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Chapter 9- I Cast A Spell Over The West To Make You Think Of Me The Same Way I Think Of You

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A day off filled with Troh

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Chapter 8- I Cast A Spell Over The West To Make You Think Of Me The Same Way I Think Of You

I had to go to work today, it was Monday after all. I got in the car and started my drive. I took in the scenery, Chicago was really a beautiful place when you stayed here as long as I have.

My mind slowly over to Pete and Joe. I was gonna have to let one go soon. I know when I was younger I told myself that I would never be the girl that cheats on her boyfriend and look at me now. How proud am I? I looked into my rearview mirror(almost scaring myself because I thought I saw the image shaking its head in disappointment) to back up in a spot.

I walked in the door and went to grab my half apron but was suprised to find it not there.

"Breauna, why are you here?"

"Um... because I have to work." I said confusedly. Lisa just smiled when she realized something I did not.

"You didn't get the call, did you? Well someone requested a day off for you. It was a guy." She put emphasis on guy. "You didn't tell me you met a guy." Lisa had been trying to set me up with a guy for about a year now and just recently gave up.

"It's no big deal really."

"Yes it is! Now you can stop spending your weekends alone. When do I get to meet him? Oh! There's a guy walking in now, is it him??" She pointed towards the door excitedly. I was hoping it was someone I didn't know but it was. Ladies and gentleman, here comes the one and only Joe Trohman!

"Hi guys!" He lisped

"Hey Joe..."

"Aha! I knew I was right, it was him!" I pushed her out the was. She was getting a little too hyper, even for me.

"Whatcha doin here?"

" I gave you the day off so we could offically have a date." He beamed.

"Yes!" I heard Lisa shout from behind the door she was hiding. I glared at her and she just smiled as if to say 'What? Nothing out of the ordinary here! Move along please!'

"Well she's happy...come on I want to leave before the sun sets."

"But it's only 11 am."

"I plan on having you all day."


Joe drove me to this place outside of town, in this country lookin place. It was really nice, there were a lot of birds, and squirrels, and stuff. We stopped off at this clearing, he parked the car and opened the trunk.

"Joe, what do you plan on doing?"

"Why, my dear, we're having a picnic!" He unfolded a blanket and spread it over the ground. I grabbed the basket to set it down but he snatched it out of my hands.

"I was gonna get that!"

"No you're not; I'm going to be doing all the labor for us today." And with that he picked me up and set me down by the basket. He sat next to me and pulled me onto his lap. I gazed at the clouds as I thought my next sentence.

"I'm not sure about this."

"About what?"

"Us being together right now."

"What's wrong with that?"

"You know I never wanted to be the other girl in relationships."

"What do you want me to do about it?"

"I want you to figure out exactly what it is that you want. Have you even started thinking about Casie? I know I shouldn't even be thinking about her but no girl should ever have to go through this."

"I want you to stop thinking aout what the world would say and concentrate on us. We're finally together again, isn't that what you wanted?"

"Yeah, you know what? I will stop thinking so much. I'm glad I have you with me right now, you keep my head leveled." He leaned against the tree we were sitting in front of and closed his eyes. I don't know what came over me but I felt the need to be closer to him again. I needed to 'feel' him again. Yes I am talking about 'Luke' as Joe calls it. I kissed him passionately then stopped, got up, and lead him to the backseat of his car.

Normally, I wouldn't even do this in public but my mind had stopped thinking. We got inside and things quickly lead to other things. My heart was racing from all the excitement.

Two hours later we got back to being presentable and cleaned up our picnic site. As we closed the trunk, I decided to end the peaceful silence.

" was great."

"Any day with me is great." I glared at him "I mean, any day with you is great."

"Thank you."


"Thanks for taking me back to my car."

"I almost took you back home but then I remembered little Petey has a key."

"Just because he's short doesn't mean you can call him that."

"I don't think you understand the 'little' I meant. You definatly know I'm not 'little'." I really didn't get what he was saying at all until the did a hand guesture towards 'Luke'.

"Oh! I get it now. Well I'll see you tomorrow. Bye!" He blew a kiss to me and drove off to his house. Joe underestimated Pete. When you see it up close it's a totally diffetent size.

The trip was short since I didn't far, so I was home in no time.

"Peter, I'm home!" he was in the living room watching tv.

"Hey, how was work?" He asked while hugging me. "You smell like cologne."

"Yeah, I stole some of yours when you were sleep so I wouldn't miss you at work." It was a good thing Pete and Joe wore the same cologne.

"I missed you too but I'm just too manly to put on perfume." He kissed my neck and I would've enjoyed it if I weren't so worn out from Joe earlier.

"I think I'll just lie on the couch and watch tv tonight."

"Okay." I think he wanted more but I was just so tired. He laid down first then me. We watched tv for awhile and then he started rubbing his nose on my neck, kissing it in certain places. I would've kissed him back but I had fallen asleep.
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