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Black lace and candy canes

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Will cant stand one more second of having to deal with Jacks almost flirting behavior. So he steps it up a notch. rating may change, lemon later on.

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His lips were poison, danger flashed clearly in his honey brown eyes. I knew how cruel he would be, I mean anyone with a brain could figure out that he wasn't the "nice guy" type. I think that's why I found him so alluring.

It had something to do with the way he dismissed everything so casually, as if he didn't care. When I knew all along that he did. He was always so unbelievably lucky at the worst times possible. It always made me wonder if he had planned out what was going to happen next, You know like there was a way bigger picture that we couldn't see, or if he was just as lost as the rest of us. Even more so in most instances.

I followed him around like a puppy for a year or two, trying to learn every trick he had ever mastered. Unfortunately he always managed to think of something new. He was a genius, a muse, an idol, a coward, a villain, a hero, a friend, a mess, a drunk, and above all, undisputably the best pirate ever. He was the Captain of the seven seas, the master of the mast and starboard. We were all terrified of him to the point of were we never let him in on or plans, our ideas. We single handedly created his alias, "Captain Jack, worst pirate ever to sail the oceans blue." He thought he was nothing, which caused him to try so hard to be something. Even though he was already everthing. Smart, lucky, always had a back up plan, handsome.

And here dear diary my thoughts become shamefully embarrassing. To lust for a man the way I lust for him cant be proper. I know that if I was to be found out I would probably hang, but it hardly matters. Now that I am the Captain of the Dutchman he will never come around. What have I to offer him that any common slag didn't? It was in the way he leaned a little to close, his cheek just barely brushing mine as he whispered some new dastardly plan that surely wouldn't make it past the captains corders. I loved how his breath always smelled like rum and peppermint, a unexpected mix for a pirate. I loved how strong his hands felt as he held me back from doing something I knew I'd later regret. But most of all I loved how smooth his lips felt against mine, even if they were only there to revive me from the frigid grey blue water suffocating my lungs.

I pause here realizing how unbelievably sinful my thoughts of him are. It makes a heat surge to my groin and flush out across my cheeks. I lick my lips as I imagine his taste. A groan passes through my half parted lips. I set my quill down on the duvet, and move my hand to the sensitive bulge in my pants. I hesitate for a moment before slowly rubbing my throbbing appendage through the stiff fabric. I can almost imagine his hand stroking me.

Another groan, this one morphed together with a breathy rendition of his name. I rub harder, my mind teasing me with images of him over me. His hard sweaty body rocking into mine. 'So wrong,' I thought, but my movements only increased. I bit my lip, quickly undoing my pants. I needed relief badly. I wrapped my eager hand around my sticky, dripping member proceeding to pump myself firmly and rhythmically. Everything was always a certain way with me. Mathematically, I did everything mathematically. All I did had that same rhythm to which I was stroking myself now. When I fought it was always defense, defense, attack. When I washed it wash harsh, harsh, smooth. When I made love it was breath, breath-

I groaned loudly as another wave of pre-cum washed over my busy hand. I felt the hot sticky liquid slide over my finger as it continue to drip. I kept my rhythm, I held my form. His face came into view, and with a shuddery half muffled cry I came, his name still lingering on my lips. I faintly wondered if the crew had heard, im sure they would want an explanation as to why 'Captain Jack Sparrow's,' name was being wrenched from my lips as I lay, half dressed on my bed. The thought alone made my blush.

My back arched on my second breath as my after shocks hit. A few more seconds and I relaxed. My head hit the pillow as my glistening hand reached out blindly for something to clean itself on. "Here you are mate." I blanched at the sound of that familiar, sultry voice I knew all to well.

"J-jack," I whispered. I couldn't force myself to make eye contact as I scrambled to cover up my half clothed body. He laughed lightly and tossed me his scarf to wipe my hands with. "I'll expect that back." He said as he turned to leave. "Jack, wait!" I gasped. I didn't know what I wanted to say, I just knew I had to say it. "I-its not what it looks like."

He half turned to look at me, a little smirk playing about his lips. "And what is it that it looks like Will?" I hesitated as I tried to find a way to patch up the situation. "I- I don't-..." I trailed off lamely. "I don't know?" My voice sounded as weak as I felt. Jack shook his head in mock disappointment, "honestly, think before you open your mouth."

I finally lifted my head to look at him, a blush instantly flaring across my cheeks. "Ah, I see. Well William though I am flattered I have not had nearly enough rum to honor what you are offering." His tongue flicked across his lips wetting them slightly, teasing me endlessly. "Don't flatter yourself Jack, I wasn't thinking of you." His eyebrows arched in amusement. "Oh how silly of must have meant the monkey." I watched, humiliated, and furious as he sauntered out of my corders. His hips holding that slight sway that gave him a tiny touch of feminine to his overwhelmingly masculine being.

"God Jack what do you do to me?"I questioned aloud before standing and tidying myself. The cream scarf he had thrown to me was now ruined. I studied the candy apple stripes woven through the slightly golden material, now tainted partially with my...

'He didn't really want this back.' I thought faintly, 'I mean he couldn't have, it was...' I swallowed hard. Outside my room I heard I small commotion starting. Though it was hard I tore my eyes away from the creamy white ribbons drying on the rich material and walked outside.

There stood Jack, a sword to his throat and his pistol to another's head. I rolled my eyes and stepped forward. "Men what do you think you are doing?" Instantly my crew fell back, I didn't know whether it was because of the annoyance in my voice or the fact that I had startled half of them to death.

"Will I knew you would come for me, now could you please tell your..." He looked my crew up and down disdainfully, "friends to back down I was just leaving." I let my eyes linger on him briefly before turning away, a blush on my cheeks. "Well then go im not keeping you." Jack smiled coyly. "Ah, but Will, you have something of mine....may I have it back." My breathing hitched. "Sure take it and go." My hand trembled as I tossed it to him.

'Did I dare look, how bad could it be...I might as well.' I raised my eyes a centimeter and that was all he needed. He took the long piece of material and ran it over his face, seemingly inhaling my scent...MY scent! I nearly passed out.

"Your ten years is running up," he whispered as he passed me. "I'll be in Tortuga. Oh and Will..." I didn't dare turn lest he see the look on my face. "Elizabeth may be a princess... but im a pirate. I think I can do things a bit better." I whipped my head around to tell him off but he was gone. Seconds later a set of black sails came into view.

"Jack," I whispered, "how can you tempt me with such a thing."


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