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Ch. 5-Playing Favorites

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Mark, the driver, came to us and looked at me. "Look guys, we really shouldn't wait..." He trailed off.

Gerard sighed, "Yea, just go ahead."

Mark raised an eyebrow, and Frank went into an explanation of what was going down.

"Alright guys, just as long as you know what you're doing." He went back to the front.

"Oh wait! My other shoe!" Bob looked at me.

"Um, the guy grabbed it when I jumped the fence... and I wanna...see...if it's there or...something." I said while sinking in my chair.

"Yea. Go ahead and get it." Bob said, giving me permission.
"Okay." I jumped up and sat back down.

I looked up miserably. "My foot." I pouted.

"Alright. I'll get it." Said Gerard.

He got up, stopped, then turned around. "Um. Someone come with me." Bob got up and followed Gerard outside.

I looked around me. "Um. Thanks, guys."

"No problem. WOO! We got a girl on the bus." Said Frank in playful creepy tone. I smiled and laughed a little.

"Alrighty then." I responded.

"Hey Andrea."

"Hm?" I looked at Ray.

"Who's your favorite?" Frank butted in.

I looked at him with my mouth slightly agape. "What?" I tried to chuckle.

"You heard me. Out of the band, who's your favorite."

How do I get out of this one?

"I like all you guys..." I said in a pitiful attempt.

"Well, who do you like MORE?" He pressured.

"I don't know...?"

"Yes you dooo!!! Tell me." Frank stared.

I stared back. "No."




"Cry baby." I said.

"I bet it's GERARD!"

"What? NO!"

"Gerard what?" Gerard said as he came on the bus toting my shoe with Bob coming right behind him. I felt the bus jerk in movement.
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