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And I Have Let Him Go

by Charis 2 reviews

Calypso, at the end of an era. Ficlet. [Spoilers for AWE.]

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And I Have Let Him Go
by Charis

/Disclaimer: /Pirates of the Caribbean is not mine, even if Kat said I can have an evil undead monkey. (And phenomenal cosmic powers, but that's another story.)
Notes: Suzanne Vega's "Calypso" is probably what made this little drabblet eat my brain, even if I warped it for the title. There's no closure for these two in the movie, which makes me a little sad.

The sea is quick to anger.

Her fury drives the waves to rise, lashes clouds overhead. She rages, the pain of imprisonment overshadowed by the ache of betrayal. Too long held, too long -- and for what? Because he was afraid?

Ah, part of her laughs, the perfidity of men. This is why love is foolishness. It is she who is meant to be the inconstant mistress. And so she throws her head back and laughs, howls, the sound almost more pain than mirth, and when she finds tears on her face, is surprised.

Hers is the victory in the end, as the Dutchman disappears beneath the waves again, swallowed once more. Hers is the victory, his heart pierced, his body taken. The seas calm, and the ship rises once more with its new captain at the helm.

Storms break swiftly. In the first flush of anger, she had thought she could never forgive him. But --

In the end, she knows.

Her arms open, and she welcomes him home.

- finis -
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