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Prologue: Hope, faith, and wishes.

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(read Ghost Girl otherwise this story makes so sense) A story of re-birth, love, depression, suicide, truth and knowing the meaning of life. The Academy Is... plays a big role in this story. The...

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"Hey, baby." Pete Wentz said to his, still unconscious girl friend. "I guess no improvements, huh..." He pushed her hair out of her eyes. "When you finally wake up... well, I'll be able to go on tour again. But I'll be with you." He sat on the bed and rested his head on hers. Singing the words to Golden. He took her hand in his, the other rested on her stomach.
Feeling the small movements of his child, he smiled. "Glad you hear me, babe." He kissed her forehead.
"And that's another thing, we'll be parent's in a few months." He said. He continued with Golden, he felt pressure on his hand. Lori was moving. He grinned. "Please... please wake up. He pulled even closer to her. She squeezed harder this time. Muttering something he could not identify. He let go. "Jesus, fucking, christ... please be what I think this is."


Pete arrived back in his newly bought house. He glanced at the blinking light on his phone. 12 messages.

He pushed the button, awaiting for the phone calls that happened in the last 4 hours he was gone.

"Message 1: Hey, Pete. It's Andy... just checking on everything. Tell me how Lori's doing when you get back, kay? Bye."

He deleted it. 'I'll call him when I'm done.' He thought.

The next 4 messages were from the phone company and shit. Nothing he wanted to hear about.

"Message 5: Hey Pete. Guess you're not back yet. We're going out. We're waiting on you. Gimme a call."

He deleted it. He wound up deleting to the last two messages.

"Message 11: Hey, it's William. Where are you? It's been over an hour? We're starting to get worried..."

"Message 11 deleted."

"Message 12: Is everything with Lori alright? You would've been home by now."

He deleted it once more and picked up the phone, calling his band mate, Andy.


"Hey, it's Pete."

"Thanks for finally calling." He said, sounding a bit angry.

"Sorry, but I was with Lori. She was waking up... I was afraid to leave her..."

"Oh. Is she alright?"

"Not really, no signs of improvement and we have a high risk of losing the baby again."

"You want us to come? We're not doing anything..."

"Nah, I'll come to you."

"Alright. See you in a few."

"Bye." Pete said, as he hung up.


Lori has been hospitalized for two months now, in her 4th month of pregnancy and is the 3rd time her and Pete are at risk of losing there baby. Even if they didn't, the baby would still be unhealthy. Pete becoming extremely worried, canceling a number of tours so he could be with her. Endless nights, lying awake. No one to share his feelings of love with. Quiet most of the time.

It was only a matter of time... for either a miracle or for death.


This is the deepest thing I have ever written.
But... yay the sequel is finally here.
I am extremely proud of this chapter for some reason.
OOH! And I saw the Honda Civic Tour!!!!
For more information check out my gaia.
My journal and the video to the left of the screen.
I have 3 new husbands. LOL!
Sisky, Pete and Paul Wall. (long story)
Well, I hope you enjoyed the prologue of Quit Cryin' You're Eyes Out!
Elena(wuz hurr)
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