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How can I resist you??

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More intimate times with Brendon and Andie. Is it all a secret?? Or is Spencer going to quickly find out?? Enjoy!!

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Andie was home alone and working on her English homework, when there was an unexpected knock at the door. She sighed and put her pencil down to answer the door. She checked herself in the hallway mirror and then went to answer. To her surprise, Brendon, was there, and he seemed to be nervous.
"Hey Brendon," said Andie.
"Hey Andie, umm is Spence home??," asked Brendon, nervously.

"Nope, I'm home alone. Do you wanna come in??," asked Andie.

Brendon nodded and walked into the Smith's house. Just as Andie and Brendon were walking away from the foyer, they looked into each other's eyes. Andie wrapped her arms around Brendon and pressed her lips up against his. They proceeded to passionately make-out. This led to them walking upstairs and into Andie's bedroom; where they collapsed on her bed. Andie pulled away from Brendon and started to unbutton his shirt. They continued to kiss as their clothes came off.

"Are you sure??," asked Brendon.

Andie nodded and then ran her hands through Brendon's hair. From there on they made love for the first time and it was blissful. Afterwards, Andie snuggled up to Brendon and placed her hands on his chest. Suddenly, the front door opened and the two heard footsteps.

"Oh my gosh, umm we have to go. I-I mean you have to go!! Spence'll find out!!," said Andie, nervously.

"Wait a second babe, calm down," said Brendon.

Andie put back on her shirt and comfy pants then looked at Brendon. She couldn't resist him or the way her heart called out to him. She climbed back into bed with him and his warm body eased her tense body.

"I'll go out the back door, then come around to the front. You can go and shower or whatever, then Spence won't suspect a thing," explained Brendon.

"Ok, good plan," said Andie.

They kissed again and Brendon went down the opposite side of stairs that led him to the back door. Spencer and Ryan were home and they didn't even hear the door open. Andie started up the shower and then kept thinking if Brendon had made it out or not. As she shampooed her hair she kept thinking about how handsome Brendon is and how she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She even started to fantasize her future life. It was complete with a huge house that had a room dedicated to his music and another room dedicated to her spiritual and artistic side. She then thought about how cute their children would be. She broke out of her fantasy, finished her shower, then smiled to herself as she wrapped her hair in a towel and covered herself up with a robe.

She then walked downstairs to find Spencer, Brendon, and Ryan talking in the kitchen. They were eating Reese's Peanutbutter Cups and drinking Red Bull. She stole one of Spencer's Reese's and ate it. Spencer rolled his eyes and Andie giggled. Brendon couldn't stop starring at Andie, or her robe; knowing what was under it.

"So, I have to go to the mall today. What are you guys doing??," asked Andie.

"We've got rehearsal, then mom wanted me to go to the grocery store, then the gig at 9pm," said Spencer.

"Cool, well I'll get the groceries, because you'll mess it up," laughed Andie.

"True, the list is on the fridge," said Spencer, laughing as well.

Andie then went back upstairs to call Max and tell her to meet her at the grocery store. Max agreed and demanded her to tell her every detail about Brendon's suprise visit. Andie promised she would then she quickly did her hair.

When the two met up at the grocery store, they were discussing EVERYTHING.

"Did he use protection??," asked Max.

"Ohh yea, we were safe," replied Andie, reassuringly.

"Ok good. I'm too young to be an aunt," laughed Max.

The two continued to browse around the grocery store and then they went to buy their purchases. They then ventured off to the mall, where they usually hang-out anyway. They immediately went into Hot Topic and Andie headed towards the skirts. She bought a black and hot pink mini that had a chain on it and a red, plaid, and black mini. Max bought a mini that was similar to Andie's black and pink one only it was blue instead of pink. The two also picked-up some tank-tops and fishnets, then headed towards Starbucks. Once they got their Starbucks, they went to a few more stores and then headed back home.
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