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Who's that chick??

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'Zactly who is that chick?? Enjoy!!

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It had been a few weeks since Brendon and Andie's fiasco and things seemed to be going down hill. Andie was sitting with her friend, Max, at school in the cafeteria one morning. They were talking about how shitty of a lover that Brendon was being. Just as they were ranting, Andie noticed a girl with Brendon. She's a pretty girl. Tall. Beautiful dirty blonde hair and slender. She was hanging onto him and giggling.

"Who the hell is that??" asked Andie.

Max shrugged her shoulders and told her friend to go over and "introduce" herself. Andie agreed and walked right up to Brendon, chick, her brother, Jon and Ryan. She didn't even awknowlege Brendon's presence, instead she gave Jon a hug.

"Andie, this is Holly. She's new from Michigan. Holly this is my sister, Andie," said Spencer.

Andie and Holly made eye contact then quickly turned away. Andie's heart was slowly breaking by the sight of a well "happy couple". She couldn't believe how pigish Brendon was being and how he didn't seem to care about their relationship. Andie decided to seek avengance and bat her eyes at Jon. Jon didn't seem to mind. Nope. He loved it. In fact the poor boy has had a crush on Andie since freshman year (they were all Seniors, except Holly, whom is a Sophomore).

"Soo are you a freshman??" asked Andie, in a sarcastic tone.

"Umm, a Sophomore actually," replied Holly.

The poor woman wasn't catching onto Andie's despise. She just was upbeat and excited to meet her new classmates. Andie then excused herself and held onto Jon's hand. He got the hint to go with her. Jon smiled and Andie giggled as they made their way down the art hallway.

Brendon had a look of concern on his face which quickly changed when he stared into Holly's hazel eyes. Holly smiled and kissed Brendon on the lips. He didn't really show much affection back. He was at a cross between two girls. One he had given everything to and the other that he hardly knew, but fancied.

Meanwhile, Jon and Andie were walking hand in hand and flirting for all to see.

"Soo, what do you think of that Holly chick??" asked Jon.

"Ehh I don't know. I think it's shitty of Brendon that he found a girl after we had sex and all," Andie blurted out.

She then saw Jon's expression and thought about what she had just said. She quickly tried to cover-up what she had just confessed, but yea that didn't work out to well.

A/N: Soo it's kinda like a filler for now, but whatever I'm tired and don't feel like writing anymore.
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