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Everybody's Talking

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You're secrets out and the best part is it isn't even a good one, but it's mine.

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AN: Big BIG what ups to my home girls Pinky and Sarah, lovers you bitches! You guys are my favorite idea ping pong-ers.

"Need" Part 12- Everybody's talking

But they don't say a thing
Look at me with sad eyes
But I don't want the sympathy


When Pete awoke the next day, he needed to be in a rehearsal space in an hour, but laying with Kayli just made him want to stay in bed all day. He loved hearing her lightly snore in her sleep, the heat of her body beside him soothing him, she was better than any pill or medication he could ever take. Kayli woke softly, reaching her hand up and placing it on the side of his face, bringing his lips to hers. This was all she imagined marriage would be, waking up to the man you love day in and day out, not a strong care in the world, but everything was so much more complicated for them.

"I have to get going," Pete said, standing up and stretching, Kayli nodded, rubbing her belly. Pete kissed her quickly and took a shower before bolting from the house, he was already late...

"Wentz, why do you look so oddly euphoric today?" Charlie asked him when they were all taking a lunch break.

"If I tell you, you have to promise that it will be between us only," he said. Charlie nodded.

"Oh, secrets? I want to know," Dirty's voice came from around the corner, he was followed by Joe and Andy. Pete sighed and rolled his eyes, he knew these were a few of the people he could trust.

"Okay, but JUST you guys, no one else!" he said. The all nodded and sat down next near him, waiting.

"So...Kayli and I have been dating since January," he began. Dirty reached over and slapped Charlie on the arm.

"Dude, I so fucking called that shit!" he said. Charlie laughed and nodded.

"He did." Pete laughed and then continued,

"Um...well we got married in Vegas and now she's three months pregnant. Guys, I'm going to be a dad," he said, with a huge smile.

"Holy shit! Congrats, dude! It's the best feeling in the whole world," Dirty said. Joe muttered a 'whoa' and Andy let his jaw drop, while Charlie smiled but stayed on the offensive.

"Is this really a good idea?" he asked. Pete shrugged.

"Probably not, but come on. Me, a dad? Be happy for me!" Pete said, smacking Charlie.

"I am bro, I am. I'm just also going to be worried for you, too..."

The pre-Europe tour party kicked off in LA, and everyone who was anyone was there to say goodbye to the bands for a month. It was especially bittersweet for Kayli, knowing that Pete was going to miss her next trip to the doctor's when she found out the sex of their baby but that he was out doing his job and that's what mattered most. She kept watching Dirty, seeing how he was coping with his family being so far away all the time, but keeping up with his job at the same time, it was pretty admirable.

Pete also had a DJ gig while they were at the club and Kayli sat alone, watching him from across the club, wishing so bad that she could just be up in the booth with him, dancing along and just being by his side.

After a while, Kayli got bored of sitting alone and approached a table occupied by William Beckett, Carden and Patrick, among some other people. Kayli stared bewildered as Patrick was handed alcohol, surprised to see him drinking.

"I deserve it once in a while, you know?" he said to her. Kayli nodded, silently wondering if this had to do with her and Pete. She turned her attention from him to William hearing him say,

"I just think it's unique that Pete is up there all by himself. It's the first time I've seen him without a girlfriend or a crush in a long time," William noted. Kayli felt her face flush, how embarrassing its going to be when people find out.

"I wouldn't be too worried about it," Patrick interjected. Kayli sat her water down and stared at him, her look warning him not to continue.

"What do you mean, dude,' Carden asked.

"Pete's got somebody, he's just too much of a baby to tell anyone about it," he added, staring right back at Kayli. Carden and William shot each other looks of confusion before Kayli spoke up.

"Why don't you shut your mouth and keep drinking, Patrick?" she said. Patrick raised his glass to her and took a huge gulp before turning his attention elsewhere in the club.

Patrick couldn't take anymore of Pete's mediocre DJ-ing, and the evil glares he was getting from Kayli after opening his mouth so he stood up, surprising himself by being pretty tipsy. He didn't really drink that often, but when he did it only took a small amount to have him buzzed. He walked through the throngs of people, rolling his eyes at Gabe dancing on tables with half naked women and walked up to the DJ booth. Pete saw him approaching and waved him up.

"Dude, can I play something?" he asked Pete over the music. Pete shrugged and handed Patrick the headphones.

"Perfect!" Patrick yelled triumphantly. He turned down the song currently playing and made a small announcement,

"I dedicate this one to Kayli Wentz, congrats on the baby!" he yelled, before "Goldigger" began blaring through the club. Pete spat his water out all over the table top and lunged at Patrick, quickly turning the song off and replacing it with something else.

"Patrick! What the FUCK, man?!" Pete yelled, pinning him up against the wall.

"What? You didn't think it was going to come out sooner or later?" Pete was about to hit him when he glanced out over the club, seeing everyone in the place with their eyes on them.

"Shit...thanks a lot, asshole," Pete said before letting go of him and storming down the stairs.

Kayli had never wanted to be invisible more in life than she did right now, she could feel hundreds of eyes boring holes into the back of her head. Pete pushed his way through tons of people still staring at him in disbelief. Gabe was the first one to catch his eye, he couldn't believe Pete would keep something like this a secret from him. Pete felt horrible, looking at people he considered to be his closest friends now staring at him like they could never trust him again. Pete grabbed Kayli's arm and pulled her along with him, away from everyone. Charlie stood up and chased after Pete out of the club, Dirty followed close behind

"Pete! Don't leave like this!" Charlie yelled to him as he shoved himself and Kayli out the door.

"Why not?! Half the people in there hate my fucking guts right now, why would I stay?" Pete yelled back.

"Because it's your job to stay!" Charlie yelled back at him. Pete stopped short and pulled Kayli closer to him, like he was afraid someone was going to come out of the club, take her away from him and never give her back.

"I just hurt more people than I can count, Charlie. I can't face them right now."

"You didn't plan on this to happen like this, I know you had a plan for the news to come out. Patrick made the mistake, and trust me he's going to pay for it in more than one way tomorrow." Kayli shifted in her stance, she felt to blame for the current situation, she never should have told Patrick and just listened to Pete about keeping the whole thing a secret.

A minute later Gabe and William came out of the club to see Charlie trying to get Pete back into the club. Pete felt heavy, seeing his friends standing there knowing how betrayed they must've felt. Gabe walked forward to Pete and Kayli, pulling Pete aside.

"Why did you think you couldn't tell us?" Pete looked back at him with a serious look.

"The more people I would've told, the more people would've found out and then it wouldn't have been a secret anymore, which would've completely defeated the purpose.'

"And it was better then this? Than all of us finding out this way instead? It just sucks that you felt like you couldn't trust any of us, your friends..." Pete stood and looked at them all, still holding Kayli's hand. He wanted to go home, he needed to think. He turned around and pulled Kayli with him. Reluctantly, Kayli trailed behind her husband, waving at everyone before turning the corner out of everyone's sight.

"Pete, what's wrong with you? Just say you're sorry, that's all they want." Kayli said as they continued walking down the road.

"Why should I apologize when I'm not sorry. Yeah, this whole situation has been hard, but at least we knew we had each other, if no one else."

"Pete this is stupid. I just need to go to bed and you need to talk to Patrick before anyone else. He's obviously very hurt by you not telling him personally about the baby."

Pete dropped her hand and kept walking keeping a distance from her. She was right and that's what was making him so mad, but he felt that Patrick's feelings toward Kayli were a perfect reason to keep everything a secret. In his mission to not hurt anyone's feelings, he ended up hurting everyone's feelings...

When the truth came out
Where you the last to know?
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