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Ch. 3-No Phone

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"Are you sure you're okay?" Asked James.

"Mmm, I'll make it..." I said with the best smile I could manage, but it must've been one of a grimace because I was told that I should sit down.

"Do you think you need a doctor?" Asked Gerard.

"No." I answered quickly. "What I need is a cigarette."

Gerard pulled out his pack of cigarettes and offered me one.
Marlboros. Well, I'll take what I can get, at least it was menthol. I took it. It must have been a good idea, because Matt, Gerard, and Frank all took their cigarette of choice. I waited for the lighter, and inhaled.


"No problem."

"How old are you?" Matt asked...To keep the conversation going I assumed.

"Eighteen. Is there anyway I can use someone's phone?" I asked.
Ray offered me his and I dialed Fran's number.

"Hey this is Fran, I'm not here right now-" I hung up. Damnit.

I tried Collin's. It rang three times. Then I thought I heard someone answer.

"Hello?" I said. I heard a slight voice and some crackling.

"Hello? Collin? It's Andrea." I heard some more crackling then it went silent. Shit.

I tried Fran's number again. Voicemail.

"Shit." I whispered.


"I can't get a hold of anyone." I panicked. "I dunno what to do, guys. I'm awfully sorry. Really. I dunno what happened to Fran's phone. Collin's went dead I think. I just...grrahh.." I let out a frustrated sigh, and sunk in my chair.


Gerard stood up, and had the guys follow him outside.

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