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Ch. 4-Road Teip

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OUTSIDE with the guys

"We can't just let her go out again." Frank spoke.

"Yea, she's probably scared shitless, and her foot man. She says she's fine, but..." Matt trailed off.

"Well...maybe we can drop her off at her house." Was James's option.

INSIDE reg. pov
'Great. I'm a fuckin' burden to these guys' I thought. I let my head fall to the table. 'How am I getting home? I'm in Tennessee...and I live in Kentucky. That's a four hour drive.' I groaned.

I heard footsteps and I lifted my head up.

"Well. How far do you live?" Asked Gerard.

I looked at him. "Four hours away."

"Okay, I guess we're not dropping you off." Laughed Ray. I laughed a little with him.

"Sorry, guys. Really. I just...ugh."

"No it's fine. But...We have to leave in the next few hours to head to the next venue. And we don't know what to do with you."

"I'm sorry, I feel bad..." I spoke.

"Look. If all else fails, if you can't get a hold of anyone. Then I guess...what we could take you with us. To our next venue, and then get you on a plane back to...wherever it is you need to go." This is Gerard's plan, and my eyes widened.

"Where's your next venue?" I asked.

"North Carolina." Ray spoke up.

"Right. Well, I don't want to be a burden. I mean, I'll keep trying..."

"Just take your time, it'll be fine. We don't have a problem with it." Said Bob.

"But I don't have money though. Or clothes...or anything. It's all gone. My cigarettes, my fucking wallet, my phone!" I started to freak.

"Hey hey hey hey..." Gerard spoke fast to calm me down. "We'll take care of it. We have the money. We'll buy you clothes...and er..underwear..."Gerard said slowly in an embarrassed tone. "We'll take care of it."

"I'll pay you know. Um. If it happens." I was embarrassed.

"Alright, well. Try one more time."

I nodded and took the phone from Bob. I saw it was 1:34. Wow. I called both Collin and Fran's phone. I didn't know Ashley's. And I got the same thing. I wanted to cry.
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