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Razzels, A*Teens, and Randy

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"You...have...never...had...a...Razzle?" He asked in amazement. "Not until now." I said as I popped one in my mouth. It was good, kind of sour, but also sweet, and hard. "Good huh?" "Ya." I s...

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Chapter 14

Another awkward silence passed for about 10 minutes and I wasn't sure what to say. Scott kind of looked outside his window watching cars go by. I just sat there twiddling my thumbs. I couldn't take this anymore.
"How long is he going to be?" I asked.
"Well, the auto shop is way on the other side of town, and sense we are only thirty minutes from spicketville, about an hour." Said Scott thoughtfully.
We will NOT sit here in silence for a whole stinking hour.
"So, are we just going to sit here?"
"Well, what do you suggest we do miss impatience?" Said Scott with a chuckle.
I looked outside my window. "Let's go for a walk or something."
We got out of his car and saw on the left of us, the highway, and on the right, a big empty field with nothing in it but grass.
"Let's hang out in the field."
Scott nodded. "The ultimate teen experience." He grinned.
"Shut up, at least it's not being cooped up in your crap-car."
"Ouch!" he said clinging to an imaginary wound. I smiled. We walked to the field, about fifteen feet away from the car. We sat down.
"I'll be right back." Said Scott snapping his fingers just as he thought of something.
"Okay." I said.
Scott soon returned with a small boom box and two packets of something that appeared to be candy.
"We gotta have our sweets and our beats." He said first pointing to the candy and then to the boom box.
"What kind of candy is it?" I asked with curiosity. Scott opened one packet and popped something red into his mouth.
"Razzles." He said tossing the other packet to me. I looked at it. Razzles, both a candy and a gum!
"Never heard of them." I said opening the packet. Scott nearly choked on the candy in his mouth.
"You...have...never...had...a...Razzle?" He asked in amazement.
"Not until now." I said as I popped one in my mouth. It was good, kind of sour, but also sweet, and hard.
"Good huh?"
"Ya." I said nodding.
"Now, here's the coolest part, bite it."
I bit it. I bit it again, it turned chewy. Both a candy AND a gum!
"Cool!" I said chewing the Razzle gum. I popped a few more in my mouth.
"So, what do you have in that bag there?" asked Scott pointing to my large denim tote beside me. I hadn't even realized I had brought it outside. I had brought it for having money, but didn't actually go through it.
"Well let's see." I said. I took out the Items one by one...Lip gloss, mints, gum, mirror, hand held hangman game, paper, various pens, more lip gloss, CD's......
"Sweet! What CD's do you have?" asked Scott grabbing my CD's.
"Most of them are lame." I said. Scott flipped through The Beatles, The Fray, Sister Hazel (curtisy of my mom not having her own CD holder.) and other various artists.
"Oh my god, no way." Said Scott laughing as he pulled out one very pink, very unfortunate, A*Teen CD.
"Okay, you don't understand, see Julia's mom gave it to her and she doesn't like ATeens so she just gave it to me and told her parents she lost it." I said. That was not exactly the truth, she did get it from her mom, and she gave it to me claiming it was lost, but I had asked to keep it. I actually like ATeens. Lame-o-rama.
"Liar. You love them!" he said obviously seeing through my lie.
"Fill the blank. Half past blank..." He was quoting the song Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie, originally by ABBA.
"Twelve." I reluctantly said.
"I knew it! This is great, Jemma Summers, a hard core A*Teen junkey."
"Wait a minute, how did you even know a line from one of there songs?" I asked as the smile on his face immediately faded away.
"Well, you see...."
"This is blackmail material!" I said with a grin.
"It's not my fault! It's my sister Kelly. She blasted it through the house and I figured if you can't beat them, join them. You mention this to no one." Said Scott, regretting the fill in the blank thing. I laughed, and laughed and laughed some more. Scott Harrison was an A*Teen junky.
We played the whole CD and Scott and I sang along to every word. We both laughed until we couldn't laugh anymore. Just as Scott was really getting into the song "Dancing Queen" singing in a high falsetto and snapping his fingers, with his eyes closed, I noticed a car pull up. Then someone got out of his car. This someone was tall, and looked like Scott. This someone was Randy.
He walked up to us, but I could tell Scott couldn't hear him. The boom box overcame his footsteps. Randy had a puzzled look on his face as he slowly walked up behind his brother. I tried not to laugh. Randy gave me a puzzled look and I just shrugged my shoulders. Randy quietly sat down next to Scott and got right up in his face. I knew he was waiting for him to open his eyes. Then he did.
Right when I thought he couldn't get any higher than he was already singing, I heard the girliest shriek from that boy. His arms even went up which I thought was a nice touch. Randy and I burst out laughing.
"Dude you scared me so bad!" Scott said with a laugh, punching Randy in the arm.
"That, right there was a true Kodak moment little bro." replied Randy. I was still laughing.
"Shut up Jem, it wasn't that funny." Said Scott throwing a small rock at me.
"Ya, it really was." I said catching my breath.
"I'm Randy, the older, better looking Harrison , and you are?" Said Randy holding out his hand.
"Jemma Summers, and I beg to differ." I said with out thinking. Oh my god, you did not just say that!!!! Ohhhhh shit.
"What was that?" Scott said with a grin.
"N....Nothing!" I said quickly and high-pitched. I could tell my face was red.
"She said that she begged to differ." Randy told Scott in a booming voice.
"Randy, Randy, Randy, what is your favorite color?"
"Changing the subject are we? Oh ya and let's not forget what Scotty here said about you being a really pretty girl on the phone. What do you know, you guys both think each other is hot!" Scott's face was also red. Scott turned up the volume on the boom box. Way up.
Way, Way, up.
Randy laughed. I was really uncomfortable. Then, Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie started. Scott did something I would have never expected right then, he got up, and there in a barin field on the side of the highway, began to dance.
Randy stood up and danced with him, and they started to do the bump. I stood up and bumped with Scott, and with Randy, we were dancing so stupid, copying and laughing at each other's moved. It wasn't until about five minutes into dancing when I realized how stupid we must look to the passing cars. Think about it, Family road trip, mom, dad, little boy, little girl...."Mommy, who are they?" (points to us dancing) "Don't pay attention to them honey."
We danced, and laughed and when the song ended we packed up our stuff and Randy fixed up the car. Randy popped open the trunk and worked his magic, replaced the tire, made a thousand apologies and was on his way.
"Nice to meet you Jemma!"
"You too!" I said, as his truck passed us. Scott drove me home, and this time it wasn't an awkward silence, it was loud, vibrating techno, and two people laughing. In the end, we did have fun, even though we didn't see the fray.
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