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Chapter Fifteen

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real short, but it needs to be real short, don't yell at me.

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Ryan's POV-

I sat on the couch, playing guitar hero, while Brendon raided the kitchen.

I can't believe they just ditched us like sudden. And I can't believe they thought I like Brendon...


Plain silly.

"Ryan? Want pop tarts?" Brendon asked from the kitchen.

"Yeah, send em' here!" I said, pausing the game I was playing, and looking over the couch.

Suddenly, I fell back, and rolled off the couch, in the sudden impact of the pop tart package with my face.

"Op!" I heard Brendon snort, followed by laughter.

I pouted, and picked up the pop tart package, and whipped it at Brendon's face.

"Ouch! Dickhead!" he screeched as it hit him.

"You hit me first." I said, crossing my arms, and getting back on the couch.

Yet again, as I turned my head to the T.V, I felt the package hit the back of my head, and roll into my lap.

I looked back, and shook my head.

"What? You wanted a pop tart, didn't you?" he asked, throwing his hands up in confusion.

I chuckled.

"Thanks Brendon." I said, opening it up, and ripping a piece off, putting it in my mouth.

Soon, the cushion I was sitting on rumbled as Brendon ran and jumped over the back, and into the seat next to me, and draping his legs over my lap, devouring the pop tart in his hands.

I just glued my eyes to the screen, and played my game, smirking a little when Brendon's legs touched my lap.

"Sho...wvut awre whe dwoing twoda?" Brendon asked, his mouth just about slammed to the brink with food.

"Chew, and swallow, tiger." I said.

He chewed, and gulped hard, his Adam's apple expanding, then contracting, as he flexed his neck.

"What are we doing today?" he asked.

"Video games, food..." I said, to name a few.

"Each other?" Brendon mumbled, a smirk on his face.

"What?" I asked, almost choking on my pop tart.

"Nothing..." Brendon said, loosening his collar and pulling on it, for cool air.

I giggled a little, and turned my attention to the T.V again.

Brendon just kept on eating his pop tart, and as I secretly glanced at him in the corner of my eye, I could see him smiling to himself. What a loser. Haha.

"So...when do you think Jon and Spencer will be back?" He asked, after gulping down the last bite of his food.

I shrugged.

"Who knows?" I said, glancing at him.

He smiled again, and squirmed in his seat.

I smiled, like an idiot. He was adorable.

"What are you so chipper about?" I asked, smiling.

He turned to me, and opened his mouth to speak, then shut it.

"I have to tell you something." he squeaked.
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