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Let's Go Back To That Airport Everyone Hates

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After a long night, Pete had fallen asleep in Patricks arms, right where he was last night. Patrick had fallen asleep as well, along with Andy and Joe. Andy was sleeping on the other bed and Joe had fallen asleep on the floor. When the next day came around, not one of them had woken up until 2:00 that evening.
Today was another concert, this time it was in NewYork city. By this time, no one had really wanted to continue with their tour, seeing how the trip was lacking an extream amount of fun.

"What time is it?" Joe mumbled, still laying on the floor.

Andy looked at his watch and shot up out of bed. "We're sopossed to be at the airport in half an hour!"

"Shit!" Patrick shook Pete slightly.

Pete turned to face Patrick. "What?"

"We have to be at the airport in 30 minutes." Patrick said.

"Oh." Was all Pete said. He got up and packed his things slowly. After getting on his sweatshirt, he walked out the door.

"Ok, we gotta go guys." Andy said grabbing his luggage and walking out the door. Patrick and Joe rushed behind him.

All four boys began running through the hotel and then down the street. They finally got to the airport 27 minutes later. They were all out of breath and about to pass out.

Joe ran up the stairs and began talking to the flight attendent. "Hey. The plane hasn't left yet, has it?"

"No sir, your just in time." The lady smiled.

"Oh niceness. C'mon guys! We gotta go!" Joe hollered behind him.

Andy, Patrick and Pete all walked behind Joe dragging their things behind them. When they got on the plane, they were relieved that they didn't miss the flight. After signing a few autographs for some over excited fans, they each took a seat and relaxed. Pete and Patrick sat in a row of seats in the back, while Joe and Andy sat in the front.

Finally, as the plane began to take off, Patrick spoke. "How are you feeling today?" He asked Pete.

Pete just and shook his head, and then turned back to look out the window.

"If you ever wanna talk, i'm here for you ya know." Patrick said in a soft voice.

Pete nodded. "Thanks Pat." He kept his eyes out the window the whole time.

It was a very long plane ride.

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