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Chapter 11- This Might Just Be A Waste Of Time

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A party of one's own.

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AN: I've been away to New York for the past few days and I just got back on the first. I had absoutly no way of getting to a computer to type this chapter so here it is now.

Chapter 10- This Might Just Be A Waste Of Time

It's been a few weeks since I told Pete I was pregnant and I had been getting a lot of support from his family (I had lost touch with mine when I moved out). Pete wouldn't stop holding my stomach or let me drink anything else besides water even though the doctor says most things are fine. He decided to throw a party in my honor. I don't know why I deserved this, I still didn't know if the baby's his.

"Patrick can you lift the banner a little bit higher?" Pete instructed. He had declared that since he was throwing the party he didn't have to move anything.

"I can't get any higher than this."

"Well can you at least straighten it out?" Patrick was starting to get frustrated, they had been moving the banner for an hour now and Pete just doesn't seem to be content with a placement yet.

"That's as straight as I can get it."

"I think it looks fine." I had to help him out; the poor thing was on the tips of his toes about to trip.

"Really? You don't think it's not straight enough?"

"It's great!" Andy came walking in with a ton of grocery bags struggling wiht each one.

"I got your damn food Pete."

"Great! Can you put them in the kitchen?"

"I had to go to 5 different stores to get all of this; I'm not carrying this any longer."

"All you have to do is walk 10 more steps." Pete complained. Andy set the bags on the ground and walked off. "If you want to be like that then you're fired!"

"Too late, I quitted already." Pete looked devestated, he had only two people to work with now. Speaking of two, one is missing...

I walked outside and searched around. Joe was supposed to be here by now. When I turned to walk back in, I heard a car horn.

"I came and am here with cake."

"Well that's just awesome."

"Want to know something?"


"I'm single!" I hugged him. I was proud, maybe he saw what we all did.

"Aww! Our poor Joe is all alone now."

"Not completely. Hey, can I get help with this stuff?" Pete had ordered Joe to go to a bakery for an extremely large cake.

"Don't touch anything!" Pete came running out when he saw Joe hand me a bag. "She's not allowed to touch anything."

"I need to do somethng; I'm starting to feel worthless around here."

"You're not worthless. I can think of many reasons where your assistance is needed." he said with a smirk.

"I agree." Pete looked at Joe with a questionalbe face. "I agree...that Pete can think of reasons...I gotta go into the kitchen." Joe ran off inside the house.

"He's just getting weirder everyday I see him." Pete said.


7:00 came around and no cars had pulled up at all. Pete was pacing the floor and we were just staring at him.

"I wonder what happened."

"Pete, I don't think anyone forgot about this."

"If they didn't they would be here already! Joe stop eating the chips." Pete scolded.

"I'm hungry!" he protested. Andy turned on the tv and we all watched except Pete, who was still at the door.

"Will you sit down already!" Patrick shouted.

"I'm changing clothes, it's hot." I left and went upstairs to my room. I walked to the dresser only to find something interesting. Pete forgot to send out the invitations. I changed quickly into boxers, pulling on my oversized shirt as I headed back.

"Why aren't you dressed?" Pete asked worridly

"There is no party."

"What are those papers for?"

"Invitations." The guys all glared at Pete. It was, after all, the only job he had given himself to do; send out the invitations. They all exchanged glances and grabbed a pillow off the couch. Pete took a step back looking scared.

"Guys...can we talk about this?" They still advanced toward him until he jetted up the stairs. "Breauna they're gonna kill me!!"

"I think I'll record this moment." I got a camera from the entertainment center and quickly turned it on, running towards Andy. "Andy how does it feel that all the effort you put into grabbing bags was worthless?"

"Angry. He desreves everything we're about to give him with these pillows."

"Good thing you have such uncomfortable pillows."

"Joe that was not funny." I said as I punched him in the arm. "What's your intake on the situation?"

"I really don't care. I had the eaisest job because the bakery was on the way here. I just wanted to start a pillow fight." Patrick was at the bedroom door putting all of his weight on it. Pete somehow managed to get the door closed and locked.

"Patrick, guess what." he turned around "I have a key." I opened the door finding it silent inside. The guys walked in, their backs facing different directions, ready to pounce on the first thing they saw moving. I heard water running from the bathroom for a second then turn off. I shushed the boys and opened the door.

"AGH! What now! My defense is better then yours!" Pete came running out squirting everyone with the water gun he carried.

"Pete don't get the camera wet!" I screamed. I already broke one camera, I wasn't about to buy another. I followed him as he led up downstairs and out the front door.

We split up in different directions as we got outside. Pete went behind the house, Andy went to one side, Joe went to the other side, and Patrick stayed in front.

"Pete you can't hide forever!" Patrick shouted.

"We're gonna get you sometime." Andy said.

"Guys, he's not outside anymore." Joe realized.


It was true, we weren't outside anymore. I had followed Pete and went to the back. He said that we should go inside and leave the losers alone. I still got footage of the though. We were on the couch making out when they came in, camera still on and facing up.

"Way to give up the fight." Joe complained

"Way to take up space on the couch, move over." Patrick said. I got off of Pete and he sat up. Joe was staring at us angrily and Andy took notice. I hope he doesn't say anything later.

"Today was fun but not you gotta get out of my house." I stood up and reopened the door.

"Aww! I wanna stay!" Andy whined

"Then you're staying."

"What?! Pete you don't have any say in this."

"I live here don't I?"

"You have a point." I made him grab some covers and make a palate on the floor. When he was dont we all took some random pillows and laid on it. I was in between Pete and Joe, Patrick and Andy beside him.

"I don't have any cover." Andy said after awhile

"Get some extra." Pete said

"I don't want to get up."

"Then stay there." Patrick said.

"I'm cold though."

"Then snuggle up to Patrick." Joe said

"I don't want to."

"Well what then?" I asked.

"I don't know what?"

"What?" Joe, Patrick, Pete and I asked.

"I'm not cold anymore. Good night!"

"Good riddance." I said.
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