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Starbucks Savior!

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Izzie's POV

I woke up the next morning to discover Will wasn't there. "Great" I thought to myself, "I drove him off." I went into the kitchen to discover that there was no food besides whipped cream. I took Esteban outside to do his business and decided to call Brendon.


"Hey baby, did I wake you up?"

"Of course not, I am always awake to talk to you. What are you doing?"

"I just finish taking Esteban out for a quick walk outside the apartments."

"You found an apartment? That was quick."

"No Pete did and Di and I spent the night there and we kinda got into a fight that you would not believe what it was about."

"Well I am all ears, if you want to tell me."

"Well yesterday..." I trailed off before I even started because Will came in with Starbucks coffee and food, "My savior!"


"Sorry Bren I have to go Di just got back from Starbucks with coffee and food. I'll tell you the story later. Ok?"

"Yea ok, talk to you later. Miss you and love you."

"Same here, bye." I hung up the phone and jumped on Will. "I thought you left to go back home."

"Well I saw that there was no food or coffee and those are the essentials to survive the morning so I took the liberty to go to Starbucks and get us some coffee and food."

"My savior!" I kissed him and he laughed.

"So I heard. Were you talking to Brendon when I got back?"


"I understand completely, but for now you are all mine. Oh by the way I saw Pete's car in the parking lot so I guess he is still here." Almost on cue Di and Pete come out of the room they spent the night in.

"Who got Starbucks?" Di asked


"Our savior." Di and Pete said in unison. I looked over at Will and he shrugged his shoulders. We all sat down drinking our coffee and eating our pastries in silence until I broke the silence.

"Hey Di, is the reason why mom knows that Will and I broke up and Brendon and I are together is because Pete told you and you told mom?"


"No wonder why she kept saying we were lying."

"Not to make things more awkward but why are the two of you sleeping together when you love Brendon, Izzie?"

"Because I am 18 and don't know what I want in life."

"That is reason enough. But what if Brendon finds out?"

"Then he finds out." Will said as he grabbed my hand and kisses it.

"Di does mom know about you and Pete?"

"No why?"

"She thinks you are a lesbian who will never give her grandchildren. Wait until she hears about this. You know she hates tattoos, no offense Pete."

"Last time I remembered Brendon has a tattoo and she loves him, no offense Will."

"Mom doesn't know about Brendon's tattoo."

"And mom doesn't know about Pete's"

"Are you forgetting the posters in my room of Pete with his shirt off and his tattoo's exposed for the whole world to see?"

"Oh yea I took that poster and put it up in my room. Hope you don't mind?"

"Naah I have bigger issues to deal with."

"Like me going over your sketches." Pete piped in.

"Like that." I laughed and Pete went to his car to go get the sketches.

"So basically there is nothing that I don't want to change about the sketches but I do want to call a meeting with your department to let them know what is going on."

"Great! Let me go take a quick shower and I will meet you back at your office?"

"Yea that's fine. I am going to go home and go change. Do you want to come with my Di?"

"Umm...yea! See you later Izzie." They left me and Will by ourselves and we both laughed.

"They are such a weird couple!"

"Yea they are. So you were talking about taking a shower, can I join you?"

"Hmm...and what will be the benefit of you joining me in the shower?"

"I can think of multiple reasons," he whispered in my ear before I got up and took his hand and led him to the bathroom. We removed our clothing and jumped into the shower. Will did not waste anytime pushing me up against the wall and picked me up where I had to wrap my legs around him when he slid into me. I moan louder than I ever did before, with Will and with Brendon as Will kept sliding in an out of me. Will latched on to my neck and I stopped him.

"No biting or sucking at my neck. If Brendon sees any new marks he will start to ask questions." With that Will slid in and out of me even harder and faster than before. I couldn't take it any more I dug my teeth into Will's shoulder sucking and biting at it until I crashed into the best orgasm by far. Will slid out of me a couple of more times before he came and put me down.

"That was amazing," I told Will biting at his lip.

"So it is ok for you to bite and suck at my shoulder but I can't to you?"

"Don't get upset over something that could end this between you and me."

"Sorry for overreacting. But can't I just suck on an area and you can make up a lie like you burned yourself with the flat iron?"

"Are you that determine to give me a hickey?"

"What can I say, it turns me on."

"Fine, do it on the back so it would be more obvious that I might had burned myself." Without wasting time Will sucked and bit at the back of my neck until he was satisfied. "Satisfied?"

"Yes and from now on I am going to give you a hickey in the same spot so you can always think of me."

"Who says I am not thinking of you?"

"So tell me do I have a better wit, kiss, touch and fuck you ever had?"

"Don't use his words against him like that."

"Just a simply question, you did say that was amazing."

"What can I say I was high off an orgasm. Now I have a meeting to go to and we need to finish up in here quickly." We finished, got dressed and said goodbye. I left for the office and had our meeting and Di who was also there left to go back to the apartment.

"Hey someone did some grocery shopping!" Di rejoiced. I saw a note on the counter and read it and handed it to Di.

"Izzie, hope you don't mind me doing some light grocery shopping. I didn't want you or Di to starve to death. Call me if you want to do something tonight, bring Di so she can bring Pete. Talk to you later. Love Will. P.S. I stocked the bathrooms with condoms just incase as well in yours and Di's too ;)" Di looked up at me and laughed, "he just passed Brendon on the rating scale."

"Yea, I guess. Do you want to go out?"

"Hell yea! I'll call Pete." She left to go call Pete and left me alone in the kitchen. I can not be falling for Will when I love Brendon. Oh what the hell am I going to do?
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