

"I said we're here!" that last squeal was when Pete and I finally decided to get up. We were also the last two in the car.

"Where's Patrick?" yawned Pete

"There wasn't enough room in the car so I had to follow behind." He said looking pretty mad.

The group walked up to the theater. I don't get why we had to go here. I mean, it's the middle of the day for God's sake. I could be doing something so much more important like, watching tv, cutting my toe nails, laundry, taking a shower. A nice, hot, steamy shower with...

"Breauna! We got our tickets lets go."

The screening room was about empty except for a few people, which would be us. I don't even know what movie is pla-wait we're apparently watching Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead mans chest. About half way into the movie Pete leans into my ear and asks "You want to go to the back row and make out? Don't worry about the movie we can catch this on Demand." That sounded way better than watching a movie. I got up to move but I was pulled back by Casie grabbing my hand therefore making me sit down again.

"I'm not done with you yet."


"You remember our conversation earlier?" how could I not, it made me miss my favorite tv show "Stay away from Joe. He's mine and I don't need some little groupie trying to take him away from me."

"How dare you call me a groupie! I've known these boys longer than you have. Patrick, I'm going home!"

"But I'm watching the movie." He whined

"Take me home!" I said through gritted teeth. I scooted past Pete who got up a followed closely behind.

"What happened?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Are you sure?"



"She called me a groupie!"

"I thought you didn't want to talk about it."

"I changed my mind!" We talked some more after that but the ride back home was mostly silent. Patrick dropped us off at my house and went home.

I walked inside and headed straight to my room. If Casie wants Joe she doesn't have to worry about Joe. I don't want Joe. I don't want Joe because he's a stupid idiot who can't even call someone to tell them he doesn't want to see them anymore.

"Breauna are you seriously ok? Cause you seem mad."

"I am mad Pete."

"And you have a right to be 'cause she called you a groupie." Is Pete using reverse psychology on me because I'm starting to realize it was stupid of me to leave the theater. I let her win the battle.

"I get it Peter. It was immature of me to leave the theater."

"No it wasn't. That's what I was trying to get you to do all along. So now we're this big bed...with nothing to do..."

"What do you want to do?" I rolled my eyes at him

"I want to make you feel better."

"Then your job is done. You made me feel better 5 minutes ago." I kissed him and he kissed back. We took our relationship to a new level tonight and fell asleep in each other's arms.
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