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Wei's Attack

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Wei has attacked what will become of Liu Bode?

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Chapter 2

A messenger came running to the wu's force. "sirs we must report to the council quickly as soon as we can."
"All righty than" said Ci All of them left except the messenger. He gave a grin.

They soon arrived nobody was there except them. "hmmmm wonder why we came here" As soon as they turned around the passage caved in!

"oh now I see" They turned around and saw at least 10 wei soldiers.

"Awesome let's go"

They beated up the wei soldiers badly. Sun ce said " Liu Bode, go to the gate as fast as possible and that's a command!"

Liu Bode nodded and ran to the gate in less than a minute he arrived at the North Gate.
He killed a wei archer took the bow and arrows. He looked for the officer in charge of the wei attack.
He saw Cao ren assuming he was the guy in charge. He aimed at his forehead shot the arrow and the arrow struck Cao ren right between the eyes. Cao Ren fell down and died.

Liu Bode soon saw Dian wei pointing at him. Liu Bode ran to the outside of Wu's territory. The half of the army of wei charged Liu Bode.


" hey where's Ci and Ning?" asked Ce

"I have no clue oh well let's go and have more fun." said Meng

They went to the North gate to find half of an army and found Cao Ren Dead. "Let's go" Ce shouted.

Liu bode killed half of the half the army and was tired. He fell to his knees.
Dian wei stepped up." You" he didn't get to finsh his lin he left and had an archer aim at his forehead. "You will die" The archer pulled back the arrow Liu Bode closed his eyes waiting for his death But instead of the soldier shooting it the archer fell and died.

"Huh?" said Liu Bode

"oh come on you beat me and can't defeat the soldiers come on" Said a voice

"really you beat me in one try and is messing up on soldiers?" said another voice.

The next thing he knew he saw was 2 guys fighting the wei soldiers. He soon fainted.

The others killed the half army. The wei's attack was over and Wu has won!
So this is the Second chapter hope ya liked it.
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