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One Big Headache

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"I've become extremely impatient waiting for you." Scott blushed for some reason, and he looked like he hadn't meant to say the last part at all, and wasn't quite sure if he had actually said it o...

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Chapter 15

On Monday after school Scott came by the B&N so we could work on our project for English, which was due Tuesday. There wasn't much left, we had to finish coloring our poster (a visual aide was required) and were doing so on the counter.
"Could you hand me the violet pencil?" I asked. "I have to finish the shading on the elephant's eye's right here."
"Boy you are precise!" Scott laughed, handing me the pencil, "I never thought Miss Impatience here would take the time to perfect the shading on our elephant's eyes."
"I can be patient when I want to be," I corrected him sharply, then smiled, "I'm so sorry but some of us can't be patient all the time." I was insinuating Scott, of course.
"I am not patient all of the time." Scott said quietly. "I've become extremely impatient waiting for you." Scott blushed for some reason, and he looked like he hadn't meant to say the last part at all, and wasn't quite sure if he had actually said it out loud.
"For me to--what?" I asked curiously. What is he waiting for?
Scott didn't answer; instead he lifted his head up to mine and looked me square in the eye. He shook his head and sighed.
"I'm not sure." And he bent his head down again, leaving me in a daze.
"Well whatever you are waiting for, I'll come round." I guess.
"I hope so." Scott said, and he said nothing more for the rest of the night, until the one, the only, Kristine Blake walked right into the B&N.
She spotted us, actually spotted Scott, and walked up to him.
"Hey Scott! Do you wanna get some coffee or something?" She said it in a soft voice.
"Actually, no. I'm kind of busy right now," he glanced over at me, and Kristine noticed my presence.
"Oh I see. I understand perfectly now. You are nice! Helping Summers with her project because you feel sorry for her? How sweet!" Kristine went on, not letting Scott get a word in. The next time she spoke it was in a soft and her attempt at a seductive voice. "But you know Scott; you don't have to waste all of your kindness on such an unworthy candidate. You could use for good, someone worthy, like... me!" Kristine was tracing Scott cheekbone with her index finger, trying even harder to be seductive.
"Yah sorry, but I'm not quite that nice," Scott was imitating Kristine's soft voice, "I actually like Summer's here, while it's you I have to put up with."
All the color drained out of Kristine's face. Unfortunately, she gained back her composure all too quickly.
"Well then, Scott, I only hope that you are happy with your choice. You chose her, when I gave you the chance to choose me. I only hope that when you are kissing her, you think of me. My offer, My generosity, me. I hope-know you will regret your choice. Frankly, it's unbelievable. But then, so are you Scott, so are you." And she walked away dramatically.
"She's really funny!" I finally said. Scott gave me a confused look.
"We'll the whole while your kissing her thing was comical. I mean seriously? She actually thinks we like each other? More than friends? She's a lot dumber than I thought!"
Scott considered what I said for a moment and then said in the same quiet voice he had used earlier when he had told me he was waiting, said, "So you really think that that is stupid? That two friends are only two friends, and can never be anything more?" There was a desperate note in his voice.
"Yes. That is exactly what I think." I think.

Scott became sort of distant. He wasn't himself. He looked at me a lot, staring until I looked right at him, and then he would drop his gaze. Sometimes he would keep looking at me. Straight into my eyes, and I wasn't sure what he meant by that. All of these "meaningful looks" had me confused, and I was sure it had something to do with whatever it was he was "Waiting For."
Scott and I presented our project on Wednesday. Throughout the presentation, I had to endure the death like stares from all of the females (except Julia) in the class room. When the women weren't looking at me, they were looking up at Scott dreamily, some hungrily, and I can almost guarantee you none of them were taking a single word of our presentation in.
I was kind of sad after the presentation. That project had been the perfect excuse to spend time with Scott. Whenever he came to the B&N, we had always said that it was for work only, no mater how much of a lie that was. It was easier to say that we had to spend time together than to say we enjoyed each other's company. I couldn't stand the envious and evil glances I got for hanging out with Scott all day. Some of them stopped, since Scott started coming to the B&N less and less, and all I can say is that I really hoped that some teacher would give us a project, preferably a really long and hard one, because I could not stand not seeing Scott.
When the "male friend" in your life isn't there anymore, who do you turn to? Your best girl friend! I called Julia Thursday night because I needed badly for someone to hang out with. I asked if she could come to the B&N tomorrow.
"Gosh Jemma, I am sorry but I really just can't make it. I have to baby-sit my cousin, and well, it's for family," she pleaded with me.
"Sure, whatever, bye."
"Bye, oh Jemma I am sorry!"
I was pissed. I really wanted someone to hang out with, and Julia was the only person I had during this weirdness between Scott and me. Besides my mom. But that was not going to happen.
It was with a heavy heart that I made myself go to work that Friday. When Rachel asked me what the heck was wrong, and where was "Hot?" I simply replied that I was tired and Scott had homework or some other false excuse. However, my spirits lifted greatly when I saw Julia walk in.
She looked over where her name had come from and walked over.
"What happened to the cousin?"
Julia suddenly turned red and looked somewhat uncomfortable. "Oh well, his parents canceled thir plans, so I didn't have to, um, baby sit him."
"Oh well that's great, now we can hang out!"
"Oh yah... listen Jemma I am gonna check out the cds and then I will come and talk. Kay?"
"Um, sure, great. See yah then."
I Tended to a few customers and then looked over at Julia. She was in adamant discussion with Anthony, the music guy. He looked to be holding her hand, but no, that's ridiculous, I can't being seeing this right. That's what I thought until I looked over and saw Julia lean in and kiss him.
Kiss Anthony.
Right in the middle of the store, kissing one of my co-workers, like she did it all the time. Then I remembered. My blood ran cold.
"Hon, I got to go, here she comes now. I love you too. Bye." She had been talking to Anthony on her cell phone.
I had to say something is up with her. She has been making a lot of mysterious phone calls, and the other night when she came to the B&N to pick me up, she spent almost 45 minutes looking for a cd of a band I knew she didn't like. I'm not sure if I'm making mountains out of molehills here but she's not usually like this. I've had suspicions.
I told her about the fight, and how Julia had been acting weird. She babbled on about a similar fight she had encountered. I noticed Anthony come in, talking on his cell phone, looking very nervous. Anthony. Anthony was Julia's boyfriend.
Why hadn't she told me?

About ten minutes later Julia walked over. She had no idea I knew, but she was soon to find out.
"Watcha doin'? She said innocently.
I didn't say anything for about ten seconds. I just gave her this awful look.
Then I said-'
"What the HELL do you think you are doing?" I screamed. Julia looked astonished.
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