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just to have one drop of you

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Big news arrives fast

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"Need" Part Eleven: Just to have one drop of you

You are the earth beneath my feet
You are the wind that's blowing me into your arms
You are the fire in my heart and most of all
You are the purest ever made

The last day of the tour had finally arrived and everyone was ready for their two week break to go back home, sleep a lot and live normally if only for a little while. Kayli and Pete had managed to live as a married couple without anyone saying anything to them about their weird behavior.

Much to Kayli's dismay, Patrick had almost stopped speaking to her all together, she sensed a sort of betrayal of trust between them, and she could've kicked herself for thinking it was okay to tell him, but she really had no where else to turn. After running around all day, trying to fight the temptation to half ass do her job, she was up on a ladder, hanging some wire when she felt her stomach back flip as it had been for nearly two months now. Halting all of her movement, her left hand rushed to her mouth, her other hand clenching her stomach that was in many painful knots.

"Kayli? You okay?" She heard a voice from down on the ground. She looked down to see Dirty staring at her in concern. She shook her head and began a careful decent down the ladder, still holding onto her stomach. Dirty sat down his drink and walked over to the ladder, helping Kayli down before taking her over to the nearest trash can. She bent over and let herself throw up, hoping against all things that Dirty wouldn't conclude correctly what was happening to her.

"You okay? Catch a bug or something?" Dirty asked her. Kayli took a few deep breaths and shrugged, wiping her mouth, trying to avoid Dirty's gaze, feeling like he would be able to read her mind. He watched her for a minute, before noticing the chain around her neck, which had a ring hanging from it that looked almost identical to Pete's new one.

"That's weird, Pete has that exact some ring around his neck..." he said to her. Kayli stopped moving and stared at the ground below her, trying hard to make the room stop spinning while trying to think of a response to his observation.

"Really? I didn't notice," she said softly, trying to pull away from him, only to look up and see Charlie approaching. Kayli suddenly felt trapped, Patrick must've told...or maybe these guys really weren't as dumb as they look.

"Do you need me to go get something for you? Tylenol, Pepto...First Response?" Charlie asked, causing Kayli to choke, sending her into a coughing fit.

"What....what do you mean?" She asked after she got her breath, trying to sound as clueless as possible, knowing that she was found out.

"Chill, girl, I'm just kidding," he said, smiling, " I?" Kayli smiled quickly and laughed.

"No...I probably just ate something gross, thanks though, I think I'm going to go lie down." Dirty and Charlie nodded, watching her go.

"Feel better!" Dirty yelled after her, before turning around to see Pete approaching.

"Hey, what's her problem?" he asked the guys as Kayli disappeared out of sight.

"She just threw up, she thinks she ate something funny, no biggie."

"Oh, hope she's okay," he said, absentmindedly...

Kayli booked it to the bus, feeling her stomach churn once more. As she ran on the bus, she bumped into Patrick and Andy who were currently heading out to the venue.

"Whoa, are you...?" Patrick began as she blew passed him. Andy gave Patrick a concerned look, but Patrick told him to go on, he would be right there. He followed the sound of Kayli retching and turned the corner to see her bent over the toilet in the small bathroom.

"What's going on?" He asked her softly, leaning down to hold her hair and rub her back. Kayli took a deep breath and sat back on her legs as Patrick handed her a tissue, which she took to wipe her mouth.

"Patrick, I think I'm pregnant," she blurted out. In fact, she didn't think, she knew. It's basically a girl's intuition to just know when she's pregnant, your body starts acting crazy and the foods you crave just aren't normal.

"How long has this been going on?" he asked. She stood off the floor and walked to the small kitchen for water, rinsing out her mouth.

"I haven't had a period in, god knows how long, puking nearly everyday and I've just been having this awful craving for peanut butter and buttered noodles, I guess it's a good thing Pete likes peanut butter," she joked, but Patrick wasn't laughing.

"Don't joke, this is a big deal, are you going to tell him?" Kayli stepped back and looked at him, a little pissed that he was being so judgmental.

