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Chapter 8- Better Off As Lovers And Not The Other Way Around

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I figured out why my chapters seemed off to me; I forgot a chapter! Stupid I know but I was going back and forth between computers. Someone's drunk.

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Chapter 8- Better Off As Lovers and Not the Other Way Around

5 hours later after me and Pete fell asleep I heard knocking at my door. I pushed Pete’s arms off of me and got up. I looked back at him; he started shivering from the sudden loss of heat. It was almost too cute.

Downstairs the knocking became louder, almost desperate but what did I know? I was sleepy. I opened the door to the last thing I ever thought I’d see on my porch. Joe was standing there.

“Breauna,” He slurred. “I heard what happened earlier.”

“Joe have you been drinking?” I was worried for him; this wasn’t the Joe I was used to seeing. He moved closer to me, stumbling over his feet. “How did you get here?”


“Are you insane?!? Driving over here drunk off your butt, you could’ve crashed!”

“I didn’t.”

“You could’ve! Where’s Casie, shouldn’t you be with her?” Joe had fallen asleep on the couch. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a cold bottle of water out the fridge, that’s supposed to sober people up right? I walked back out and threw it on him.

“Aghhh! Damn that’s cold!” well I did something right, he stopped slurring. “Andy told me what you were mad about. It wasn’t right for you to be called a groupie.” He pulled me down to sit beside him. If Pete came by right now and see us that would be a very awkward conversation.

“Why are you here, drunk?”

“Ever since we came back I’ve felt horrible about leaving you. I miss you and its hard seeing my best friend and band mate being all... cuddly with my…ex. Some days I just go to a bar and try to drink you away.”

“Well how do you think I feel seeing you dating some person who can’t handle your past?”

“That’s exactly what I don’t want. I want someone who can face anything that comes their way. I want you.”

“Joe, I lo…like you but I don’t think we should be together.”

“I can try; I can be the man you always loved. I just want another chance to prove that to you.”

“I’m not leaving-” Joe’s lips covered my own. Everything in my head screamed to stop. It said ‘What would Pete say’ and ‘how hurt he’d be when he found out.’ My body wouldn’t listen to my thoughts though; it craved his touch too much. My hands wrapped around his fro as he deepened the kiss. The only thing that did stop us was the sound of a flushing toilet. Joe turned my face away from looking upstairs and whispered

“I want to be with you Breauna.” He gave me one last kiss on the lips and left out the door leaving me flustered. I didn’t even move until I heard his car startup.

I walked back upstairs to the room where Pete was sleeping. He looked so content and happy. I was lucky to have him. I crawled back into bed and snuggled myself against Pete as he wrapped his arms around my waist. If only he knew about what just happened…
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