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The Meaning Of A Kiss

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Children have wild imaginations.(A oneshot, set when they were six)

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"Nice one Delilah. Now try your left hand." The tall red haired lady was kneeling in front of a small brown haired girl. The little girl was wearing small boxing gloves. While the lady was wearing focus mitts.

Delilah swung her left hand at the focus mitt. "Great hit Delilah! Keep coming at me." Delilah went to swing at the lady again, but as she stepped forward she tripped over her undid shoelace and fell towards the ground, but at the last moment she was caught by her mentor.

"Nice fall Delilah!" She didn't even have to see the person to know who had said it. It was Levi, her least favorite person in the world. His voice was very deep, every time he spoke see wanted to cover her ears. Also his hair was way too pointy and shiny.

"Don't make fun of her Levi. She just tripped over her shoelace. It's not a big deal. Julius has probably tripped over his shoelaces millions of times."

"Whoa, calm down, Terra. I wasn't making fun of her and Julius has never tripped over his shoelaces before."

"Well that's a lie. That kid is always falling down."

"I wasn't lying to you. He trips over his feet not his shoelaces. He doesn't even have shoelaces. He wears shoes with velcro straps."

"He's six and he still has velcro shoes?"

"Yeah. Do you have a problem with it?"

Delilah knew that she was forgotten about, so she just sat down and watched as they bickered back and forth. They always did this and it always involved something about herself and Julius. Even though she was only six years old she knew that they fought because Terra, her mentor, didn't agree with the way Levi acted with Julius. Levi was Julius' mentor, but it they did together was watch TV and play games. They never trained like Delilah did with Terra.

"Actually I do. He's not a baby..."

"No he's not, but he is a child!" Delilah knew that Terra was going to yell. The thing she hated the most in the world was when people interrupted her and Levi just did.

"Don't you ever interrupt me again!" Terra took a deep breath in as she calmed down. "We're suppose to be these children's mentors. Not their play mates."

"You're right we are suppose to be their mentors...but you act like their parents...I know you feel sorry for them, but we can't fill the spot of their parents we're barley even adults. Right now they don't need mentors their need friends."

"Your right. I'm sorry for yelling at you."

"I'm sorry too." They got closer and Levi wrapped his arms are Terra's waist. Delilah knew what was going to happen next. They always did it after they fought. Their faces got closer and their lips met.

Without warning Delilah sneezed.

Levi and Terra quickly broke apart. Her mentor looked at her. Her checks turned bright red. "Bless you."


They all just stood, well in Delilah's case sat, there in silence. Then Levi said. "Oh Terra I came here because Al and Scarlett need to talk to us."

Delilah knew what that meant, "Don't go Terra." She knew it was useless. Whenever Al and Scarlett needed to see them, they would leave for a few days, sometimes they even left for a week. This was the thing Delilah hated most about Levi. He always took Terra away from her. Sometimes it was for a few hours, other times it would be for a few days or weeks.

"You know I have to." Delilah didn't say anything. She just sat on the ground and waited for them to leave. Terra turned to Levi, "Where's Julius?"


"I don't want to just leave Delilah sitting all alone."

"I don't know. It's not like I have a tracker on him...He's probably watching TV in the living room."

"Figures." Terra held out her hand and helped Delilah off the ground. "Hold my hand. You're going to go watch some TV." Delilah did as she was told. None of them talk as they walked to find the blonde child.

They walked into the living room and sure enough he was there watching TV, to be more accurate he was watching it upside down. He was on the couch with his legs resting on the back of it, his toes were pointing straight up at the ceiling. His head dangled over the edge of the couch. His blonde hair almost touched the ground and his white face was now slightly pink.

"Sit up Julius." There was that deep voice again. Delilah always wondered how Terra could stand it.

Julius didn't move from his spot. "Julius sit up now!" A smile crept onto the little boys face. Delilah looked up at Levi. His hand was rubbing his face. He always did that when he was frustrated. "Terra do sometime."

Julius' upside down head turned so he was facing Terra. It she had to do was smile and say in her sweet voice, "Julius honey, please sit up." Julius sat up right on the couch.

"You listen to her, but not to me, your mentor." Julius just flashed his million dollar smile. You could see all his baby teeth, but there was one spot where there was no tooth. "Fine just sit there and smile. I swear you're a mute. You never talk to anyone. Come on Terra we're already late."

"Okay just wait. Delilah go sit down with Julius and watch TV." Delilah went and jumped up on the couch with Julius and the two adults left.

"How did you lose your tooth?" Delilah and Julius had met each other almost a year ago when Delilah had first come to the academy. They hung out even once in awhile, but not nearly as much time that they spent with their mentors. They hadn't seen each other in almost three days, but Delilah knew that last time she saw him Julius hand a mouth full of teeth.

"Levi thought it would be fun for me to learn how to ride a two wheeler."

"He's mean."

"It's because I don't talk to him." It was true Julius never talked to Levi even though he was he mentor. Julius barley ever spoke to adults. Many people just thought he was shy. But Delilah knew the real reason. He rarely talked to adults because they always laughed at his voice. It was high pitched and often squeaked, but Delilah didn't mind it. In her opinion everyone should be making fun of Levi's voice. He was the one that had the strange voice.

There sat there in silence watching the TV for about five minutes then Delilah saw something on the screen that interested her. A man had his hands on the neck of a woman and their lips were touching. "Why do people do that?"

Julius look over at Delilah and said, "What are you talking about?"

"That." Delilah pointed at the screen where the two people were still kissing. "Why do people do that. Levi and Terra always do the same thing."

"My Levi?" Julius always talked about Levi as if he was an object that he owned.

"Yeah. Always after they argue."

"Oh well that makes sense." Delilah just gave Julius a confused look. So Julius continued, "People kiss because it makes them happy. It's just simple magic, whenever two people's lips touch magical dust is made and then the dust lands on them and they become happy."

"I've never seen dust appear with Terra and Levi."

"That's because it's invisible magical dust. Duh."

Delilah thought about what Julius had said and it actually made a lot of sense. "How do you know this?"

"Because I'm super smart." Julius tapped his temple with his index finger. "Ouch I scratched myself." Julius then rubbed his temple.

"Have you done it before."

Julius automatic knew what she meant. "No. I've never needed to, I'm always happy."

"What about when your parents died. Were you happy then?"

The words Delilah had just spoken brought back painful memories for both of them. After reliving the worst moments in his short life he said, "Are you sad?"

Julius already knew the answer, but he wanted Delilah to say it. "Yeah."

"Me too." They looked at each other and Julius moved closer to Delilah. Julius quickly placed his lips on Delilah's. They held there for a moment then broke apart.

Delilah was the first to say anything. "I think it worked a little."

"Of course it did. Magic always works."

"But I still feel just a little bit sad." This time Delilah was the one to place her lips on Julius'.

"Delilah!" They broke apart and turned around to see Terra and Levi standing in the doorway. "What did you teach that boy, Levi!"

"I didn't tell him to do that. I swear."

"Come on Delilah. We're going."

Delilah jumped off the couch and followed Terra, but before she left the room she turned around and said, "See you later Julius." He waved as she left.

Levi sat down next to Julius with a smile stuck on his face. He put his arm around Julius' little shoulders. "So now you're a playing. Only six years old and you kissed a girl. I got my first kiss when I was eleven."

It was the first time Julius had spoke to Levi since they had first met over a year ago. "That's because you didn't have the pain that me and Delilah have."

"Hey you're not a mute, but man does your voice ever suck. You sound like a little girl." Levi laughed as he left the room, leaving Julius with the little bit of invisible magic dust that lingered from his first and second kiss.
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