"Are you going to tell him that you know?" she retorted.

"He's not ready for me to know, I can tell, he's not ready for anyone to know, that's why this baby thing is going to be major, he's going to burst and its not going to be the right time for the news to come out," he said.

"Patrick, you don't know a thing about what we are and are not ready for, so don't try and make me feel guilty for being pregnant. I'm married and stable, there's nothing for me to feel guilty about and besides, I know Pete needs a break and by the time I'm ready to give birth, it will be perfect timing for a break," she said, before turning around and leaving the bus.

Patrick stared after her, not expecting her to take his words so offensively, he was only trying to help, why he wasn't sure. The feelings he had for her were still very much there and it hurt even more now to know that a family for Pete was imminent, when he was the one who had been pining for such a thing for so long and it was he who was so far off from the goal. If things with the band hadn't been tense enough, Patrick had just heard news about something that could make it all worse...

Since the tour ended, the boys were gearing up for some European shows. Pete had taken his shots at the doctor and made Kayli an appointment while he was there, only to get a phone call about the appointment never being fulfilled. Curious as to why she missed it, he asked her to come over and visit late one night.

Kayli sat on the edge of Pete's bed, feeling entirely melancholy, today was the perfect time to tell him her news, but her emotions had gone into such a tail spin, she felt one negative look from him was going to send her into hysterics. Pete came into the bedroom with some water and sat behind her rubbing her back, a gesture that was more than welcome to Kayli's increasingly aching body.

"So, you never went to that doctor's appointment I made you. I know you're scared of needles, but they're necessary to travel," he said. Kayli closed her eyes, trying to enjoy the backrub.

"I know, I'm sorry, I made an appointment somewhere else and totally forgot."

"Oh...why?" Pete stopped rubbing. Kayli sighed and brought her legs up to the bed and sat cross leg facing him.

"Pete...I love you," she said.

"I love you too, what's going on?" Kayli reached forward and grabbed his hands, looking him in the eyes, trying to ease whatever irrational fears were floating through his mind.

"I'm pregnant, three months now. I wanted to tell you sooner, but I wasn't sure if it was the best time, I only found out for sure last week."

"" he asked, causing Kayli to laugh, relieved.

"Yeah, and next month we can find out the sex and you're happy?" she asked.

"Of course! Why wouldn't I be?" he said, leaning forward and kissing her deeply, "just...people still don't know about us, for some reason." Kayli pulled away feeling a little guilty, Patrick still hadn't told him.

"Well, one person knows and that's my fault, it was the night of our wedding and I just needed to tell someone." Pete sat back, confused.

"Who could you...," he began before his face fell, "Patrick." Kayli nodded, a little worried about the look on his face. "Why did you do that? He told me a few weeks ago that he thought he liked you and that you felt the same, he was the last person I wanted to find out about us!"

"I'm sorry, Pete! How was I supposed to know how he felt about me if he never said anything? And besides what's the point? You're my husband, he's a little too late for that."

"I know, but he told other people about that, now they're going to think I did this to spite him, especially with how rocky our friendship is right now in general."

"Well, what are we going to do? I can't go to Europe, because some of those shots aren't healthy for the baby, I'm sorry, I have to stay here," Kayli replied, standing up. Pete followed her, not sure what to do either.

"I don't know what to do, baby. I have to think about this. I mean, you can get out of the tour easily, but I don't know what to say about us, its all really complicated now. Stay the night and we'll think about it in the morning?" Kayli nodded, reaching down to rub her belly softly, she climbed into the bed, relieved to be laying down. Pete lay down beside her, pulling the covers down her body past her stomach, lifting up her shirt and laying his left hand over her growing tummy. Smiling, Pete leaned forward and kissed her and his baby, feeling a strange mixture of love and fear, assuming that's what it was like to be a first time father.

"Am I really this lucky?" he asked softly, to no one in particular...

If you ever start to wonder what you mean to me
Let me sum it up in just two syllables
Water, water
You're like water to me
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