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Sex, lies, and confessions

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Everyone is hiding a secret, what are the secrets? Read and find out!

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Izzie's POV

The next couple days Di and I caught up and became closer than ever. Brendon was still on his trip and doesn't know when he is coming back. Di and I decided to go to Chicago early to look for an apartment for me to stay at. So Di, Esteban, and myself flew to Chicago where I was greeted by the same driver who picked me up the last time. We all went to Clandestine headquarters so I could drop off the sketches to Pete and get his input. I went to Pete's secretary to let him know that I was here with the sketches and she told us to go on back.

"Hey Pete I know I am early but I just wanted to get a head start on looking for apartments. Oh sorry how rude am I Pete this is my sister..."

"Diana nice to finally meet you."

"Yea you too."

"Ok how did you know I had a sister name Diana? I never brought her up in a conversation with you ever."

"It must have been either Brendon or William, and who is this little guy?"

"This is Esteban, my new puppy."

"Cute, you should bring him over so he can play with Hemmy."

"Yea and your dog will squash my dog. Maybe some other time. I just really need to find an apartment."

"I already found you an apartment that has two bedroom and two bath and that was fully furnished and I also gave you a company car with your own personal driver."

"That makes things a lot more easier, thanks Pete." Then I felt my phone vibrate and I saw it was Will calling. "If you excuse me I have to take this." I stepped outside Pete's office and picked up the phone. "You know I haven't even been in Chicago for more than an hour and you are calling me for a booty call."

"Yea I guess you can say that. Are you up for dinner?"

"Yea but Di is here and I can not just leave her by herself."

"Talk to her and see if she can spare you for a couple hours. And call me back to let me know what she says. Ok? Bye."

"Bye." I hung up the phone and went back to Pete's office where I seemed to interrupt a conversation between Di and Pete and they seemed to cover themselves up pretty quickly.

"So Izzie who was that?"

"That was Lucy a classmate back from high school and she heard I was in town and wants me to go out to dinner with her." Giving her a knowing look that it was really Will.

"Oh well I can always go back to the apartment with Esteban and hang out there until you get back, I don't mind."

"Yea but how are you going to get there? I need to take the car."

"I will take her, I know where the apartment is and I have the keys. By the way here is your key."

"Thanks Pete, are you sure that this is no trouble?"

"Well I am done with work and have nothing else better to do with my time so no."

"Thanks and I will see you at the apartment Di. And see you tomorrow Pete."

"Okay," both said in unison. I left and called Will and he told me to meet him at his favorite restaurant. So I went and meet up with him for dinner.

"So what excuse did you use on your sister to come out to dinner."

"I told her I was meeting up with one of my friends from high school but she knew it was you."

"She knows about us?"

"Yea, I told her everything."

"She isn't going to tell Brendon?"

"No, I trust her."

"Good maybe we can go back to your new apartment and break in your new bed." He said grabbing my hand, which I quickly retracted.

"We shouldn't be touching each other in public. What if a picture of us surfaces on the internet touching each other and Brendon sees it?"

"Then we have to explain ourselves. But I'll keep my hands off of you for now."

"Let's order and go back to my place." He nodded and we ate and he followed my driver to my apartment.

"Can you believe Pete has set me up at such a nice place?"

"Yea Pete is never this nice to any of his employees. Take me for example he would not even let me sleep over at his house."

"Well you are kinda messy." I laughed and he pulled me into a kiss.

"You are totally going to pay for that."

"Oh yea? We will just see about that." I opened up my door to my apartment and I was speechless. "This place is nicer than my own house."

"Mine too," Will laughed. "Now I think you were going to pay for something?"

"I was." We begin to kiss and I heard a noise coming from one of the rooms. "Di are you here? Diana? Diana Eliza Raines?" Di comes out with her shirt on backwards and her pants unbutton.

"Izzie I wasn't expecting you to come home until much later. And Will nice to see you here too."

"Di what's going on?"

"Nothing, you just caught me sleeping that's all." I walked up to her and wiped something off the back of her ear.

"Di what is this? Whipped cream? Who the hell are you having sex with?"

"No one. It is just shaving cream."

"Right, move out of my way Di." I opened up the bedroom door to only see Pete on the bed trying quickly to put his pants on. "Di you have a lot of explaining to do."

"Ok so me and Pete are having sex with one another."

"Yea I can see that. But for how long have you two been having sex with one another?"

"Well remember that concert we went to go see Will perform at back at home and Fall Out Boy was the headliner? Since then."

"That is over 3 months ago. And you Pete couldn't even bother telling me like when we were in Europe?"

"What did you want me tell you? Hey Izzie I am having sex with your sister? Oh hey Will. Wait Will? What is he doing here?"

"Yea Izzie what is he doing here?"

"Is today the day where everyone confesses who they are sleeping around with?"

"Wait you and Will are sleeping together? What about Brendon?"

"Yea Izzie what about Brendon?"

"Di I am about to punch you if you don't shut the fuck up!"

"I should leave." Will said.

"No, you are staying here and we are going to have sex. Pete, me and Will are sleeping around with each other and I would appreciate it if you don't tell Brendon. And Di, where is my dog?"

"In your bathroom, and he did his business before me and Pete started ours. So if you will excuse us we are going to go finish what we started." Then the door slammed and I turned to Will.

"Am I going crazy or is Pete and my sister having sex with each other right now and been having sex with one another for 3 months now?"

"Weird I know"

"No fucking weird. Can we just start fucking right now because that is the only thing that would keep this whole situation off my mind right now?"

"You don't even have to ask that question twice." Will picked me up and took me to my room where we shared some of the most mind blowing sex to make me forget about my sister and Pete.
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