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Chapter 10- I Sing The Blues And Swallow Them Too

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Not feeling too good

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Chapter 9- I Sing The Blues And Swallow Them Too

Monday, July 15, 2007 I was not feeling well at all. I woke up at 3am running to the bathroom and the strange thing is this had been gappening for ahwile now.

"Baby is everything alright?" Pete called from the bed. I don't know. All I know is I've got my head pratically in the toilet puking my insides out.

"Don't ask me questions you can tell the answer to!" Oh yeah, I has been yelling alot at people for no reason. He sounded quiet, is he even still there? "Pete?"

"Yeah baby?" He was standing in the door way now, worried for my well being. He jumped and held my hair as I heaved again.

"Ugh! I feel terrible!"

"Are you able to come to bed yet?" I nodded my head helplessly. "I've never been too good at taking care of people but I think you should go to a doctor."

"No, I don't need to go there, I just threw up once.

"I know you've been doing this all week." Damn! And here I thought for once I was being subtle. "We could see my mom, maybe she could help." He suggested.

"I think I'll do just that."


I walked up the steps to the Wentz's front door, alone because the boys (Minus Joe) had something to do and I couldn't go. So here I am about to ask for help. I think I had a pretty good idea what was wrong with me though. I knocked on the door and waited for an answer.

"Hi Breauna! I didn't know Pete had company today. He's not here you know." Mr. Wentz said.

"Actually I came here to see Mrs. Wentz."

"Oh well in that case let me invite you in, she's in the kitchen." he said just before he ventured off to his office.

Mrs. Wentz was doing the dishes, obviously cleaning up from breakfast. I grabbed a dish and started drying with a towel.

"I hope you're not too busy. I wanted to ask you something."

"I'm never too busy to help a person out! Sit down; I'll be there in a second." She finished the last dish and set in the other side of the sink. "Now, what is it you need help with dear?"

"I've been feeling sick lately but my head feels perfectly fine." She held her hand to my forehead.

"Honey, you do feel fine. Has anything else been bothering you?"

"I feel moody."

"Let's see you've been sick...and moody. Oh! Sweetie, you just might be pregnant! Pete will be so happy, he's been talking about nonstop since the two of you got together." Oh joy, insult to injury. I really needed to let Joe or Pete go soon. "Have you been to the doctor to make sure?"

"No mam, that's where I was going next."


"Joe I really need to talk to you." I said as he opened the door. Luickly Casie was nowhere insight so I could talk freely.

"Sure, just let me tell Case I'm going out." So she was here. Nothing was going right for me today. "Okay, you want to go walking? That always seems to calm you down when you look scared about something."

We walked in silence. I couldn't really find the right words to say what I had to but Joe broke it for me.

"So what's going on?"

"I think I'm pregnant..." He hadn't said anything after that. I wish he would though, anything really, just don't be quiet!

"Have you been to the doctor?"

"No but I was going there. I can't go alone, I'm too scared!"

"Well can you find someone?" I wanted him to take me but I don't want him to feel like he's forced to take care of it.


"I'll go...if you want me to."

"Thanks Joe."

We continued walking in silence until we reached the hospital and up to the nurse's desk.

"Mam, my girlfriend thinks she maybe pregnant, can we see a doctor now?"

"Yes, hold on. Paging Dr. Ingram...please come to the front desk you are needed." A woman, holding a clipboard filled with papers, walked up.

"You called?"

"Yes, these people need your assistance." The doctor turned to us and asked what our problem was. I answered and she led us to an empty room to do a test. Sheleft and came back after 30 minutes of waiting, with answers.

"Your results came back positive Breauna. You have been a mother for a full 2 weeks now."


I sat in my house alone in the dark staring at the ceiling. I stared at it like it held all the answers of the universe, including the questions that came to mind.

1. Who would the father be?

2. If it were Pete, would he accept it and care?

3. If it were Joe, would he do the same?

4. If it wasn't Pete, how was I to explain that it was Joes?

And last of all, the question that I thought as soon as I started dating Joe and Pete.

5. Would everyone hate me if they found out I was cheating on Pete?

I didn't even want to think about that last one. It would hurt too much if everyone turned their backs on me. I might have to move to a different place because these people are my whole life.

"Breauna, are you in here?" I heard the front door close but had no intentions of getting off this comfortable floor. "Breauna..." He stopped up short. "Why are you on the floor?" I shrugged my shoulders. "I bought you something, I got you a necklace." He was so sweet. I just wanted to say 'Hey I don't deserve this because I slept with your best friend' but my mouth said otherwise.

"I'm pregnant Pete." I'll find out the answer to half of question 2 now.

"That's so great! I'm gonna be a father! You don't know how long I've been thinking about settling down and starting a family!" I just pray he's the father so I could break it off with Joe.
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