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Liu Bode was saved by 2 people but they are lost. Will they get backed to Wu or will they die of starvation?

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When Liu Bode woke up he heard the sound of wood crackling. He opened his eyes but closed almost immediately. He saw 2 men sitting near the fire. They stood up walked towards Bode. Bode just jumped up getting ready to defeat the men. He saw 2 wei officers. But that's what Bode saw. The 2 men are actually Ning and Ci.

"Whoah easy there Bode" said Ci

"Hey he's awake" said Ning.

"Stay away from me you evil twisted Wei officer!" Yelled Bode

"Huh?" they both said.

"Maybe he's dreaming" said Ning

At that same moment Bode fell backwards and landed back first on to the sand.

"Well guess he's out cold again?" laughed Ci

Ning went hunting while Ci kept an eye on Bode. When Ning came back it was about night. Ning brought back two tigers and a horse that's weakened.

"Well dinner's served"

They quietly ate the dead and cooked tigers. They went to sleep and they woke up to the sound of horses. They stood up and was surrounded by the Shu forces. And yet Bode was still out. Zhao yun stepped up on his horse.

Yun glared at them. "Get them"

"Wait the guy over there in the red is sick and needs protection." said Ci

"Let go of me you idiot" Said Gan

Zhao looked at Bode "I will take care of him until we get to Cheng Du."

In two days they arrived at Cheng Du.

Zhao yun took them to Liu Bei.

"Lord Liu bei I found them near here what shall we do with them."

"I see that one is sick take him to the healers and put the others in the prisoners cage" said Bei. He sounds evil doesn't he?
Meanwhile at Wu:

Master Sun Ce we hear word that Bode,Ning,and Ci are captured at Cheng Du"

"No it can't be they are captured at Shu?"


Sun Ce called a Council.
At Cheng Du:

"We should try to persuade them to join our forces" said Fei

"Maybe the sick one, when he gets better tell him to train with you for a bit."


Sirs we face with a problem said Ce

"We have to get ning,ci,and bode back."

"Where are they?" said Shang

"Cheng Du"

"oh shoot"

Yes shoot

"Should we send an army to attack them to get them back or ask them to give them back"

"We should first send an army with a messenger and camp and tell the messenger to go and he will return back with the answer. If they say no we attack and if yes then just leave." said Yu

They all slowly nodded.

All right then we leave tommorow.
That's the third chapter.
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